[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 7 Highlights

OH MY GOD! I didn’t see this kiss coming this early but I don’t mind though. The story becomes more interesting now that Yoon Ju has unleashed her evil intentions.  I would really like to see how Lee Seol would react to whatever she has prepared for her to give up the life of a princess. What will happen to the men in Lee Seol’s life now that they’re both showing their interest for her? Let’s find out!

Episode 7 Highlights:

We kick off with the scene where Yoon Ju tells Lee Seol of her plans to oust her from the palace voluntarily or by force while a shocked Lee Seol looks on as she talks. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of the designer while Yoon Ju acts as if nothing happened.

Lee Seol tries on different styles of clothing with one of it looking just like that of Audrey Hepburn‘s (minus the black shades). I really didn’t like the clothes she wore during this scene, I just hope that the dress she’ll wear on the press conference will be pretty. They went to a room where Hae Young was already waiting and they discuss what style would suit her best while looking at the projector screen.

Yoon Ju, bitchy as she can be, makes hurtful comments about her during the discussion and even told the designer and her assistants not to let her wear clothes that would make her look like an orphan. Lee Seol just listens to what she’s saying but her expression shows that she didn’t like what she’s hearing. Obviously, Hae Young also didn’t like Yoom Ju’s rude comments.

Both Hae Young and Lee Seol goes back to the palace but he stops her for a talk telling her not to mind Yoon Ju and that she has to prepare herself to endure more hurtful comments in the future after she is introduced as a princess.

Hae Young was in his room reading when one of Lee Seol’s palace servant knocks into his room telling him that princess was missing. He tells her not to tell anyone about it and goes to scour every room in the palace in search of her.

He goes inside the display room a.k.a mini museum where he found her inside a vintage car watching a drama (Queen Seon Duk) and imitating one of its characters (Lady Mi Shil played by Go Hyun Jung) deliver her lines over and over. This scene is pretty funny as she add the names of Hae Young and Yoon Ju in the line (like “It’s because of you Hae Young!”) while pointing her finger like she’s accusing him. HEHEHE!

She didn’t know that he was just outside the car watching her and was shocked when he goes inside the car asking her if she wants to die and even imitated her by poking her forehead (HAHAHA!). She then tells him that she’s studying and practising just like Go Hyun Jung (which she refers to as her role model). He tells her that the palace turned upside down because they thought she was missing.

They start talking about her enemies and he wonders if he’s the best looking, the most hated and most difficult of all. She told him that one of those is not him and he asks her which one that is. She refuses and wants to escape the situation but was trapped inside because the door on her side won’t open.

He threatens her that they’ll sleep inside the car unless she answers his question to which she wonders why he’s so interested. He tells her that he won’t be able to sleep not unless she answers him. Their conversation was cut short when her palace servants arrived amused at them who acted as if he’s teaching her how to drive a car. SMART KIDS!

Seol goes to her room only to stop in her tracks thinking about what he said about not being able to sleep. The next thing we know, she was at his room offering him a hot glass of milk. He refused at first and even smelled the aroma to make sure it’s really milk (she won’t poison you, maybe later!) but accepted it afterwards. He smiled after seeing she decorated it with a smiling face made out of choco syrup and drank it.

Yoon Ju brings Seol to a spa for a little pampering session but turns out to be the opposite. I was laughing at the scene of Kim Tae Hee squirming in pain as a reflexologist bends and stretches her body in different directions while Yoon Ju looks on trying to control herself from laughing.

Lee Seol’s ordeal didn’t stop at the spa because when she was taken to a salon for a new hairstyle but she was shocked to see it looked exactly as Yoon Ju’s hairstyle much to her horror. I guess irritating her was one of Yoon Ju’s way to make her quit being the princess.

She goes back to the palace to see her mother and sister Lee Dan waiting for her. They came because Hae Young wants to talk to her before the press conference and she was happy to give them the gifts she bought. Lee Dan was happy to try on a dress she bought for her while Mom looks on the other items.

They were at the living room talking with Hae Young when he shows them a newspaper article of her adoptive father selling fake goods. He asks her mom if it’s true while she asks her to stand up and leave. Her mom tells them that it was true and that her family needs to know it because it will be revealed during the press conference.

Lee Dan storms out of the room while Seol runs after her. She accuses her of planning everything bribing them first with gifts. She also tells her that it’ll ruin their family once that information comes out especially her mom who would lose customers at their bed and breakfast and even her chance to finish her studies, get a good job and getting married.

We see a sad Seol looking at a potted cherry tomato tree along the palace hall when Choi Jun Woo (who greeted her Good Morning!) sees her. He immediately approaches her and picks a tomato from the tree, wipes it on his shirt and shoots it in her mouth. I like how he tells her that it is good for her skin and that he’ll give it to her every day as long as she asks for it.

