[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 4 Highlights

I love the comedic side of Kim Tae Hee and not unlike other actresses, she’s definitely not conscious of how she looks while acting that’s why she was able to show real emotion. It’s so hard to believe that she was known for her wooden-like acting when I find her cute here in My Princess.

Episode 4 Highlights:

The staff at the boarding gate tells Seol to step aside because she’s not allowed to leave the country that both she and Hae Young were clueless to the reason. He introduced himself as a diplomat and asks the staff why she can’t leave and he replied that it’s for her to figure out.

He made some calls and found out that his grandfather has something to do with it. She remembered that she left a letter to her mother and thinks tha she’ll get worried if she reads it and would automatically look for her boyfriend which is him and he wouldn’t like what she’ll do if that happens.

So they went home to retrieve the letter she left before her mother reads it. The pair went to the church when they didn’t find her mother at home and found her there with the bible and the letter. Hae Young tried snatching the letter inserted in the bible but her mother sees them. Song Seung Hun‘s reaction was hilarious like he’s pretending to pray (HAHAHA!).

As the minister reads one of the letters from the congregation, Seol recognizes the words on the letter as her letter to mom and frantically signals the minister not to read it out loud. The minister recognizes her name on the letter and asked her mom if her daughter came home last night. Her mother clarifies things and when the pair ran outside her mother comes after them. (I love their reaction when her mother found out about the letter, it’s like they knew they’re so DEAD!)

The scene outside the church was funnier with the whole congregation around them. He tells her mom that it’s his fault and that she should hit him. The mom then asked him if he’s with her and if she’s pregnant. The minister then recognizes Hae Young as the heir to Daehan Group and announces it to the people around them. He then asks them to keep it a secret and be quiet.

Back at the house, they sit in the living room as mom watches their footage on the internet. They’re waiting for her to scold them for trying to leave home without permission but was surprised to hear her say that it’s romantic. She even prided herself because she believes that the children took after their parents (meaning she also eloped with her adoptive father). The “Oppa” word from Hae Young surprises Lee Seol and looks at him in disbelief.

He kneels in front of the mom and asks for her permission for the two of them to go to Egypt. She readily agrees only if they follow her one condition: They first have to register their marriage before leaving. This revelation leaves both of them stunned. (Didn’t you notice how his left hand was on her thigh the whole time they’re with the mother?)

Their conversation was cut short when men dressed in black enters the house announcing that they’re here to get the young master. One of the bodyguard (photo above) has a look alike which I can’t pinpoint at the moment but will update you guys once I remember.

The cheek-pinching scene is cute with Hae Young referring to himself as her oppa and even calling her “My Princess.” He tells her not to go anywhere and to stay at home because he’ll be back soon. (The last person who pinched my cheek like that went home with a  broken nose. :))

Hae Young and President Park had a heated argument over the latter’s decision to donate his wealth for Lee Seol to become the princess. They also fought over issues regarding his father and why he was sent away. Hae Young leaves with a threat that he’ll do everything so that President Park will not see Lee Seol again.

Hae Young goes home still mad and sad about things concerning his inheritance and his father. There’s a scene where it shows him sitting on the sofa looking at a framed photo of his father.

Now off to my favorite part of this episode (and I know I’m not the only one :)). Hae Young takes a shower to freshen up and talks to the leader of the party against the reinstatement of the monarchy. (Ooooohhhh nice bod Seung Hun!)

Lee Seol woke up the next day to see her mom cooking dishes for them to take to Egypt. She then remembers that she also sent a letter to Jung Woo and hurriedly calls him  if he got the letter . He told her that he just got it and hasn’t read it she tells him not to and arranged that they meet.

A reporter stops Seol on her way to see Jung Woo asking for an interview but was saved by him and they went to a cafe/a lounge area where they talked about the letter. He keeps teasing her of the letter’s content and I really love Ryu Soo Young’s smiling face it’s so refreshing!

Seol gets a call from her friend telling her how busy the office phones are as they kept ringing from people asking about her. She peeks at the balcony and sees throngs of reporter on the ground looking for her. While Hae Young saw on TV what’s happening and immediately storms off to get her.

