[News] Ha Ji-won vs. Song Hye-kyo

Yes it’s still on! It seems that the rivalry between the actresses isn’t over. Now netizens are comparing them because of their connection with one man: Korean actor Hyun Bin. Ha Ji-won is his leading lady in reel through SBS weekend drama “Secret Garden’ while Song Hye-ko is his real-life girlfriend. Discussion on online forums about who fits him best have started.

This isn’t the first time they were put in comparison as both played the same character, Hwang Jin Yi, the famous 16th century Gisaeng. Ha was cast in the TV drama version while Song acted in the movie version where the TV version was considered much better story-wise.

[Source: nate.com]


98 thoughts on “[News] Ha Ji-won vs. Song Hye-kyo

  1. I have not watch “Secret Garden” yet. But I have a plan to purchase a copy of it in DVD if it will be available on the market.

    I had no doubt that this drama is very nice and beautiful. Since my ultimate favorite actress play the leading role. And I guess, Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin is a perfect team-up of the drama. Because both of them are top actors and actress. Speaking of relationship, why should they compare the two actresses. I think they are best in their own way. Both of them are great actress so there’s no need for comparison. I have not watched the Hwang Jin-yi in movie version. And I think I will also like the movie as much as I like the drama version of Hwang Jin-yi.

    • Hi! All I can say is that fans would sometimes get carried away with their emotions. I have seen both the movie and drama version of Hwang Jin-yi and I liked the drama version more.

      I highly recommend that you watch Secret Garden especially if you’re a big fan of Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      • yep, Ha Ji-Won’s portrayal of Hwang Jin Yi totally overshadowed Song Hye-Kyo’s version

      • HA Ji Won got the Deasang for Hwang Jin Hee role, but SHK had not gotten any of awards. All K-ET prasied HJW’s Hwang Ji Hee role compared to SHK. HJW is a top actress in Korea and Asia. Nobody cannot follow her acting skills.

  2. if you haven’t watch SG.. watch it..it’s one of the very best drama. The main couple have great chemistry. It’s been a long time since i’ve seen that great of a onscreen chemistry. I really wish they would get together in real life.. Song Hye-ko is pretty but she doesn’t really stand out for me.. and beside I think Ha ji won is a better actress.

    • I totally agree with you. HJW is the perfect match with HB instead of SHY. SHY is not a good actress compared to HJW. HJW shows 100% in any dramas & movies; however, SHY shows only 50% in any actings. SHY is lack of acting skills and not good match with HB.

  3. I’m not a big fan of any of these stars.Since I wached the movie Secret Garden. I fallen in love with this pretty and talent star Ha Ji Won. From now on I will watch her movie. Any of them . . I like you, Ha Ji Won You make me cry and enjoy your movie from the beginning to the end. Never in my life I finish a movie like that. Hope you and Huyn Bin is a beautiful and talented couple real life

  4. Finished SG 4-5 times already. Ha Ji Won is my most favorite K-actress. I tried to keep the collection of her every movies and dramas. Her talent acting can only say superb, you can see it from Life’s beautiful, What happened in Bali, Hwang Jin Yi, and now SG. For her movies, Love’s so divine, Sex is Zero, My lover besides me, Daddy long legs, and etc.

    Her beauty can be said not shining the same with other actresses, but you can see it come inside-out when she breaks through the acting roles. It comes naturally and very captivated. I can’t take eyes away from her. This’s made her so really amazing!

  5. i saw an international interview with SHK, i don like the way she answer the question..though its not related in acting, i like more hajiwon compare to SHK…

    i know Song hye kyo is beautiful, but i love Ha ji won, she is realy good in acting in any role… and the best i like, her principle in her love life…

    how i wish, she found her right man…

    • hye kyo is really pretty no doubt but she lacks the ummmp! rrraaarr!! ha ji won is an enchantress! can’t explain but she is my girl crush! i even ask my husband of what he thinks of ji won and my husband said she has this appeal, strong sex appeal that you cannot just base on her looks…

  6. ha ji won has briliant acting abilities + hyun bin great actor= phenominal chemistry! song hye kyo is beautiful but cannot be compare to ha ji won’s versatility in acting!

  7. I’ve watch the secret garden before …..
    and now i’m watching it again hahhhahaah …..
    ….. Secret Garden ….. i’ts my favorite …..

    They act like a real couple …..

  8. Hi guys! I’m glad that I am not the only one who is addicted to Secret Garden. I’ve finished watching it but I still keep on watching it over and over again just like some of you out there. Oh my, what kind of thing is happening to me? By the way whatever it is,I don’t care because it makes me feel happy.

