[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 6 Highlights

Ooooohhhh! I can feel some loving from this pair. As I was watching this episode, I have noticed how Lee Seol’s slowly feeling something for Hae Young. The “I can’t sleep” and “Why do I think of you?” feeling are telltale signs of L.O.V.E. She’s not the only one feeling that way because Hae Young has been acting one too, the urge to protect her and his obvious dislike of Jung Woo only points to one thing, JEALOUSY which is related to L.O.V.E.

Episode 6 Highlights:

Lee Seol goes to bed in a bad mood but before she closes her eyes sees Hae Young sitting at the side of her bed looking at her gently while stroking her hair and feels her forehead to see if she has fever.

She wakes up the next morning to see him sitting across her bed looking at her. She thought he was just her imagination but shoots up the moment he spoke and introduced himself as Diplomat Park Hae Young (HA!).

He stands next to her bed and asks her why she wouldn’t scream or throw pillows at him just like any typical woman waking up with a man inside her room. He leans close to her face then asks her if she really trusts him that much to not do those things.

Still recovering from the shock, she asks him how he got inside. She tells him to leave before she call the guards and with that he said that he’s there to see her one last time since their relationship would changed drastically. He calls her attendants telling them he’s done talking to her and help her change.

The President and Grandpa Park talks with her while Hae Young stands on the side informing her that he’ll be his tutor. He’ll be in charge of everything she needs to know as a princess and with that he needs to move in the palace with her. She squeals a big NO and tells the elders that him moving in will only make the scandal they’re in more bigger.

But both the President and Hae Young disagree to her and tells them that it’ll be easier to explain to the press his presence around her by telling them that he’s her tutor. Grandpa Park totally agrees with them thus silencing her protest but not before throwing Hae Young a glare. YOU LOSE SEOL!

Grandpa Park talks to Hae Young asking him if he’s up to something. He tells him that he accepted the job to go with his grandfather’s wishes.

Grandpa tells him that he’s not sorry for what he has done to both Hae Young and his father further hurting his feelings. I love his facial expression here, a look of hurt and sadness.

We then see the two of them walking in the palace with Seol asking him what are the things he could teach her to which he replies that he’s the only one who can do that since he was raised like a prince. He leaves but not before handing her a piece of paper.

She looks at the paper he had given her and was surprised to see its content – her daily schedule that starts at 6:00 in the morning. HAHAHA!

He shows up the next day in her room to wake her up and he tucked a big alarm clock under her blanket when she refused to wake up. The sound of the alarm wakes her up. I really like their interactions and will be seeing more on the latter part of this episode.

She then challenges him about his eligibility to become her tutor and was surprised to be shown his credentials that includes a masteral’s degree and that he’s multilingual.

He made her take a test that would measure her knowledge in politics, history and the monarchy. The test is in English and she failed the exam getting zero (0) points, yes that’s correct! I just love how he teases her with the result and how embarrassed she is with it.

She tries to get back the test paper from him but he refuses and tells her that he needs to report her progress (and the result of the exam) to the president. Horrified that the president will see it, she chases him inside the palace to get the papers.

She even tries to steal the papers from him while he was eating but he was able to grab his folder before she could grab it. He even tries to tell her servants the result of the exam but she quickly covers his mouth and drags him outside the dining room.

Now this is what I’m waiting for! They go to his room for a little privacy (HA!) and she is still trying to get the exam from him. She jumped from the bed as he held the folder above his head and lands on the floor faking that she’s hurt her ankle. Hae Young falls for her act and places the folder on the floor while looking at her ankle.

She sees an opportunity and successfully grabs the folder from him feeling victorious but not for long because when she opens the folder, the test paper was gone. He then tells her that he kept it on his breast pocket because he knows what she’ll do. YOU”RE ONE SMART GUY!

She then lay on his bed telling him that she’s not leaving until she hands over the paper. He’s up for the challenge and goes on the bed beside her. She tries kicking him off the bed but ends up on the edge almost falling on the floor but he grabs her and ends up on top of her. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!

Both were stunned and embarrassed from what happened and quickly stands pretending nothing happened.

