[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 3 Highlights

I’m starting to love this couple as their on-screen chemistry slowly sizzles. I just love the way they talk and interact with each other.  Their scenes together is to watch for so here we go:

Episode 3 Highlights:

When Lee Seol heard the sound of the door closing, she immediately ran to the bathroom all the while thinking that both Yoon Ju and Hae Young were already outside. So imagine her shock to see both looking at her after exiting the bathroom. Hae Young’s reaction was priceless (look at the photos above) while Seol’s was more between the cutesy-I’m sorry forgive me-okay? (HAHAHA!) and as for Yoon Ju, never mind!

President Park called for a press conference announcing his decision to donate his wealth to the poor if the vote to restore monarchy in Korea becomes successful. This alerts Yoon Ju who obviously is against President Park’s decision and immediately meets Hae Young to inform him of what’s happening.

Hae Young rushes over to Seol’s school getting nervous because she’s not answering her mobile phone. Seol on the other hand was at her school’s cafeteria eating and saw Grandpa Park on TV. It is at the same time that Hae Young found her and as they turn to leave, reporters were already rushing over to them bombarding him with questions about his grandfather.

Hae Young, being her knight-in-shining-armor”, immediately covers her with his coat and ran away from the reporters. A chase ensues around the campus and Seol’s friends and Jung Woo sees it all wondering what’s happening. I laughed when I saw Seol still holding the spoon while trying to escape. He then shoves her inside the car just as the reporters caught up with them at the parking lot.

Everything would’ve been okay until a reporter (which I later found out was tipped off by Yoon Ju) asked him if the woman in the car was the princess which made the other reporters more curious. To put an end to the fiasco, he tells them that she’s his girlfriend and asked them to leave her alone since she’s still a student.

They went to his hotel and asked a staff to put off the reporters who were still chasing them and stop them from entering the hotel. She at first resisted his invitation to go inside telling him that she doesn’t want to enter a competitor’s place (I didn’t get it at first but later realized that she’s referring to their own bed and breakfast, nice thinking girl!)

He then ushers her to his room but refused getting suspicious of his plans. She accidentally hits him on the face out of reflex but immediately apologizes after realizing her mistake. He explained to her what will happen if her photos were snapped and exposed to the public. She asks him about his family and they had this very cute conversation.

They turn on the TV and sees the news about his fiancee (instead of girlfriend) all over different channels. She even checked the internet and was stunned to see them on top of the most search list.

Yoon Ju comes to his hotel and was surprised to see Seol in the room covered in a blanket. Hae Young and Yoon Ju talks on the other room about the possibility of losing his inheritance while Seol eavesdrop on the door. She was caught eavesdropping when Hae Young opens the door and defends her action telling them that she knew they’re talking about her.

They both explained to Seol her options and even offered her the chance to go abroad and study, all expenses paid by them.

Grandpa Park tells Hae Young to bring her somewhere but she refused. He then told her that they’ll go see her father and left the hotel in a company helicopter to the dismay of the reporters waiting outside.

Her happiness disappeared when she sees the grave and when she was told that the deceased was her father. She then looks accusingly at Hae Young telling him that her father’s not dead.

Grandpa Park also confessed that he was the reason why her father died and told her the story of the night he was killed.

She gets mad at the old man and told him that she won’t do anything that would make him happy even if it means not bowing to her father’s grave.

It was at the bus station where they both arrived at an agreement that she’ll leave the country only if he gives her a copy of her father’s photo just to spite President Park.

I love this scene because it’s the first time Hae Young showed signs of jealousy when he saw Professor Jung Woo sending Seol home. An exchange of banter between the two men ensue but was cut-off abruptly after Hae Young spots Lee Dan being questioned by a reporter.

Both Hae Young and Lee Seol escaped the reporter leaving a clueless Jung Woo alone. They went to her mother’s home and as he was leaving was seen by Lee Seol’s mom. She invited him in the house where she interviewed him as if he was her daughter’s boyfriend.

She even shoved both of them on Seol’s room where she lands on top of him after they wrestled for a photo album. The scene witnessed by the mother and acted as if she didn’t see anything. Hae Young gave her the photo of her father he got from Secretary Oh.

It’s Lee Seol’s time to leave and both were at the airport. He wants to send her off and even offers to buy the things on her list for her mom and sister. He even walks her to the boarding gate and encouraged her that she made the right decision.

She presents her ticket and passport at the boarding gate when the staff at the gate tells her to step aside because she’s not allowed to leave the country. I love their reaction, both looking at each other in shock and disbelief…

– End of Episode 3 –

My Thoughts:

– Again a positive feedback for Kim Tae Hee for her performance. I can already feel Song Seun Hun getting comfortable with his character. I’m excited to see the next episode not only because of Song’s shower scene (AHAH!) but also because we’ll be seeing Lee Seol’s life as a princess. The church scene is also funny so we’ll be expecting a lot of things happening on Episode 4. Ciao for now!

[Screen caps: tudou]


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