[News] Celebrities who watched Episode 17 of Secret Garden

Various reactions are now clogging different forums and threads from the fans who watched last night’s episode of SBS‘ weekend drama Secret Garden. Some were saddened with what happened to our heroine Gil Ra Im and where worried as to what will happen to the couple.

Even celebrities who admit to watching the show every week expressed their sadness through Twitter like Se7en who posted this message “Oh, so sad. Tears are falling. ㅠ ㅠ”

Another celebrity fan is Boa who also posted a message on her Twitter account that she believes Gil Ra Im will wake up and that she’s a “Secret Garden nerd” who loves both Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won while KPop singer, Lyn, also posted messages and admitted to have cried watching last night’s episode.

Let’s all hope that tonight’s episode will be much better than last night. Less tear jerking moments and more cute and sweet scenes. Calling writer Kim, hello, hello!

Original article can be read here.

[Source: News at Nate.com]


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