[News] Philip Lee is a rich kid <3

It was reported that Phillip Lee, the actor in the favorite drama “Secret Garden” playing the role of Jong Soo, is the heir to a 2nd generation of chaebol conglomerates.

He graduated from Boston University and is currently preparing for his Master’s degree at the George Washington University.

His father is the president of STG,well-known in the IT industry in the U.S. The company has more than 1,700 employees and branches in 35 countries. His family’s wealth is estimated at 200 billion won (about $173,694,045.32 USD).

In 2005, he returned to Korea to pursue an acting career. His first role was in the hit costume drama “The Legend” in 2007. He was also in the drama “A Man’s Story” along with the late star Park Yong Ha.

[Source: peipei at viki.com]


One thought on “[News] Philip Lee is a rich kid <3

  1. This is very surprising! I had no idea that Philip Lee was a rich kid. I guess this remarkable actor was trying to be simple as possible as he could. I think he’s trying to avoid issues regarding about his family’s wealth.

    Since it was already reported that he was a rich kid. I had no doubt that he will be the successor of the family business. And I will be the first to feel sad if he will quit acting.

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