[KDrama – Secret Garden] Another Kiss :0

Avid followers of Korean weekend drama Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are in for a treat in Episode 11. It is the scene where Gil Ra-Im goes to Kim Joo-Won’s home to confront him about what he told Jong-Soo to distance himself from her. He told her how he advised him not to confess his feelings for her so as not to complicate things.

She got mad at him and turns to leave when he grabbed and kissed her while holding her face. She resisted but was overpowered by a then jealous Joo-Won who after the kiss told her not to come to him because of another guy.

The tension between the two was witnessed by Oska who urged Ra-Im to kick him. In the end, Oska took Ra-Im home while Joo-Won looked at them leaving his home.

My, my, my! Looks like the love triangle between the three is already starting and I can sense trouble is brewing on the side. Sorry for the quality of the photos but I will try to replace them with clearer ones once I get hold of a clearer video. Your comments are deeply appreciated, Thanks!

[Screencaps: tudou]


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