[KPop-KDrama News] Korean Stars imitate Gil Ra-Im’s “foam mustache”

It’s not only Hyun Bin‘s outrageous tracksuits from the hit drama, Secret Garden, that makes people go gaga over it. The recent “foam kiss” scene especially Gil Ra-Im’s “foam mustache” has also caught the viewers attention that even celebrities are imitating it.

Actress Park Han Byul posted on Twitter photos of her drinking cappuccino and then posing with a foam mustache. She admitted being a fan of the drama and netizens who saw the photos even asked if she’s doing the “foam kiss” with boyfriend Se7en.

Dara, 2NE1’s prettiest member (that’s my opinion) also posted photos of groupmate Park Bom on her me2DAY account with the trademark foam mustache. The caption on the photo says “Where is the man who will kiss away Bom Ra-Im’s foam?”

She also said that they’re accepting applications and that the first 21 who replies will have the chance of their lifetime but retracted the offer saying they can’t do it yet because YG Entertainment CEO won’t allow it.

Looks like the drama has now become infamous for scenes worth imitating. I am currently looking for parodies of unforgettable or funny scenes from it and will post the videos as soon as I get hold of them.

[Source: allkpop]



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