He calls her and got mad upon learning she’s in school. He then got worried when he heard her screaming on the other line. Turns out both Seol and Jung Woo were running because the reporters are chasing them.

Hae Young goes to her school as Jung Woo opens the door to his office with Seol hiding behind her friends. An argument ensues between Seol and Hae Young with Jung Woo trying to interfere.  He learns that she wrote Jung Woo a letter informing him of their plan. When he asks her what else she told him, Jung Woo defends her by saying it’s more like a love letter to him.

They were interrupted by the arrival of “You look like somebody” bodyguard telling Hae Young that they already made a way for them to escape and announces that Yoon Ju came with them to fix the damage. They went outside the office covering her face with their hands and after a few steps dashes out of the building with the bodyguards blocking the reporter’s way.

They stop for gas and Seol keeps on covering her face catching the attention of the attendant. The attendant recognizes the passenger of the car and announces to the others that the Princess is inside the car and starts taking photos. The bodyguards arrive and a struggle occurs giving the pair a chance to escape.

The next scene shows both of them on a roadside sleeping in the car. She wakes up first and saw his jacket draped on her. She drapes the jacket on him and touches his eyelashes comparing it to hers. She was about to get out of the car when he stops her asking where she’s going.

She finds out that he was awake the whole time and that he knew she was touching his eyelashes and playing with it. To cover up her embarrassment she told him he is a pervert then accuses him why her seat was reclined to which he answers because she snores.

They eat at a restaurant with Seol still trying to hide her face. A server, Choi Jun Woo (played by Lee Ki Kwang) serves them with food and gives them a bottle of soda for free because she is pretty. He even winks at her before leaving to which she asks Hae Young if he saw it. A story about her father’s real character was shown and the news implies that he is a bad guy with no permanent work, no money and a criminal.

Seol cries on the bridge recalling her memories with Dad at the beach and during winter. She tells him she wants to clear her father’s name and prove to them that they’re all wrong. He then asks her how she’ll do it when Jun Woo interrupts them saying they’re here to pick her up.

We see President Park pull up together with his men and invites Seol to go with him and go public as the princess. She sees this as an opportunity to clear her father’s name and with a little bit of hesitation and look of regret looks at Hae Young like she’s telling him she’s sorry.

She gets in the car and glances at him for the last time before the car sped off leaving Hae Young alone. His reaction upon seeing her get in the car was priceless like he lost in a lottery. It’s a look of sadness and regret. I can even sense a little bit of worry on his face.

He then gets in the car and broods there for a while looking at the passenger seat (maybe thinking of her) then looks ahead clenching his teeth. It could be because he knows that he’ll lose everything  if Seol becomes a princess.

Lee Seol wakes up to find them arriving on her grand home, well that’s an understatement, her snow-covered palace with her servants lined up to meet her and guards stationed to protect her. Her jaw drops and her face with a look of disbelief  as she sees the size of her new home.

My mouth was gaping wide open when a screen shot of her palace was shown. It looks as big as Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I’m sorry Goo Joon Pyo (Boys Before Flowers) but you lose! HEHEHE….

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 4 –

My Thoughts:

– I’m happy to see that the story is now moving towards the part where she is starting her life as a princess. I only have certain problems with how fast they were delivering their dialogues that it sometimes makes hard for those whose just started learning Korean to understand what they’re saying.

Another thing that I want to raise is the way they change the camera’s focus or the scene frames. I really got dizzy watching the scene were Lee Seol and Jung Woo were at the lounge talking, did you notice how fast they change the camera’s focus for the 2 actors?

I have nothing but good words for the 2 lead actors, Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun, they ere very effective when it comes to how they portray their characters. I was surprised to read online that they were both known for their wood-like acting but I don’t see it here in My Princess.

We have a lot of things to look forward to the next episodes as we’ll get to see how Lee Seol copes with her life as a Princess? What will happen to Park Hae Young now that he stands to lose his inheritance? The answers will be revealed next week so make sure that you watch it.

[Screen caps: tudou]


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