[KDrama – Secret Garden] Favorite Scenes from Episode 10 of Secret Garden

Last night’s episode of Secret Garden was one of my favorites though I really didn’t like its ending with Hyun Bin‘s character telling his mother that he has no plans of marrying Ha Ji Won‘s character.  Nonetheless, let me enumerate the scenes that I like from this episode.

Did you know that this was hand-stitched in France?

1. Track suit #3: Purple Flower and Lace

– I thought the first two track suits of Hyun Bin were weird but this one takes the cake. Even Ha Ji Won’s character noticed it and thought it was from an “ajumma” (married woman) HEHEHE. He even countered it and said that it was from a French designer who hand-stitched it one at a time.

Excuse me, your bag please!

Are they on a date? You wish!

2. Opera House Scene

– When I saw this scene and noticed that he bought 3 tickets, I initially thought that he did this so nobody can sit next to him but in fact his reason was so that he can rest his hands. I found it funny because he even reprimanded the girl whose bag was placed on the vacant seat and asked her how much she paid for the ticket. The scene where Ha Ji Won was sitting next to him wearing different clothes and holding 3 things: money envelope,vacuum cleaner and her bag with safety pins was like a reminder of the times they fought.

Thinking of you....

So childish!

3. Smurf Phone Application Scene

– I saw again one of my favorite scene from this drama which is the “sit-up” scene. He must’ve really liked her that he recalls that scene while reading a book. He even has a Smurf application on his phone where he records himself of what he wants to hear from Ha Ji Won’s character. Also, the view of his snow-covered backyard was so enchanting.

Encircled is the sparkly boxers 😉

4. Sparkly Boxers

– Hyun Bin went to see Ha Ji Won at the action school with some lame excuses like: a) him gaining weight , b) to give her a box of boxers she wore during their body switch and c) for giving him constipation. She was so pissed at him that she even called him a pervert.

Hyun Bin, The Human Tissue Paper 😉


5. Kiss (Cappuccino Foam)

– Kudos to the writer for being innovative! What a sexy way of wiping cappuccino foam from a woman’s lips. I thought it was so lame when he said that there’s no tissue and that wiping it with her shirt is dirty. I was like “What the @#$%!” when I saw this scene. I bet some of you screamed or gasped when you saw it too.

Binnie,"The Moley" 🙂

Sorry but the ground is muddy!

6. Movie Set Shoot (My most favorite scene from this episode)

– This particular scene was so hilarious it  made me laugh so hard. He looked funny with his costume, wig and a big mole on his face. The part where he was hit by an arrow and dies had me cracking up especially when he fell on top of another guy because the ground is muddy. He even angered the director who told him”This isn’t X-man!” when he started poking Philip Lee with his sword which he should have never done since they are both bandits. (Note: X-man was a popular variety show in South Korea aired every Sunday featuring celebrities divided into 2 teams competing in various games.)

2 hot drunk men

7.  Drunk Hyun Bin and Philip Lee

– It’s a good thing that Philip Lee’s character Im Jong Soo was drunk because if he heard the things Hyun Bin said in this scene he’ll probably club him in the face. He told Jong Soo that he slept at her place a lot of times, gave her a bath, wore her panties and even brushed her teeth.

Oska: Surprise! Jung Soo & Joo Won: What the *!?

8. 3 Guys and a Girl

– As they went outside Ha Ji Won’s place to leave, Oska was already there waiting for them. He asks Ha Ji Won out and Jong Soo gave his permission. Hyun Bin got irritated and told Jong Soo why he let her go. He then retorted that he should’ve stopped her and used his skills as a stunt man while he takes care of the lawyer. See what you can do with lots of money!

I couldn’t resist the urge to post this photo I found on the internet about how famous Hyun Bin’s track suits were that even a baby was photographed wearing it.

What were your parents thinking?

Bora from girl group Sistar wearing a sparkly jacket.

[Photo credits: Soompi Forums (Secret Garden & Hyun Bin), Dramabeans,ockoala, soulsrebel]


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5 thoughts on “[KDrama – Secret Garden] Favorite Scenes from Episode 10 of Secret Garden

  1. Kim Joo Won’s tracksuit became a trend… and I really want to have his purple jacket… not anything the same… but the one he wore…hahaha LOL

    • Thanks Mervina and hope you keep on coming back to this site. I also love Secret Garden and the reason why this blog exists is because of my love for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

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