Jung Woo comes to the palace when she called him to ask for his help in finding the truth about her father and about the missing royal artifact (which I am guessing would be the pouch that’s in Lee Dan’s possession). She invites him to eat lunch at the palace and tells him that she’s tired of eating alone.

They enter the dining room and was surprised to see both Hae Young and Yoon Ju having a meal together. She’s about to usher Jung Woo out of the room when she spots them eating steak. We see the four of them eating lunch together with a jealous Hae Young looking at a happy Seol and Yoon Ju looking at a smiling Jung Woo both not minding them.

It was an awkward moment for them until Hae Young sees Lee Seol struggling a bit with her steak and asks her if the meat was tough or overcooked. She tells him that it’s just ok when Jung Woo grabs her plate and starts slicing the meat for her irritating Hae Young more then mocks him by giving his plate too so Jung Woo can cut his piece of meat. HAHAHA!

Jung Woo came to the palace for another reason: Grandpa Park has called for him and needs his help with Lee Seol. He’ll be his informant and asked him what did she tell him particularly the royal artifact which was the pouch (I KNEW IT!) which would cause trouble if the people finds out that she doesn’t have it in her possession (BULLSEYE!). Jung Woo assures him that he’ll find who has that pouch and dig more information about her father.

Seol waits for him outside the room and bombards him with questions about his conversation with grandpa and tells her that he’ll be working in the palace and they’ll be seeing each other everyday. Hae Young hears it and goes straight to them by saying that he has to move his car because the palace staff is making a fuss out of it. He then tells Seol to follow him so they can start their lesson. AW JEALOUS MUCH!

Lee Seol was again inside the vintage car (a new hangout?) talking to her mother when she sees Hae Young and Yoon Ju entering the mini museum lying to him about her telling Yoon Ju that she’ll live in the palace and she won’t feel sorry to him. She hears all of this while ducking low inside the vintage car.

Hae Young walks outside to see her burn some of the documents and articles shown earlier about her father.

Lee Seol’s mom sends Lee Dan to the palace to bring her some food that their mother made but leaves it at the bus stop. She then talks to Yoon Ju asking her if she has knowledge in royal artifacts. We then see her looking enviously at Lee Seol whose being fitted with a dress. The look on her face says it all: She’ll do something very nasty.

Hae Young then talks to his grandfather’s secretary and he tells the story of how his father tried to hurt the little Seol (I think he kidnapped her) then lets her father claim her not before threatening him that he’ll try harming his daughter more if he shows up again. A little boy (Hae Young) then comes into the room and we see both kids passing each other both throwing a glance before walking away. AH! so much for “they’re destined or fated” plot.

He couldn’t believe that his father would be capable of harming a little child. He pushes the items on top of his table to the floor including a pictured frame of his father. He falls on his knees unable to accept the possibility that it can be true.

Lee Seol asks him to accompany her to the person he found that knows her father. They go to a seaside community and goes to a house where a middle-aged man was washing his face. Lee Seol’s imagining it was her father and sees a little girl (that’s her) with the man pinching and cleaning her nose.

Then pfffttt it’s not her father but another man together with his wife. They go inside the house and he shows her a picture of them together from his album and starts asking questions about her father. All of this happening while Hae Young  just looks on.

They go to a restaurant to eat when she began drinking soju and starts bragging about her being on top for her high tolerance with alcohol. He tries stopping her from drinking more but she insists she won’t get drunk but gets tipsy quickly.

They leave the restaurant with a visibly drunk Seol unable to walk properly. She falls to the ground and forces him to piggyback her. He then helps her to sit on a concrete stairs because she wants him to tie her shoelaces.

In her drunken stupor, she reveals the answer to his question in the vintage car and tells him that he doesn’t dislike him at all (it’s like she’s telling him that she likes him) and even kisses him on the cheek to show him it’s the truth.

A stunned Hae Young tries to absorb what just happened then swoops in for a kiss but not before telling her to forget about it. My husband woke up from his sleep because I screamed so loud he thought I got into an accident or I hurt myself LOL!

The episode ends with them kissing on the stairs under the light of  a street post. GO FOR IT HAE YOUNG!

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 7 –

My Thoughts:

Oh man that was awesome! The kiss sort of confirms their feelings for each other although she was drunk but they say that people become very honest when they’re drunk. It’s going to be an interesting episode 8 because we’ll be seeing more jealous acts from Hae Young now that Jung Woo will be working in the palace too.

My suspicions have come true regarding the pouch and Lee Dan. I am anxious to see what she’ll do if she learns that the pouch was very important to the princess. Both her and Yoon Ju will plan something bad for her that will eventually backfire at them.

My favorite character Jun Woo is so adorable, I just hope he gets more screen time in the upcoming episodes.

I just hope they get straight to the point about the truth to Lee Seol’s father and not drag it more because it is so irritating. They give you bits of pieces then stops all of a sudden. Well who wants that right?


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