    Hmmm… Ha Ji Won is indeed a wonderful actress, she is a versatile one and I love her style, she’s my idol.She has a strong personality and for me she’s beautiful inside and out. I have read an article about her saying that (according to some people related to her) Ha Ji Won is a very humble person, she keeps her feet on the ground. For me being humble will make her more popular.She’s really stunning even without make up, I think she’s the right girl for Hyun Bin, I love the chemistry between them and I pray that these lovers will end up together in real life.

    HJW and HB will be a perfect couple, I really hope that true love will spring between them.SG made me laugh (a lot)and cry.It is the best Korean Drama series for me.I LOVE SG,HA JI WON AND HYUN BIN!… haha.

  9. hey ! i also like SECRET GARDEN a lot .. it’s the best korean movie ever ! i love the both HYUN BIN and HA JI WON . they’re such a great actor and actress.
    i hope they’ll have another movie together .!

  10. just finish watching secret garden. i really like the story, it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. i hope ha ji won and hyun bin will be a real couple soon.

  11. WOW! I’m a certified adik of secret garden! I love the story, fantasy, action, romance and comedy. Ha ji won is great, im a bit dissapointed to know that hyun bin and ha ji won are not lovers, their good together. I love you HA JI WON! Hope to see more of your kdrama angd movies.

  12. i really admire ha ji won. i’m a great fan of secret garden as well as the hyun bin – ha ji won loveteam. i just hope that their relationship is real πŸ˜€

    • me too . i am also fan of binwon loveteam or hyunwon loveteam . i am also hoping that their ralationship is real especially now that hyun bin admitted that he’s dating ag jiwon admitted that she’s have a boyfriend now .

  13. hi there.. i really love SG.. I love Hyun Bin & Ha Ji won a lot & I hope that they would be a couple in real life.. I keep on watching the behind the scenes of SG most specially the kissing scene in bed.. i reallyy love them both..

  14. All of the K-stuffs here on your blog made me think that you’re Korean, haha…Wow! Learning how to read and write Hangul is really tough, but I know you can do it, aja! Anyong haseo. ( I hope it’s correct) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • @leen πŸ™‚ annyeonghaseyo leen! I’m studying how to read and write Hangul (I’m on my 3rd week) right now. I can understand but I still need more practice reading and writing Hangul. That’s why when I watch dramas I type it in english.

      • So you’re halfway there happy. You’re translating every Korean word in English everytime you watch K-drama???….Wow! you really want to master Hangul,huh? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Ok, it’s “annyeonghaseyo”, thanks for that.
        By the way, where did you enroll Hangul classes?

  15. so, sung has finally broke up with hyen bin.so, that ‘s all after secret garden .Fine ,love is just blind.
    sung had to fighting , fighting!!! guys who change his mind has no sense of waiting. no need to remember.
    let those bitch take it .she will meet the right one who really cares.

    • yes, hye kyo deserves someone better than hyun bin. and she can still find a lot of nice guys much better than him she is much prettier than ha ji won so its not hye kyo s lost it was hyun bin s lost, so sorry for him

      • Relax, guys, no need to say the bitchy stuff unless you’d like to hear that she’ll chase her next co-star in no time. She’s really good in doing so, right? What a girl, huh?!

  16. i already watched hwag jini the movie(song hye kyo). and its very nice. u guys should watch the movie before judging it. while the hwang jini (HJW), SORRY, but 4 me, its not that good…

    • K-entertainment analysised HJW’s Hwang Jini vs. SHK’s Hwang Jini. All K-entertainment said that HJW’s Hwang JiNi is the best acting. On the other hand, SHK’s Hwang was failed in the movie market because of her not good acting skills & poor dancing skills. Overall, HJW got the Daesang in TV drama; however, SHK got so many criticsim for her poor acting skills.

  17. hi happy! I am really thankful to see this blog site.. I love ha ji won {jamie} and hyun bin {owen}.. I was surprised that SHK and HB became lovers before..
    Ha ji won is the best korean actress for me and I am so addicted to Secret Garden because of the overflowing chemistry between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.
    SHK is beautiful but Ha Ji Won is much better actress than her.
    I hope that HB and HJW will be lovers in real life..

    • Hello Aiko! Feels so great to hear from you guys and hear how I’m able to help and cater to other Korean drama fans around the world. Ha Ji Won is one amazing actress and she and Hyun Bin looked good together. Secret Garden is now being shown here in the Philippines but I got disappointed because I didn’t like GMA-7’s take on it so I didn’t watch it even if missed seeing the two of them together. It would’ve been nice if ABS2 got it since they’re really good at handling Korean dramas as attested by Lovers in Paris, Only You, Princess Hours and a lot more. thanks for your comment and hope to hear again from you!

