[News] Reasons why “Adam Couple” is saying goodbye to We Got Married

Many fans of the “Adam Couple” were surprised when they heard that the pair will be ending their “virtual” marriage. Reasons behind the decision were unclear when the news was released. But now it’s all clear because it was revealed that Brown Eyed Girls‘ member Ga-In was the one who decided to leave the show.

According to reports, she had to cut down on her projects so she can concentrate more on her work. She is currently shooting a daily sitcom “All My Love” which requires her to shoot 3-4 days a week. She is also busy preparing for BEG’s February comeback so considering the amount of work she gets, it’s really impossible for her to even take a rest.

Another reason is that she wants to create a new image of herself as an entertainer because ever since she started the show she was typecast as Jo Kwon‘s wife.

The shooting of the couple’s final episode is still unknown so there is a possibility that we’ll still be seeing them next week. Well that is good news! A reperesentative from the show said that the couple’s final episode will be aired on the January 15th episode and that this week’s episode will only feature the other 2 couples. That’s really sad!

[Source: allkpop]


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