[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 19 Highlights

Trivia: A kiss on the forehead means that the person will be responsible and take care of the other like a friend or family member – wiki.answers.com

So a lot of the spoilers going around forums and threads were true. Even one of the spoiler I posted about how Ra Im’s father died was true. I really like this episode because it answers a lot of our questions regarding the elevator accident like how her father died and why did Kim Joo Won said that the name Gil Ra Im was the first thing he thought in the hospital.

This post is longer than the previous ones because there are so many important scenes and it felt like you’ll be missing a lot if I don’t include them. Another thing that I’ve noticed was how writer Kim Eun Sook has started putting the pieces together for the characters so that they’ll all have a happy ending. Just look at the public date of Oska and Seul, the cappuccino kiss of Sec. Kim and Ah Young, the flourishing relationship between Oska and Ssun and lastly if it isn’t that obvious, a wedding for Joo Won and Ra Im.

I won’t keep you hanging (Sorry for the delay!), here are the highlights:

Episode 19 Highlights:

As Kim Joo Won looks directly at her while asking if they’ve kissed before, Ra Im feels cornered, and surprised all of us by reciting the “Kimsuhanmu” chant. She even tells him that it’s her way of protecting him just as he had protected her. She then tells him that he should be the one to come over to her the next time he wants to see her.

She turns around and leave then looks back at him smiling and waving. He then asks himself “why is her smile so pretty?” He runs after her and offers her a ride. She asked what took him so long to follow her as she walks slowly while looking pretty from the back.

Jong Soo tells Ra Im that the producers of Dark Blood decided to pick a Hong Kong stunt woman to play the part of Jin in the movie. She takes the news wholeheartedly and tells him that getting the role was a dream come true for her.

The two men had a quick talk when she excused herself to the bathroom with Jong Soo asking him if he lost his memory to which he answered if they were close enough to know that. Jong Soo retorts back asking him if he wants to get hit again then tells him this:

Jong Soo: “Don’t ever forget Gil Ra Im because you willingly put your life on the line for her.”

We see Ra Im sulking and brooding on the locker area over the bad news and thinks about all the preparations she’s done for the audition. The mood changes when Joo Won joins him and destroys the mood about him recalling her wearing sexy underwear. She kicks him (bullseye!) and he yells at her because it really hurts.

Both Seul and Oska were talking when Joo Won enters the room and sees her. He reaches out his hand introducing himself with Seul wondering why he doesn’t remember her. Oska getting jealous slaps his hand and explains to Joo Won that Seul is for him (he points her to him).

Meanwhile, the roommates were eating while talking about Ah Young’s previous dreams all coming true which worries her because she dreamt again last night. It’s about three kids crying and Joo Won covering his mouth crying too and Ra Im yelling.

Joo Won sends Secretary Kim to fetch Ra Im and sends her to a sauna where he was already waiting. She was mad at him for taking her to such place to which he answers because he wants to look at her body but is blocked by what she’s wearing (he was expecting to see her in a bathing suit or skimpier outfit).

This is pretty funny as she hugs him because she got happy when she thought he remembers something. He seizes the opportunity and hugged her back but his hands were busy trying to lift her shirt.

She felt what he was doing and twisted his hand on his back telling him that this would make him remember. (I love both of their facial expressions especially that of Ha Ji Won.)

Oska listens to a song Tae Ssun has prepared and loved it. He was so happy with the result that he ruffles his hair and more like trying to hug him. Joo Won enters the room wearing the sparkly blue tracksuit much to Oska’s amusement. he then asks Tae Ssun about his thoughts on the tracksuit and this was what he said:

Tae Ssun: “You’re not the only one living in this world, so why are you hurting someone else’s eyes?”

Oska visits Ra Im at the action school and they talked about how she’s doing and what’s happening to the 21-year old Joo Won. The pictures above was during the scene where Oska is asking her if she likes racy men.

He takes her home and were talking sweetly when they hear Joo Won’s voice saying “What a nice picture!” just like the old times. She sees this as him getting jealous and tells Oska that he’s slowly remembering. They link arms and makes him more jealous while they head inside her home leaving him outside.

He goes inside to see both were busy preparing something hot to drink ignoring his presence. He gets madder when he sees Oska’s poster on her wall. He also said that if Oska is with Ra Im then he’ll choose Seul – with a 36-24-34 vital stats. He got both of them to yell at him then Oska stands up and starts beating him (in a playful way) to the delight of a cheering Ra Im.

He goes home to see some woman’s clothes, basket of oranges, some money and a box of a vacuum cleaner in front of him. He calls Secretary Kim about the items and he replies that he doesn’t know (The items will remind him of Ra Im).

This is the most hilarious scene in this episode. Both Ah Young and Secretary Kim were at the same cafe that Ra Im and Joo Won were and he sees some cappuccino foam on her lips. He tells her that he’ll wipe it off on her and kisses her lips. This shocks her and splashes water on his face. He explains that he didn’t ask for permission because the men in the dramas he saw don’t do that.

Oska and Seul have their first public date. Fans were swarming all over and even holds her hand when he sees her getting uncomfortable with the crowd. Two of his fans tells him that he’s betraying his fans by dating to which he answers that he’s already 36 years old and wants to date. He even advises them to switch to 2PM or Beast if they don’t like what he’s doing (HAHAHA!).

