[KDrama – Secret Garden] Hyun Bin, The Comedian (Part 1)

Me, serious? Yeah right!

The Korean drama Secret Garden is halfway into airing its episodes and we have already seen a lot of funny scenes from its lead actor Hyun Bin who plays the character of a rich department store president Kim Joo Won. He became one of my favorite Korean actors since I saw him in the drama My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. When I learned that he was chosen for this role in Secret Garden, I have been eagerly awaiting for its premiere and the drama didn’t disappoint me.

Unlike other blogs or websites posting previews and recaps of each episode, I’ll be posting the highs and lows, funny and sad, irritating and amusing sides of this drama. Let me focus first with Hyun Bin who have managed to capture my attention every time I watch the show. I’ve decided to post photos (in jpeg & gif format) to show you how natural he is as a comedian.

Episode 1

After the character introductions and as the drama unfolds its story, I saw a couple of scenes that really made me laugh besides the scene where Joo Won was showing the horrified Gil Ra Im the label of his sequined track suit.

Track suit #1: Blue Sequined pair

Shut up!

But the car scene for me was the funniest part of Episode 1.

“Waaaahhhhhhh!” LOL:)

I’m including a .gif version of the car scene photos for you to look at.

"Stop the car! Stop!"

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 2

The scene where he was talking on the phone with his mother and him telling her his ideal girl is also funny especially when he imagines Gil Ra Im sitting next to him. His facial expression here is priceless.

"Have I gone crazy?!" (Yes, if you talk to yourself) ūüôā

Another thing that I’ve noticed about him in this drama is that every time he is anxious or uncomfortable, he says something that sounded like a tongue twister to me. I researched this on the internet and found a romanized version (credit to:¬†kjtdramasblogged) and used Google to translate it.

"Say what?"

Joo Won’s Tongue Twister

(Romanized Version)

kim su-han-mu guh-bu-ki-wa du-ru-mi


chi-chi-ka-po sa-li-sa-li saen-ta wuh-li-wuh-li

sae-bu-li-kang mu-du-sael-la

gu-ruum-ee huh-li-kae-een dam-byuh-lak

suh-sang-won go-yang-ee ba-duk-ee-nun dol-do

(Translated Version)

Kim suhanmu three thousand turtles and cranes

suddenly dongbangsak Capo Chichi Warriors Warriors

sebeurikang Sari Sari Center Tanning Cellar Wall

seosaengwon hurricane clouds rolled two cats that go

When the staff at the action school mistook him as an applicant and asked him what are his skills, he told them that he is good at making money and spending it wisely. Also, the part where he tries to corner Gil Ra Im so they can talk is a must see.

HAHAHA serves you right!

Again more .gif photos for these scene at different angles.

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 3

There are 2 things I found funny from this episode. First is the introduction of a new track suit (#2), yes a new one, and it’s a shiny leopard-print pair whose origin was not mentioned.

Track suit #2: Leopard-print pair

Second is the “sit-up scene” which is one of my most favorite part from this drama for the obvious reason, an almost kiss! I gasped when Joo Woon did the sit-up correctly and thought that he intends to kiss her but he only looked into her eyes. He even had the nerve to tease her about when she got pretty when he saw how flustered and uncomfortable Gil Ra Im is in their position. Lots of thanks for the people from Soompi Forums for the photos (.gif) below.

Joo Won: "Shoo Shoo!"

What a way to seduce a woman!

"The Lingering Look"

Joo Won:"When did you become so pretty?"

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 4

When Joo Won was having dinner with his family, I noticed 3 neon colored markers on his left breast pocket and I was like “what was he thinking?”

"What a way to accessorize!"

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 5

This is the part where Joo Won and Gil Ra Im switched bodies after drinking a liquid from the woman at the forest. The morning after was hilarious their horrified facial expressions are priceless.

"What the &*^%!?"

A look at Ra Im in Joo Won’s body when Oska touched his face. SO GIRLISH! (Credit: as shown)

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 6

The reality of them swapping bodies has gotten both of them into situations that were funny and hilarious. They kissed while sitting at an outdoor bench thinking it would bring them back to their bodies was amusing. (photo credit: as shown)

"Long-haired Joo Won <3"

"Where's the Loo?"

"Nice bod, Oska!"

"Yah! That's my ____."

"No, don't touch!"

Gil Ra Im: What do we do? Joo Won: Let's kiss, this happens in a fairytale.

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 7

As Joo Won and Ra Im both live their own lives there’s a scene where she had difficulty guessing the code to his home’s door. Her encounter with Oska was hilarious as he frisks her body looking for the car key.

"What's the code?"

"Oh ah that tickles!"

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 8

Woah! I think I’m getting a hang of Hyun Bin acting all girlish in this episode. His cuteness has me smiling everytime I think of his reaction during the accidental lip lock with Oska and when he fainted upon seeing Oska’s “You-know-what?” at the sauna.

"Ooops! You"re dead!"


HAHAHAHA! (credit: as shown)

"Oh! You're so*faints*"

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 9

Track suit #3: Purple colored Flower & Lace pair

Do I need to say more?

———– 8 8 8 8 ————

Episode 10

Seriously, I had fun watching this episode with almost 80% of it full of wacky and funny scenes. Check them out!

Joo Won: "Careful! My nose is higher than others, I might get hurt."

"Excuse me, your bag please!"

"So childish!"

Encircled is his "Sparkly Boxers"

"I'm constipated!"

Joo Won: "Just hit me instead of the jacket!"

Binnie, "The Moley"<3

"Sorry but the ground is muddy!"

These are the funny scenes of Hyun Bin in the drama. I’m supposed to be posting videos along with the photos but it’s taking me some time to download all the episodes online. SBSi has been very fast in removing every video of Secret Garden in YouTube that I still have to find ways of downloading those10 episodes on other streaming sites. Anyways, I hope the .gif is enough to show you the scenes. ‘Til the next post, ciao!

[Photo credits: Dramabeans, YouTube, kjtdramasblogged, jacqksrants and Soompi Forums (Hyun Bin and Secret Garden)]


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    • @leedongyul Hello! I had fun writing that particular post and I’m happy that those who read it felt the same way as I did. Thanks for your comment ūüôā

  1. thank you for sharing it with us…like your site…it keeps me reminiscing all the good episode in SEGA….even I”m still watching it everyday…I still keep laughing and crying ..in every episode that I’ve watched. .so addicted to SEGa…really it’s the best korean drama that I’ve watched. So much loved it. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won…mizzzz yah to much. againt thank you…

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