[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 20 Highlights

We’re now down to the last episode but before I start let me thank first all the avid Secret Garden fans who read my posts regarding the drama. Thank you for sticking it out with me and I appreciate all your comments and feedbacks. I had fun writing posts for this drama and I must say that I truly love this couple and will remain as one of my favorite KDrama pair. Let’s start!

Episode 20 Highlights:

The scene starts with Joo Won telling his mother that he’ going to live the rest of his life as Gil Ra Im’s husband despite the fact that she may never accept her as a daughter-in-law. She tells him that it could be a spur of the moment thing and that he’s not that kind of kid.

Joo Won agrees with her and tells her that she’ll never understand why he’s marrying her and that he’s very happy right now. He also told her that he’ll never leave Ra Im and that he hopes they get married with her blessing. He then stands up to leave with a heavy sigh leaving his mother just like what his father did before.

The couple are in the car going somewhere with Joo Won talking on the phone with Oska asking his & Seul’s whereabouts. Ra Im silently listens to their conversation and wonders where they’re headed but he doesn’t answer her.

They go inside a building and Ra Im suddenly stops recognizing the place. He shots Joo Won a questioning look to which he answers that he’s going to be her husband. He then tells her that she only has 10 minutes to back out or do anything she wants because she’ll be his wife after that.

She calls him a bad guy for planning everything without even consulting her or even proposing properly like saying “I Love You”. I am quoting Joo Won’s proposal because it is so Joo Won for me:

Joo Won: “Why would I say things like that? It’s not like I am going to be your husband because I Love You. I was right about you not being smart, it’s not because I Love You but it’s because I can ONLY love you. If it’s not you then I don’t have any other choice forever, you amazing woman.”

He adds that there’s no flowers, candles or ring that goes with the proposal but asks her if she’ll still marry him while holding out his hand. She says yes and reaches for his hand and they walked inside holding hands.

They see Oska and Seul waiting for them inside as their witness and they fill up the marriage contract with Joo Won complaining why she writes slowly while he finished it quickly. He tells her that they’ll have the wedding when his mother gives her blessing to which she agrees.

Now it’s the witnesses turn to sign the document when Oska sees the couples signature with matching hearts. They only shrugged when he looked at them then quickly signs the document. It was funny because Oska signed like he’s just giving an autograph then shrugs when the newly weds looked at him (HAHA nice one Oska!).

I love how Joo Won tells Ra Im to jump for joy because she was able to snatch a good catch like him (Ah seriously!) to which Ra Im readily obliges.

Oska and Seul were at the newly weds bedroom busy decorating it with balloons and petals. Oska hugs Seul when she agrees to direct his latest music video. That is the scene that the Kim-Gil couple sees when they arrive. Joo Won kicks them out saying that they have something to… earning him a pinch from an embarrassed Ra Im.

Joo Won immediately makes a move telling her to come close. He tries hugging her but Ra Im ducks and he misses. He falls on the bed and was stopped by Ra Im from moving. She then lands on top and kissed him much to his surprise then a long kiss scene ensues (is it longer than the party kiss?). SAYONARA KIMSUHANMU! 🙂

As if pictures were not enough, here’s the video cut of the bedscene, drool over Song Hye Gyo!

[Credit to: iadoresojisup at YouTube]

The next day, we see the couple walking outside holding hands smiling and hugging each other. A picture of wedded bliss!

They then hang out in the library when Joo Won lets her read the revised ending of The Little Mermaid she first wrote. She laughs at this version of the ending even calling him Secretary Kim while he teases her back saying how did she meet him when her face is not as beautiful as a princess. She chases him around the library like little kids.

Oska tells Joo Won that his mother was hospitalized because somebody showed her their marriage certificate. Turns out it was Joo Won who sent the document to his mom. He goes to visit her and we see a frail and sad Moon Boon Hong in a hospital bed. She disowns him and takes back everything from Joo Won and tells him to pay for the lot where his house was built on because she owns it.

Ra Im on the other hand was busy showing off her marriage certificate to the stunt men at the action school. There were mixed reactions with one guy crying because he lost his chance with her. Jong Heon even motions to her whether she’s throwing up implying that she’s pregnant much to her horror.

Jong Soo arrives and was informed that she got married. He tells them that he knows already and congratulates her on her marriage. He then hands her a script with the title “Sector 7” in front. He wants her to try it out. (Trivia: Sector 7 is the title of Ha Ji Won’s next project which is a movie about a monster that has transformed because of a virus and the female main character struggling desperately)

Jong Heon goes to the department store together with his crew (holding baseball bats) to warn him not to make Ra Im cry and that she’s got lots of Oppa’s at the action school to help her if that happens. This is really funny and the way they motion to him that he’s dead was cute.

