[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 5 Highlights

Oooohhh! What a touching scene. He looks like a husband or boyfriend taking care of his spouse or girlfriend. I am anxious to see what will happen to Lee Seol now that she has accepted the life of a monarch. Will she shed off her old habits? How about Hae Young, what will happen to him? I am expecting funny and cute scenes for this episode. I won’t make you wait for long, let’s start!

Episode 5 Highlights:

Again we see an aerial shot of Lee Seol’s snow-covered palace whose size will put to shame Goo Joon Pyo’s home in Boys Over Flowers. (I wonder how many rooms are there in her palace.)

Lee Seol still stunned by the sheer size of her new home finds herself in front of the entrance door with a bevy of servants and guards lined-up before her. The doors are opened for her to enter but not until a butterfly (which I think is computer generated) lands on her shoulder then flies inside the palace.

President Park then tells her that she’ll be staying there for a week until the presscon that will formally introduce her as a princess. She tells Pres. Park that the reason why she agreed to come with him was because she wants to clear her father’s name from malicious news.

She was happy to see her mother inside waiting for her. Her mother was unsure at first how to treat her because she’s now a princess but with President Park’s prodding to act normally the two got into a tight embrace with tears on their eyes.

The three of them sat for a chat with President Park explaining to her mother the story about her being a princess. Seol tells President Park that she wants to go home to pack her things to which he asks her if she’s sure to come back. He reminds her that she’s the only one who can clean her father’s name and reputation.

Things are not going smoothly for Hae Young at work and finds himself suspended for violating rules. He’s also being hounded by the press (particularly the cocky reporter) for a scoop on his love life.

Yoon Ju meets Lee Dan (Seol’s sister) to tell her that bodyguards are now assigned to guard her safety since the news of Seol being a princess broke out. She asks Yoon Ju if the guards are there permanently because if it’s just a temporary thing then she doesn’t want it.

Lee Dan goes inside a room to keep Yoon Ju’s calling card and we see her retrieve a pouch and looks at it intently. I have a feeling that the pouch will play a very important role in this drama as it’s content will surely identify the real princess.

President Park talks to Yoon Ju and thanks her for all the help she provided with regards to Lee Seol. He tells her to choose any gift she wants which he’ll buy before he gives up his money to the poor. She then tells him that she wants to be the chairman of the Royal Foundation which will stop Hae Young from harming the princess.

He liked the idea and gave his permission but her father wants her to take back her wish. Yoon Ju tells her father that she wants to do it.

Seol was introduced to 2 of her servants and was ushered into her room. She was amazed at the size of it and her closet of shoes and clothes.

She checks out all the items inside her “closet” that includes racks and racks of gowns and picks a red tube dress and strappy sandals that doesn’t fit her at all.

On the other hand, Hae Young finds himself homeless and penniless as Grandpa’s men arrive in his home putting red stickers on everything he bought using his credit card that even the mug he’s holding got tagged. He got so pissed and refused to leave but the bodyguard warns him that they’ll use force to kick him out of the house. He was only given a suitcase to bring when he leaves.

He left without a word knowing that he still has lots of places he can stay until Yoon Ju gives him a list of all the other properties he owns including the resort he got as a gift that needs to be returned.

He goes to his department store to purchase personal necessities such as underwear. I was smiling when I saw him trying on the underwear placing  it on his crotch area. He then sees Seol walking to his direction. He tries to hide behind a female mannequin wearing lacy underwear but Seol spots him immediately.

I was laughing when he faces Seol acting as if he’s just seen her with his hands over one of the mannequin’s boobies. Seol teases him that they look good together (he and the mannequin). Turns out she was there to shop things for her mother and sister.

He then discovers that all of his credit cards were frozen and tries to leave the department store by riding the same elevator as Seol’s. The scene where he elbows Seol was hilarious especially since they’re surrounded by her aides.