    • Hi Minerva! In my opinion, it would’ve been great if ABS got the rights to Secret Garden because the way they dub Korean dramas is much better than GMA. You can try comparing previous dramas shown by both networks. I felt very sad when I heard that GMA got the rights to another great KDrama “Lie To Me” starring Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan because another drama goes to waste. Thanks for your comment!

  18. I love secret garden drama too, love it, love it. Good story, good actors and actress, especially hyun bin and ha ji won. Same like most of you, I wanna see them being the real couple, hope so. I always search for some people who same feeling like me about this drama, lucky me i found it this blog, very happy.

  19. omg….as I read the comments…really for me it’s no doubt that ‘SECRET GARDEN” in the no. 1 korean drama series…up now. im too addicted and so gaga watching it for the nth times…but still the excitement of the story was still there. HYUN BIN and HA JI WON really have a perfect chemistry. No such dull moments on each episodes. hoping for more good movies and korean drama series in the near future for HYUN BIN and HA JI WON. CONTRATULATIONS for a job well done….

    • That’s right. Secret Garden is kinda similar to Taiwan’s Meteor Garden. I love both of them. I swear! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ =) hihihi

  20. i think Ha Ji Won fits more with Hyun Bin. Ever since i’ve seen the drama ‘Secret Garden’ i feel in love with the couple Joo Won and Ra Im, they make such a great couple! =D I LOVE THEM!! i want more Secret Garden! i’ve watched it so many times-over and over again! ❀ I want more episodes to it! ❀

    • hi tasya choi! :)) i wonder where you got the idea that ha ji won got plastic surgery? can you give us a link? πŸ™‚ i saw pictures of her when she was young and she looks more or less the same. i hope that isn’t true but if she did, i think we have no right to judge her. having plastic surgery doesn’t affect the performance she gives to her audience. so please be careful with your words because if your idol, SHK… if ever she had plastic surgery too, i won’t be as judgmental as you have been. thank you!

  21. Song hye kyo n hyun bin couple the best at world and worlds within drama very very romantic n the best πŸ˜‰ song hye kyo beautiful n ha ji won plastic sugery wkwkwk

    • Well, it’s not really a very big deal whether Ha Ji Won did go under the knife or not, she’s still Ha Ji Won “The Best Korean Actress” for me. I still like her.

    • lol, no
      Song hye kyo did plastic surgery in her lips
      Ha Ji Won is one of few natural actresses in korean entertainment

      every korean citizen knows that

      • Tasya are u sure that somg hye gyo didnt have plastic sergury?i ever saw her pic not as preety as now but cant copy the link in here.ha ji won didnt have plactic sergury even if she has never mind,surgery,preety are not a big deal since she’s sweetheart,warm,talented and very down to eart actress and yeoja.

        and dont pointing some thing bad to others peoples if u dont know who and how they are especially ha ji won.

    • people don’t care if ha ji won went under the knife or not. you know why? because she has proven that she’s a lot more than a pretty face or a great body. the korean entertainment industry regards her as the “National Actress of Korea” because of her work ethics, professionalism, and great personality. she is a woman of SUBSTANCE. and that is what’s important as a performer, as a woman, and as a person. SUBSTANCE not LOOKS. :))

  22. HJW outshines them all!!! period! lock the door! throw away the keys! then give it to whale!!! hahahaha… i cant wait to watch sector 7 here in the philippines

  23. i like Song hye gyo but i LOOOOOVVEEEE ha ji won more.i have watched hwang jin yi this was very good drama,4 thumb up including of my feets.im not yet and not exciting to watch hwang jin yi movie version since this movie not really get good respon.HJY drama version is enough for me plus BTS and NG’s scene from there i know how daebak ha ji won is,no one can compared with her as actress or personal.Ain’t nobody like Ha Ji Won

    and SeGa is another proof how great her acting and perform.ha ji won and hyun bin have a mind blowing chemistry on and off scenes.i feel some thing happen between them (it chould be love)
    i wish and i wish they will end up together as couple happily ever after πŸ™‚

  24. But ernani i dont like SHK, just like her in full house. I think she is arrogant,..
    I like Ha Ji Won unnie. Hope hyun bin and ha ji won be the real couple and married. Amien.

    • Yoonhee i only watching some of her dramas,all in.endless love and full house. i like her perfom but her ability still under rate of ha ji won’s.i dont really know about her personality but what im regret is if she is nice and good actor why she has cruel and immature fans.if she know that her fans said some thing bad to another actress she will sad and disappointed with them

  25. Hi! I love SG. It is one of the best dramas I have ever seen and the first that really touched me. Can you recommend some romance/comedy dramas with good story, actors. I prefer happy handings.

