[News] Sign vs. My Princess: Battle of the TV Ratings

The battle is on for the TV ratings between new dramas Sign and My Princess. Both dramas are shown on the Wednesday-Thursday 9:55 pm time slot with Sign barely ahead of My Princess with just 0.1%.

Here’s the numbers for Episodes 1 & 2 for both dramas.

Sign (SBS): Episode 1 – 16.1%, Episode 2 – 17.7%

My Princess (MBC): Episode 1 – 15.9%, Episode 2 – 17.6%

It’s not looking too good for the other drama on the same time slot, President (KBS), who dropped to a single digit of 7.7%. That’s bad news!

I am currently watching both dramas and I must say that I like the medical-mystery scenario of Sign more than the RomCom scenario of My Princess, why? Because I have seen so many rags to riches stories in KDrama that the CSI-ish feel of Sign brings new flavor to me well except for Park Shin Yang talking loudly. Sorry guys that’s only my opinion!

[Source: dramabeans]


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