[News – TV] No More Extension for Secret Garden

You read it right! That is according to an official from the production company responsible for the drama. It was further explained that the extension is physically impossible and that any work to improve the quality of the additional episodes will be unreasonable.

Even officials from SBS and the drama’s script writer, Kim Eun Sook, does not agree to an extension amidst the clamor and requests of avid Secret Garden fans for the drama to be extended.

They are also putting into consideration the sentiments of the whole cast and crew who are by now very tired with only just a few more days left to shoot the final scenes of the drama. Take for instance its lead actor, Hyun Bin, who in an interview admitted to have lost weight due to the pressure of filming the drama. He is also scheduled to join the military this March so he doesn’t really have the time for an extension.

Well I don’t have a problem with the drama not extended for as long as we get a happy ending and that all conflicts are resolved and well explained especially the accident where Ra Im’s father died. AIGOO!

[Source: Sports Korea via Nate]



2 thoughts on “[News – TV] No More Extension for Secret Garden

  1. I want it to be extended but it’s okay. Well, as long as Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin will keep in touch with each other even after the filming. 😉

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