    I have watched you’re beautiful, coffee prince, personal taste, playful kiss.Thanks in advance.

    • @Sapphire: Thanks for visiting my site! I highly recommend the following dramas:

      Korean Dramas:

      1. Lie To Me – Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan
      2. Baby-Faced Beauty – Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi
      3. Prosecutor Princess – Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo
      4. The Greatest Love – Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin
      5. Smile, You – Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho

      Taiwanese Dramas:

      1. Drunken To Love You – Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang (It’s currently airing)
      2. Autumn’s Concerto – Vaness Wu and Ady An

      • baby Faced beauty is good??i have the dvd but not yet watching it.jang nara right?yes yes The greatest love is high recommend,its like watching another kim joo won caracter.(when i watched this drama i thinking about hyun bin and ha ji won’s relation).have u watching 49 days?highly recommend.

      • @ernani: Yes Baby-Faced Beauty is good one of my favorites. I have seen 49 days months ago. I agree with you that Cha Seung Won acts like Kim Joo Won especially when it comes to wooing the female lead.

      • Thanks for the reply. I have also watched taiwanese dramas Down with love and Fated to love you. And I prefer heroines who are simple and strong to ones that are very innocent or rich. Can you recommend dramas like that? I like tomboyish/plain heroines too(like in SG, Down With Love, You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince). Please help me with your suggestions.

  26. Thanks for the reply. I have also watched taiwanese dramas Down with love and Fated to love you. And I prefer heroines who are simple and strong to ones that are very innocent or rich. Can you recommend dramas like that? I like tomboyish/plain heroines too(like in SG, Down With Love, You’re Beautiful, Coffee Prince). Please help me with your suggestions.

    • @Sapphire: You can also watch Hana Kimi, there are actually 2 versions: Taiwanese and Japanese. The girl has to dress and act like a man so she can be near her crush and she even went to an all-boys school just to be with him.

  27. hi!!! ha ji won love you!!! i wish you and hyun bin are real couple!!! but it is my ambition that song hye ko will die now!!! i love song hye ko will die and seeing her in hell!!! lol ……….

  28. Ha Ji Won defines pefection.. I’m a movie & drama lover.. I take Film studies as my minor, and I like a lot of actors and actresses.. And HJW is one of actresses that I LOVE~~ She can express the character in her works well.. Horror, Comical, Melodrama, Action-pack, Comedy etc… You named it.. Not all actresses can do any justice to beat HJW.. Even those from Hollywood ;p hehehe …. HJW can be a Legend for South Korea, it just waiting for that moment for her to shines to Hollywood Red Carpet just like other Asian Actresses Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li and etc.. *Will be looking forward for that moment*

  29. I’m fans of ha ji won, i’ve never ever ever have an idol before coz i’m to sceptic about figure an idol. But this is the first time i see a figure which very honest, no fake and amazing in one packet. I also like SHK but just adore for her beauty, no more than that.
    About hyun bin, sometimes i feel sad if there are fans SHK bashing HJW coz this. I just hope the best man in HJW love life. If its not hyun bin its just ok. Coz maybe in drama or bts they are look good together, but in personal life we dont know what exactly happend.

  30. Hmm why fans SHK just said her better than HJW because SHK pretty or beautifull..most of all didn’t mention that SHK nice or good personality or something like that. I wonder what else they will say if SHK not beautifull, is there any capabilities that she have??
    So please fans SHK, give me some smart comment. Or…maybe you just dont have any idea what are u talking about? Be open minded and please use your brain..

    ups..sorry author for make a statement like that. I just hate how they make silly comment and very shallow about what they said about HJW. My rule is i wont bashing another idol if they dont do it first.

  31. I think Ha Ji Won is really Perfect for Hyun Bin, because Rain Bi was PERFECT for Song Hye Kyo.

    I don’t want to judge their acting skills, THEY ARE BOTH EXCELLENT in their own. Fans maybe favor Ha Ji Won right now, since that Secret Garden success is fresh from it’s 2010 airing. But try to watched Song Hye Kyo two different drama “Autumn In My Heart” & “Full House” where she played different character there..I’m sure you all be impressed with her versatility too, not too mentioned that she’s really very BEAUTIFUL. And for those who saying that SHK undergo surgeries..oh no guys, she never had. She naturally born as a beautiful woman.

    I do love Ha Ji Won too, since I’ve watched her in Memories In Bali, and I do salute her too for being one of the best actresses in Korea.

    This two POPULAR ACTRESS are not really far behind w/ each other. Both excelled in their own talent, skills & charms.

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