[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 17 Highlights

OMO! OMO! This episode was a tear jerker! It’s the first time I had difficulty writing a post for a drama because I was crying buckets of tears. But even if it was a sad episode, I still think this is one of the best episodes ever and the ending was another cliffhanger. AIGOO!

So the spoiler for the car stunt accident and that Ra Im went into coma afterwards were true after all. Another spoiler was that she’ll get the part of Jin in the movie Dark Blood. Anyways, I’m really looking forward to tonight’s episode to see what will happen to our favorite couple. Even though last night and probably tonight’s episode will have a sad tone to it, I still hold onto writer Kim Eun-sook’s words on her Twitter account that the drama will have a happy ending. So here it goes!

We’re back to Episode 16’s last scene where Joo Won‘s mom knelt before Ra Im asking her to break up with him because they know what will happen if he finds out that her father died saving him.

Joo-Won went to the action school thinking Ra Im ran off there to finish her scenes but was surprised to know that she doesn’t have any scenes schedule for the night.

I love how lame her excuse was for crying that he didn’t believe her (Next time Ra Im think of something else hehehehe).

Joo Won knew right away the reason why she was crying that he went straight to his mother’s home to confront her but ended up talking to her assistant. He left but not without leaving a threat for his mother that “From now on, he’ll do everything he wants to do.”

This is the only scene in this episode that made me smile (Bromance, anyone?).

[Photo credits: as labeled]

Another sad scene and I know a lot of SG fans were like “Screw you, JW mom!”. I know her evil ways will come to haunt her back in the upcoming episodes.

Ra Im in his library leaving a piece of paper on one of his books (Alice in Wonderland). The book became a best-seller in one of the online bookstore because of this show.

It would’ve been a cute scene with the flowers and the bag charm (what’s the name of the character?) but ended up in a bad way with Ra Im asking him that they shouldn’t see each other. After he left, she looked at the bag charm and cried.

I call this “The moment of truth” scene because it was where he found out that her father died saving him. You can actually see the look of disbelief and shock on his face. It is where she told him to disappear like bubbles.

He did some research and went through old newspapers in hope of finding some information about her father’s death and true enough found an article describing the accident and even mentioned who the fireman tried to save.

This is a very touching scene as she went to her father’s grave crying and told him that she’s sorry because she loves Joo Won.

[Photo credits: as labeled]

These are photos from the car stunt accident. Ra Im told her room mate that she was nervous for the shoot.

The hospital scene where the stunt men from the action school were lined up on the hallway of the hospital and Jong Soo still in shock from what happened. Joo Won looked calm while his secretary was weeping as if  he’s Ra Im’s relative.

Very touching scene of Joo Won taking care of her. Every frame a change of clothing to show that days went by and she’s still in a coma.

Joo Won’s in the library researching on the weather (when it will rain) in different places in his laptop when Oska saw him and told him how he saw Ra Im the other day there standing and looking at the books. When he went to the spot where Ra Im stood he saw a piece of paper stuck in the “Alice in Wonderland” book with her handwritten note (the paper is the last page of Little Mermaid) saying:

Gil Ra Im: “The knife the little mermaid was holding was shaken. But the next moment, little mermaid threw the knife away into the wave. As the knife was falling, the wave shone ruddy brightly and at that time, the sun was rising over the sea. The little mermaid was looking at the prince with dim eyes and threw herself into the sea disappeared becoming bubble…”

Joo Won sending his mom flowers with a card telling her he loves her which made her happy and smile. This for me sounded like he’s saying goodbye to her.

Jong Soo visited Gil Ra Im in the hospital and showed her through his laptop scenes from her previous work.

Jong Soo: “This is the kind of impressive person you are can you see it? you are strong and a [resilient] kid so you can wake up-hurry and wake up Gil Ra Im. She shouldn’t sleep this much. Can’t you see that sunbaes are all worried wake up – just wake up – If you wake up, I promise to send you to Joo Won with a smile,  If  you only wake up.”

Next we see him sitting on a chair writing a letter to Ra Im and at the middle of the letter starts crying. It’s like he’s saying goodbye to her. I thought he’s going to give up on her and finally yields to his mother’s request of marrying another girl but the next scenes proved me wrong. He narrates his letter:

Joo-won:I’m telling you in advance you are the only poor alienated neighbor to receive a letter from Kim Joo-won who is writing for the first and last time so it’s okay for you to be proud of yourself. The wind is blowing strong enough to shake the branches this afternoon. When you read the letter too – I hope you can also see the wind blow and shake the branches on a afternoon like this So that what I saw- I hope you can see it too The window I stood by-you stand by. The bed I laid on –you lie on it, the books I read – if you read them. Even like that – if we can be together if it is that much – let’s say we are together. If it is that much – like other dating couples – let’s say we are happy…”

He went to her hospital room and carried her outside then saw them on his car on the side of a road and on the horizon looked like a storm is coming and dark clouds looming over. We then hear his voice over talking to an unconscious Ra Im:

Joo-won: Don’t love anyone elseand just think of me and live alone. Don’t get too close to Chae Woong – that’s an order. It sounds like a selfish decision but it’s made by the person who made the sacrifice so cherish it. The Gil Ra-Im that was always cool no matter what even in the future you have to be impressive. (He then kisses her forehead) I’m going to miss you a lot. I love you, I love you…”

Then off he drove towards the storm…

Before I forget, let me pinpoint how I love the way the writer symbolically relates Ra Im to the roses. First when she had the accident, 2 petals (from the flowers Joo Won gave her) fell to her framed photo. Second was how a vase of red roses fell on the floor when his secretary informed Joo Won of the accident. Nice one writer Kim!

I know that we’re all thinking that he drove to the storm so that when it rains they’ll swap souls and that Joo Won will be the one in coma but don’t you think it’s still disadvantageous to Ra Im because she’ll be stuck in his body. Didn’t he think for a second that she can’t go back to her normal life? Yeah she’s alive but it meant she has to start a new life. What about the people around her whose unaware of the soul-swapping scenario?

A lot of questions are now being raised as to what will happen next but again I know that in Episode 20 it’s going to be a happy ending, isn’t it writer Kim Eun Sook?

[English translations: soulsrebel/Screen caps: tudou]


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