[News] Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won: Big Winners at 2010 SBS Drama Awards

YES! I knew they’ll bag a lot of awards last night with the hype and popularity they’re getting because of their drama. It would be hands-down for them for the Popularity and Best Couple Awards category.

As compared to MBC’s results were most of their major awards came out as a tie (which for me is unbelievable), SBS’ was more realistic, an example of which is a triple tie for the Best Couple category. The pairing of Lee Seung Gi and Shin Min Ah is a strong contender for that category. Anyways, here’s the list of the awards won by the pair:

1. Best Couple Award – Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won
2. Top Ten Stars Award – Hyun Bin
3. Top Ten Stars Award – Ha Ji Won
4. Netizen Popularity Award for Drama – Secret Garden
5. Netizen Popularity Award (Male) – Hyun Bin
6. Netizen Popularity Award (Female) – Ha Ji Won
7. Best Acting Award (Drama Special – Male) – Hyun Bin
8. Best Acting Award (Drama Special – Female) – Ha Ji Won

I don’t know but I’m not really a fan of Hyun Bin’s look, it’s ok but doesn’t have that wow effect. I would’ve preferred him with his crisp and suave look in Secret Garden (except the tracksuits). As for Ha Ji-won’s look, her hair resembles the style on episode 14, a disadvantage of having short hair because you only have limited options.

Congratulations to both and with only 6 episodes remaining, I hope that you continue to thrill us with lovey-dovey scenes and amazing storyline.

[Source: viki.com]


15 thoughts on “[News] Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won: Big Winners at 2010 SBS Drama Awards

  1. They’re meant to be a couple. Look at those all awards. They are both hard workers who give inspiration to viwers. Hyun Bin please goes for Ha Ji Won.

  2. congratulations to both HYUN BIN and HA JI WON…. really one of the best korean drama series that I’ve seen….for me it No. 1….really so addicted to SEGA….i never stop watching it ….on DVD nd internet….HYUN BIN and HA JI WON have perfect chemistry. looking forward for more good moview and korean drama series for both of them…again congratulations…to the director, staff, crew and all the cast of SECRET GARDEN…….really a job well done!!!!!

  3. i dont agree that hyun bin is not good looking.for me,he has a very great sex appeal and ha ji won is very pretty in her short hair>>>>>>>>>but i still want to congratulate hjw and hb because taht award is really for them

  4. hey guys…hyun bin and ha ji won….i enjoyed your drama SECRET GARDEN!!! Today is the last episode….I enjoyed watching the FILIPINO translations but can’t help it and I keep a copy of the original language…..very eager to wait a new project from you>>>>goodluck and godbless!

  5. i am truly a sega fanatic i love them both ha ji won and hyun bin i watched the dvd and internet from nth time but i am not bore on watching it, my children keep on scolding me on repeating and repeating watching the secret garden. i love their chemistry and hoping for their new project when hyun bin return from his military training on Dec. 6, 2012 and hoping that they will be for real couples.

  6. I really love them^^
    Can`t sleep at night just because of their awesomeness
    I`m expecting for their future projects
    God bless all the cast of “Secret Garden”

  7. i am a secret garden fanatic,and i love hyun bin and ha ji w0n.just like the rest of you i am hopin,t0o dat their love story wil n0t just end up in dat show,secret garden,but it wil be for real…when i was watching it,i couldnt help but to be carried away of the couples’ emotion especially that scene wherein owen decided to exchange his life for jamie and dat he wrote a letter to her.i really cried a river for that scene……………

  8. i like very much hyun bin and ha ji won…. i hope hyun is come back on december 6 2012 and to get new peroject and love theme is ha ji won only coz i very2x like it love theme…i hope that

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