[KDrama – Secret Garden] Spoilers… Spoilers… Spoilers!? (Part 3)

WARNING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Some of the information you’ll read here may or may not happen not unless proven otherwise.

I have already read a lot of new spoilers for the last 2 episodes of SBS weekend drama Secret Garden and despite the tight security and gag order issued by the producers of the show, a lot of information still reaches the public. I am listing below what I have read so far, here it goes:

Spoiler #1: Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won getting married (WOOT! WOOT!)

– That’s right! It says that the 21-year old Joo Won remembers her father saving him and therefore decides to stay by her side. It’s unclear whether it was a secret marriage or not or if his mother knows about it. What the spoilers says is that Oska and Seul will be witnesses to the wedding.

Spoiler #2: Love Scene between Ra Im and Joo Won (Happy – that’s me – jumps for joy, HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

– The scene is expected to melt the hearts of female fans. Now I’ll be one of the thousands of fans who would get disappointed if this is not true. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Spoiler #3: A Sauna and Spa Scene

– Now this spoiler is definitely true since a picture of Hyun Bin (his backside only) in a thick red jacket entering the sauna were posted online. The four main characters Ra-Im/Joo Won and Oska/Seul couple were there to help Joo Won remember what happened in that place. (Photo credit: as labeled)

Spoiler #4: Ah Young’s dream of crying babies

– You all know guys how reliable Ah Young’s dreams are right? Her dream of the magical dinner to the car off to the storm scene really happened. The dream implies that the couple will have babies but just not sure if it’s twins or triplets as the original article implies. I also read that the babies will be wearing their father’s infamous tracksuits (the sparkly blue pair) OMO OMO!

Spoiler #5: Tae SSun will sign-up with Oska

– This I think is pretty obvious talk about some brotherlylove.

Looks like writer Kim Eun Sook took into consideration the fans’ idea of how the drama should end because most of their ideas were used for the final 2 episodes. The love scene really excites me so please let it happen writer Kim!

You can read the original article here.

[Source: Sports Seoul via Nate]

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