[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 2 Highlights

I am right on track to updating my posts and before the week ends I’ll be up-to-date with my new project My Princess. I am expecting a lot more on the second episode since introductions are over and the progress of the story should be moving at full steam ahead. So here it goes:

Episode 2 Highlights:

Hae Young goes inside the house after telling Lee Seol he’ll be staying for the night. It’s funny how Lee Seol names the room in the house as Royal Grand Executive Presidential Suite (HAHAHA!) earning a look of disdain from him.

She tries to squeeze money out of him from the rent of the room to his food. The scene where she tries to waft the smell of a cooked meat to his room so he gets hungry was funny. She even lied to him that the nearest restaurant was miles away so he is forced to eat at her place.

Lee Seol was cooking when a towel-clad Hae Young rushes over to the kitchen asking if there’s hot water on the shower. She was shocked and embarrassed to see him naked and turns back then faces him again with an onion and red bell pepper covering her eyes (BWAHAHA!) while she tells him that he needs to pay extra to use the hot water.

Hae Young unable to sleep that night found Lee Seol on the swing watching a movie (Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn) on a projector. Their conversation on this scene was really good and we see how he examines whether or not she is the one her grandfather was looking for.

Lee Seol gets a call from Jung Woo’s assistant asking if he can stay in her mother’s place. She gets excited and starts decorating the place the next day that even the dogs wore matching ribbons (CUTE!). She then asks Hae Young to move out of the room so Jung Woo can use it.

She even asked him to welcome the guests so she can go upstairs and change. Hae Young upon learning that it’s Jung Woo whose coming sees an opportunity to get back to her for tricking him. When Jung Woo asked Lee Seol who is Hae Young, he drapes his hand over her and answered that they’re living together and kisses her on the cheek to make it look like they’re lovers. He then tells Jung Woo that he’ll be using the room across “their” room hinting that they’re also sleeping together (Nice one man!).

President Park calls Hae Young telling him to bring Lee Seol to him. Since he’s running out of time, Hae Young told Lee Seol that she could be her missing aunt and that she needs to come with him to Seoul. He then drags her outside so they can say goodbye to Jung Woo. It was in the car that Lee Seol finally was able to pinpoint his connection to the Daehan Group… He is the heir and that the museum was named after him by President Park.

President Park then tells Lee Seol the story of her family and she ran outside when she learns of her father’s death. Hae Young followed her and sees her crying while telling him that her father promised to come back.

Hae Young brings her home only to  be locked out again as her sister changed the door’s code. He offers his home and he even cooked dinner for her surprising Lee Seol. Yoon Ju calls him while they’re having dinner and tells him that she is outside his home and has come to visit him.

He lets Seol hide in the guest room along with her plate of food and glass of wine. Turns out that it’s Yoon Ju’s first time visiting his home. As the two were talking on the living room, Seol who was busy eating her dinner suddenly hears her stomach grumble .

Unable to bear the pain and the urge of going to the bathroom, she texts Hae Young about her situation and tells him to bring Yoon Ju outside so she can have a “go” but he kept ignoring it. She even warns him that she can have a “go” in one of his expensive bags (HAHAHA!) which alerts him and takes her seriously. The episode ends with a hilarious scene: A “stomach-and-butt-clutching” Seol running to the bathroom as a stunned Yoon Ju and Hae Young looks on. BWAHAHAHA!

[Photo credits: Nate]

– End of Episode 2 –

My Thoughts:

– Oh man! I still can’t stop laughing at the sight of Kim Tae Hee running to the bathroom looking desperate. I can’t help but think that I am seeing a female “Hyun Bin” in the making. This is the first time I am seeing the funny side of Kim Tae Hee and she is currently earning raves and praises for her portrayal of Lee Seol.

Song Seung Hun on the other hand is slowly warming up to his character and I kinda like his antics during the “Welcoming Jung Woo” scene. I just hope we see a lot more emotion coming from him in the coming episodes.

I enjoyed watching this episode, there was just the right mix of drama and comedy that I didn’t get bored even for a single minute. I am looking forward to episodes 3 and 4 because it will be in those episodes that we will see how Lee Seol be reinstated as part of the Royal Family.

[Screen caps: tudou]


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