He promises to give her the paper only if she wakes up early the next day. She was so determined to do just that but wasn’t able to sleep thinking of what just happened. She uses her mobile phone and searches the internet about her insomnia.

She goes to the kitchen to drink water when Jun Woo surprises her and she ends up spitting the water she was gargling onto his face (POOR BOY!). He tells her that if she needs anything all she has to do is go to the kitchen and he’ll cook anything she wants.

We see Hae Young barging inside her room to wake her up after she failed to show on time for her lesson. She was still in LALALAND and was dreaming about Jung Woo complete with pouting lips. This pisses him and wraps her in a blanket then slings her over his shoulder out of the room and drops her straight into the fountain much to the horror of the palace servants.

She goes out of the palace and visits her friends at school and sees Jung Woo. They eat outside with her looking at him while he’s eating. The guy sure knows what’s going on between her and Hae Young that he even asks her if she’s resolved everything between them.

She consults him about the upcoming press conference and he advises her to use Hae Young’s abilities since he’s used to this kind of situations.

She goes back to the palace and goes straight to his office probably to ask help about the press conference when he asks her where she went. She tells him about her lunch with Jung Woo but he interrupts her by saying not to talk about that guy with him then storms off the room leaving her puzzled with his mood. JEALOUS MUCH!?

Hae Young’s back to his apartment very happy and we see his grandfather’s men taking out the red stickers on his furniture. I love how he directs the lead bodyguard (finally figured out his look-alike was MC Mong!) where he’s missed and finally points to his slipper. The bodyguard tries to remove it but keeps on moving his feet making it hard for the other to remove it.

Seol’s mom and sister visits her in the palace much to her amazement and I can say that her sister will bring her trouble in the coming episodes. She tells her to live properly so that their parents won’t be blamed for not raising her properly and that she’s lucky because she doesn’t have to work hard to get what she has today not unlike her. YEAH RIGHT!

Mom drags Hae Young aside and tells him to look after her daughter and even hands him a few bills as if she’s paying him to do just what she said.

Yoon Ju interrupts them and the next we see is both mother and daughter with Yoon Ju signing a new family registry and Seol being removed as part of their family. It was such an emotional scene that I got teary-eyed especially during the part where she asked if Seol could still be her beneficiary in case she dies.

Seol goes to her room still crying while calling out her mom and we see Hae Young standing  just outside her quarters feeling sorry and unable to comfort her.

He goes to her room the next day saying sorry for cheating her mother and to inform her that it’s time to study. She follows him and they start preparing for the press conference. She even has to practice her introduction which she has to do over and over again because he didn’t like it.

Hae Young and Seol goes to a dress shop where Yoon Ju was already waiting. They need her measurements taken for the dress she’ll be wearing for the press conference. Both women go downstairs to take a look at designs when Yoon Ju tells her to enjoy what she’s getting right now because she’s set to lose this life and her title as the princess.

She adds that Grandfather Park is the only one on her side and that a lot of people hate her. The episode ends with the camera showing a stunned Seol.

[Photos: Nate/Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 6 –

My Thougths:

I say this is one of my favorite episode from this drama. No boring moments for me and the pace of the story was just right. I have lots of favorite scenes especially that of Jun Woo and Seol in the kitchen. I feel sorry for Lee Ki Kwang because he has to endure a lot for this drama (HEHEHE!), he not only have to wear a girl’s pajama but Kim Tae Hee spits water she gargled onto his face (WHAM!)

I bet Yoon Ju and Lee Dan will connive in the future and cause so much trouble to Lee Seol. The pouch we saw Lee Dan holding in episode 5 will play a very important part in the princess’ life. I wanna see what Yoon Ju will do to have Seol give up her title as a princess.

Song Seung Hun, man you’re so cute! You stole once again from Kim Tae Hee the spotlight. I know you already have throngs of fans but if you continue showing your comedic and cute side to us, you’ll amass more for sure.

I’m excited to see next week’s episodes as it gives us a glimpse of how their love story unfolds. I am looking forward to the dress she’ll wear during the press conference (I’m thinking all “princessey” just like what she wore during the drama’s press conference) and what she’ll do during the press conference.


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