[KDrama – Mary Stayed Out All Night] Jang Geun Suk’s “Hello Hello” Live Performance

While searching for the video in YouTube for episode 13’s studio recording of the song “Hello Hello”, I accidentally found this video (from a fancam) of the live version which I think will be shown in tonight’s episode (Episode 14) because the fans were screaming his name and I heard him say”I Love You, Mae-Ri Christmas” before singing HEHEHE.

The version of the first video I posted was much slower and really sounds like a love song but this one is more like a rock version and should be played with a band. Well for me I don’t care which version is better for as long as it’s Jang Geun Suk whose singing it. Comments are deeply appreciated and please take time to answer our poll. Thanks!

I found a video cut of Kang Moo Kyul onstage saying “I Love You, Mae-Ri Christmas” and Wi Mae-Ri in the audience shocked from his love confession. Daebak!


[Video source: biadejang2011 and mymigsie at YouTube]


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