[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 19 Long Preview

Here’s the longer preview for Episode 19 of SBS’ weekend drama Secret Garden with English translation. Enjoy!

RI: You still haven’t come to your senses, have you?
JW: Have you always treated me this way?
RI: You’re the type who always seem to be asking to get hit
JW: Don’t look down on my lost 13 years! (?)

JW: What’s with that woman. Why is she smiling so prettily?

JS: I heard you lost your memories
JW: Were we that close enough for you to know this these? …Or is she really a two-timer?
JS: You you want to get beaten again?
JW: …Again?!

RI: What?!
JW: In your locker… Huh? How do I know this? Have I seen the inside of your locker before?
RI: Yes. When our bodies switched…
JW: When our what switched?!
RI: I’ll explain later. You’re memories seem to be returning! Is there anything else you remember?

JW: Let’s see…. You-

Seul: Didn’t you say you were leaving Korea?
Sun: You said that it’s hard to find someone who notices you.
Seul: Is that why you decided to stay?
Sun: Oska caught/held onto me. (he means Oska prevented him from leaving)
Seul: Would you really get caught completely just because he caught you? (?)

Sun: Oska’s eyes were begging
Seul: *sarcastic* Wow, how romantic

JW: Mom!
JWM: I wanted to see how you were doing? Are you hurt/ill anywhere?
JW: No. You already called me this morning
JWM: It’s dangerous to go up there!

JW: Hey, mom! Did you know? I had a girlfriend. A stuntwoman.
JWM: Of course I do.
JW: You knew? But that girl doesn’t have any 내숭(anyone care to translate this word? I only know it i Korean…) Her body isn’t that nice either…
JWM: Right?! I don’t like her much…
JW: Oh hate her, don’t you?
JWM: If I do, will you stop meeting her?

RI: You really need to open a fortune telling shop!
AY: Actually, I dreamt another dream last night.
RI: What was it about..?

JW: You’re really rebellious
RI: You child/toddler (땅꼬꼬마). You see everything in a pastel tone because your brain is at rest, don’t you?
JW: I don’t know how I’m like at 34, but I play like this when I’m 21. Come in.

JW: Since we’re doing this/in this position…

RI: Put your hands back up.
JW: I said I’m beginning to remember~~
RI: I’ll just make you remember (do I see another kick coming? xD)

Oska: The lyrics are really good. You’re really something!
Sun: Stop it. I’m your producer.
Oska: What?! I’m doing it because you’re cute.
Sun: Hey! I’m not giving you the song. Give it back.

Oska: STOP!

Oska’s Mom: This is something that can’t happen in our family! You had your blind date with JW, but you want to marry Woo-Young!?
Oska: Why are you yelling at Seul?
Oska’s Mom: (???)
Seul: Mother, instead of acting like this here, let’s go out and get a drink.
Oska’s Mom: …What?

Cupid: You shouldn’t be doing this. If something does wrong with your body now, it’ll last forever. Should I make some Seaweed Stew (미역국)?
RI: Did I just give birth? Stand still:
Cupid: Our RI~ (??) But you should eat some Seaweed Stew!
RI: If I catch you, (???) (she literally says “You won’t even get the stew/soup”) Huh? Hello~
Cupid: I won’t fall for it! I’m not falling for it!!
Oska: Hello~! (to Cupid) I’m Oska.

Sec. Kim: Do you do this in front of other men too?!
AY: Do what? Oh.. I’ll wipe it!
Sec. Kim: No! I’m going to wipe it.


[Source: peipei at Viki.com/Video: xStarCandii at YouTube]


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