Both couple woke up that morning with Ra Im complaining that she didn’t get enough sleep because of him and that she has some action scenes to be shot that day. I love their messy hair here that really make them look like they’ve just awoken.

It’s the day of Oska’s major concert and he is at the backstage nervously preparing then a shot of the crowd outside waiting to be ushered into the venue. I didn’t like Oska’s make-up here he just looks so girly. Watching the concert were Joo Won and Ra Im, Ah Young and Sec. Kim. Look at how irritated Joo Won was when Ra Im screamed.

Oska sings Tae Ssun’s composition entitled “Tears” and he told Seul that it was a present for her and that she’s the girl in the song. Tae Ssun who was at the concert too gives Oska to her because he doesn’t want to share him with another woman.

One of my favorite scenes from this episode was the elevator kiss. I knew that Joo Won overcame his claustrophobia from episode 19 because of the closed roof in his car. Ra Im was in the department store and was about to close the door of the elevator when he opens it. They kiss inside but was caught by his executive staff. I laughed so hard when I saw Secretary Kim holding a camera (HAHAHA go ahead post it on your Facebook account!).

Fast forward to 5 years later, we see 3 pairs of cute kid’s shoes on the window sill. I knew right away that it’s Joo Won and Ra Im’s children. They have 2 boys and 1 girl and it’s uncertain if the boys are twins.

We see the whole family waiting outside Moon Boon Hong’s home waiting for the gates to open. One of the boys suddenly cries asking his mom to buy him a toy but she told him that they’ve just bought one. The other kids starts to cry prompting her to carry the girl. The gate opens revealing their grandmother who welcomes them with a smile.

She ushers the kids inside while totally ignoring both Joo Won and Ra Im who were left outside. Once the gates were closed, the couple walks away sweet as usual.

It’s now time to take care of the other couples’ happy ending and we start with Oska and Seul (Couple #2). He proposes to Seul with the same ring he bought the first time he proposed to her 15 years ago. I loved what he told her when he went on his knees and proposed, he said that she’s the best song in the Billboard chart of his life. Seul accepts his proposal while crying.

Now off to Couple #3, Ah Young and Secretary Kim, who were walking along the river when they spot a bottle floating in the water with a paper inside. He recognizes it as the one had thrown in Jeju Island where they first met. She believes its a sign so she hugs him with delight.

Last but not the least, Couple #4, Jong Soo and Sohn Ye Jin (Personal Taste) who is an actress and asks his opinion about her being cast in a movie entitled Black Rain. Way to go Jong Soo!

Now back to our #1 couple, it’s already bed time and they’re both busy putting the kids to sleep. They tried sneaking out when one of the boys wakes up and tells his parents that he wants to sleep with his mom. A pissed Joo Won send the kid back to sleep while she lay beside the other boy.

Joo Won carries her outside then went to their home. He puts her down once they reached the bridge and he hugged her from the back while walking. We hear her voice over telling us about how they still don’t have a wedding picture but that they’re still happy living a magical life. Snow starts to fall as the couple looks on.

We see a limping Joo Won making  his way to a funeral hall. We see a crying girl which turns out to be Gil Ra Im. The sight of her crying while calling her father was too much for him to bear that he ends up crying outside her father’s wake.

We see a sleeping Ra Im on the floor and he approaches looking intently while apologizing to her over and over. He collapses beside her then we see a repeat of the scene in Episode 12 where they lay side by side. He fell asleep while his hand lay on top of hers.

And with that ends the magical love story of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im.

[Screen caps: tudou]


My Thoughts:

– Thank you writer Kim Eun Sook for keeping your word of a happy ending for all the characters. Although I would’ve preferred that Joo Won and Ra Im got married but what you’ve done was more than enough for me. I also want to comment that Ra Im should’ve worn something more pretty and girlish when they registered for marriage.

I’m sure a lot of Secret Garden fans around the world were very happy because the bed scene that they were asking for happened and the kissing scene was longer than the party kiss. There were a lot of sweet and cute scenes between the couple and I will surely miss watching them.

The drama ended with all the mystery surrounding the accident and the couple’s first meeting clearly answered and resolved.

This drama will definitely be part of my Top 3 Korean dramas of all time. I will be missing you SG cast! SAYONARA! ADIOS! PAALAM! ANYONG HIGASEYO! GOODBYE!


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