Joo Won was in the libraby when he decides to skim over the books and pulls out The Alice in Wonderland book. He then reads the last page of the Little Mermaid and sees some revisions done on the letter written by Ra Im. Turns out that before he lost his memory, he revised the ending of the story to his own liking (what he wrote was funny and weird and that Ra Im will not like it if she sees it). Here’s the English translation of the revised part:

Joo Won’s version: “The prince finds out that the little mermaid plans to disappear like foam. He goes to ask the princess from the neighbouring country “Is this the best? Are you sure?” He breaks off the marriage and runs to the little mermaid. The little mermaid though has her eyes on the foam and invents a washing machine and becomes a chaebol (super rich person) the prince becomes secretary kim and lives for a long long time”

HAHAHA! That one’s funny right? He thought that the story was childish but realizes it was his handwriting. He suddenly sees flashbacks of the past starting from the most recent events such as the car driving into the storm to the first time they met. He finally remembers everything and runs outside to get his car and drives off to see Ra Im whom she calls to know if she’s at home.

As he was driving his car, he then remembers her father’s wake and a grieving Ra Im being comforted by Ah Young (He maybe tried telling Ra Im her father’s last words but withdraws the last minute because he couldn’t face her for fear of being blamed for his death).

He was stunned with the revelation and almost crashes with another car. He stops the car then finally utters her name and says the young girl crying was Gil Ra Im while he’s crying.

Once he sees her, he pulls her in a hug and even tricked her by saying he’s going on a blind date and that he hasn’t recovered his memories yet while a confused and teary-eyed Ra Im looks on. He then tells her the truth that he remembers everything and apologizes for teasing her.

He grabs her face and kisses her forehead saying that he loves her and that the kiss was from him. She’s still a little angry at him and cries when he kisses her again on the forehead telling her that he really loves her and that the second kiss was from her father. SWEET!

He starts telling her the story about the elevator accident 13 years ago. He hurt his right leg and was trapped inside the elevator while her father was busy rescuing the others trapped inside the building when he decides to check the elevator. He sees Joo Won trapped inside and helps him to get out.

Her father radioes in for help and tries opening the elevator. Once the door was opened he lifts Joo Won on his shoulder until he was able to squeeze his way on the opening. As her father tries to climb into the opening, the elevator suddenly shakes and we hear the sound of a metal grinding.

He looks at Joo Won one last time with a request to tell his daughter Ra Im that he loves her and that he’ sorry for not coming home early. Recognizing that the elevator will crash/fall on the ground anytime, he lets go of Joo Won’s hand and tells him to go. The elevator finally crashes into the burning ground leaving Joo Won as witness to her father’s demise.

He was holding her hand the whole time while she was listening to the story. He apologizes for belatedly telling her his father’s last words. She says it’s okay and thanks him for telling her how much her father loves her. The scene ends with them crying and hugging each other as if to comfort them.

They both visit her father’s ashes with him saying sorry because he wasn’t able to relay his message to her quickly. We then learn that he already tried it once but wasn’t able to do so when he sees her crying during her father’s wake. (So that’s why he said she looks familiar during the previous episode because he saw her when he was 21 years old.)

He thanks him for saving his life and asked for her hand (just like what Ra Im said to his mother) and promises to love and take care of her. This scene ends with them holding hands looking at each other while standing in front of her father’s ashes.

He then takes her home and tells her to wear “something  pretty” tomorrow. Didn’t you notice the roof of his car is down, it means he has completely recovered from his claustrophobia and that we might see him riding the elevator in the next episode.

Joo Won went to his mother’s home to tell her that he recovered his memory and to let her know of the mistake she’s done by lying. This episode ends with a stunned Moon Boon Hong and Joo Won telling her:

Kim Joo Won: “You weren’t always right, but when you’re not being right, you were still always confident and cool. I loved that mother but this time, you’ve lost both your confidence and me. So from now on, I won’t live as your son. I’m very sorry, but I’ve lived as your son for 34 years. For the rest of my life, I’ll live as that woman’s husband.”

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 19 –

My Thoughts:

I say WOW! to this. I loved the way the elevator scene was shot and I’m all praises for both actors for their superb acting and hard work. I was watching the scene with full attention and it is heart-wrenching and there’s no wonder why Kim Joo Won lost his memory of that accident because it was traumatizing.

The foam kiss scene between Ah Young and Sec. Kim was hilarious and I laughed with what he said regarding characters in a drama not asking for permission (HAHAHA). I’m slowly loving the Oska-Seul pair. Their public date was cute and when he said “I LOVE YOU, SEUL” loudly in front of his adoring fans confirms his seriousness to get her back.

I am both happy and sad, happy because I know we’ll get a happy ending for our favorite couple but sad because I will be missing them together. The drama has touched my heart in ways I can’t imagine and I will be missing Hyun Bin’s funny antics and Ha Ji Won’s charms.

Be sure to read next week’s (last) post for Secret Garden because I’ll be doing a Special Article regarding my Top 20 Favorite Scenes from the drama. Here’s a little gift to all my online buddies, a .gif version of the scene where Gil Ra Im does the “Kimsuhanmu” chant. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

 [Screen caps: tudou]


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