Jung Woo visits Seol in her new home much to her delight. I love how she’s so elated when he told her that he missed her. He tells her that if she encounters any problem or hardship, she can turn to him and help her solve it. AW! Nice one Jung Woo!

She then answers Hae Young’s call telling him that “She doesn’t want to do it anymore” and that “She’d forget him” making it look like she’s talking to an ex-boyfriend. He then threatens her that he’ll do more “accidents” or trouble like marriage if she doesn’t tell him her location. Hearing the word marriage perked up her senses and she panics. He warns her that he’ll call for a press conference to announce their plans to marry.

She immediately tells Jung Woo about his plans and begs him to help her find him. They sneak out of the palace but not before cutie Jun Woo sees her ducking into his car with her head wrapped. Thinking that the princess was kidnapped, he goes after them trying to get their attention. He waves to Seol telling her to get out of the car. Both Seol and Jung Woo try to tell him that it’s ok when the car they were riding rammed into a construction area and both were sent to the hospital with no injuries for Jung Woo and Seol well we don’t know.

She groans in pain making Hae Young run to her side immediately. He then scolds her for riding in Jung Woo’s car then grabs her hand while she groans in pain because he knows that she’s just faking her injuries since the doctor has already assured him that she’s okay.

She then asks Jun Woo for a favor, that is to pretend to be her or take her place in the palace so they won’t know she was in the hospital or that she sneaked out. He didn’t stand to have a chance to reject her plea as he was caught by her cutesy little act.

Jun Woo goes back to the palace and the next we see is him wearing her pink pajamas complete with a headband lying on her bed and hiding under the blanket HAHAHA! I just love how sport and professional he is that wearing women’s clothing was not a problem to him considering his IDOL status.

Back to the hospital, they both see a mother with her crying child being turned away because of shortage in vacant room/bed. Seol gives her room to the mother after assuring him that she’s okay. As they are on their way to the car, she suddenly collapses and shocks Hae Young. She refused to be brought back in since there’s no available room prompting him to bring her to his home.

He felt guilty after realizing she’s not really faking her injuries and doesn’t leave her side until the fever recedes. He even cooked porridge for her the next day when she woke up. Seeing that she can’t eat properly because of a sore arm, he gets the spoon from her and feeds her. AW SWEET!

As she was changing her clothes, she spots an envelope which contains documents about her father Lee Han. She instantly recognizes the contents of the document as the same information that’s being shown on the television and news. She confronts her with the documents and angrily asks him what else he’s gonna do.

He doesn’t deny her accusations and tells her that his main goal is to stop her from being the princess but he also adds that he is sorry for her father and that he was really concerned when she got hurt. She storms out of his apartment when Grandpa Park suddenly arrives having heard that she slept in his place. He tells her that she needs to see the President. She gets in the car and leaves but not before throwing a glare at him.

She goes back to the palace and went to bed in a bad mood. When she looks up she sees Hae Young sitting at the side of her bed smiling and looking at her. He then brushes her hair on the side and feels her forehead to check if she still has fever. I am positive that our PRINCESS is slowly falling in love with our DIPLOMAT YAY!

Seol wakes up the next day and sees Hae Young sitting across her bed looking at her. She was so convinced that it’s just her imagination but she shoots upright when he started talking introducing himself, STUNNED and SHOCKED!

[Photos: nate and tudou]

– End of Episode 5 –

My Thoughts:

I salute Lee Ki Kwang for his professionalism! He didn’t really mind wearing female clothes in this episode. I bet he gained a lot of love and respect from his peers. Song Seung Hun is already at ease with his role that he doesn’t have difficulty delivering funny lines or scenes. I think this episode belonged to Lee Ki Kwang and Song Seung Hun and I really don’t mind it.

We will be seeing more scenes for Episode 6 about Seol’s life as a princess which we didn’t see a lot tonight. I want to see her be like what Yoon Eun Hye did in Goong where she had a private teacher and makes her read lots of books and scriptures. ‘Til the next post!


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