[KDrama – Paradise Ranch] Episode 1 Highlights

I should’ve posted this article last week but I got so busy at home that I wasn’t able to edit the screen caps or open my WordPress account for a few days. The good news is I’m back and is bent on updating the episode highlights for Paradise Ranch.  So here it goes:

Episode 1 Highlights:

The drama starts with two teenage couple running in the airport as if they’re about to elope and is being chased by a grey-haired man I assume could be the girl’s father.

The girl is 19-year old LEE DA JI (Lee Yeon Hee) and the boy is 21-year old HAN DONG JOO (Shim Chang Min) and they’re being chased by her father LEE EOK SOO (Chun Ho Jin). He trips and falls on the floor then tells Da Ji the promise she made with her mother to enter a university. She only said sorry to him and ran away while her father sadly looks on.

We then see another man running after the couple with his men. He is HAN TAE MAN (Ahn Suk Hwan), Dong Joo’s father, whose in the airport to stop his son from eloping and even threatening him that he’s dead if he catches him. He asks Eok See where is his daughter and scolds him for allowing them to escape.

The couple were able to escape and with only their love for each other went straight to register their marriage but because she’s still a minor (she was born in 1986), they require parental consent to legally get married.

They’re left with no other option but to go back home and ask the elder’s for their consent. We see the couple kneeling in front of their parents and his grandfather at his grandfather’s home.

Both parents were reluctant to give in to their request and Dong Joo’s father telling him that he’s been following her since elementary while his mother LEE BOK SHIM (Na Young Hee) stops his husband from hurting her son.

The only person quietly listening to all the talk was Dong Joo’s grandfather HAN SUK SANG (Jang Yong) who surprised everyone when he knelt in front of Da Ji’s father asking him to allow the children to get married.

With both the couple’s parents giving in to the grandfather’s request, the couple gets married and we see them have their photos taken. Ah! A picture of a young couple so in love!

Now things get even better! It’s the couple’s honeymoon night and childish as it may seem, the two of them were watching a football match while wearing matching devil’s horn headbands and pajamas. They were on top of the sofa cheering for Korea’s team when they fell on the sofa with Da Ji landing on top of him.

What’s interesting was where Dong Joo’s hands landed: SMACK RIGHT INTO HER BOOBIES HAHAHA! He orders her to get off but not before Da Ji looks down in between his legs because she felt something else LOL! He was embarrassed and immediately stands up while she just smiled sweetly.

She goes to the window where he’s standing and teases him. They promised each other to live happily forever and shared a long kiss. What happens next is up to our imagination YIHEE!

Fast forward to 6 years later, we learn that they divorced after 6 months of marriage. We see a sleeping Da Ji now 25 years old and a veterinarian with specialization in horses. A video camera was set-up nearby to record the movements of a horse.

She works at a ranch named Paradise Ranch as a veterinarian located in Jeju Island where she lives together with her father and younger sister LEE DA EUN (Im Soo Hyang).

A couple working on the ranch sees her sleeping and talks about how she would only hold a camera the whole day while an old man comes running after her telling her that she made a healthy horse unable to stand.

She wakes up and upon hearing the man’s voice wears her sneakers and ran off only to trip and fall on a mound of horse feces.

She realizes that it was a horse’s feces, she became very happy and even scooped handfuls of it and smelled it much to the ranch workers’ dismay. I love her reaction here as if she won the lottery!

She goes to the stable where her father and another veterinarian were talking about the rise in miscarriages for the horses in the ranch. She tells them that it’s because of the feed containing an ingredient that raises the estrogen of a mare (female horse) thus resulting to a miscarriage.

She even shows them a journal she got from Germany that explains this theory. The other veterinarian was surprised to learn what she can do that’s because she doesn’t really have the skills of a trusty veterinarian and is known to commit mistakes every so often.

In fact, the owner of the ranch only got her services because she’s the only veterinarian in the area. OUCH! That hurts! I laughed when she got dragged by the horse while they were talking NYAHAHA!

Now we see a 27-year old Dong Joo sleeping on his bed, lazy and a brat as ever. He gets a call from his father telling him to go to the office and attend an important meeting. He tells his father why won’t he fire him and refuses to go to the office. He was forced to wake up when his father threatened to cut all of his credit cards BAD BOY!

By the time he reaches the office, his grandfather was already there waiting for him. He tries to sneak in quietly when grandpa sees him and throws an orange at him. He was able to catch it and even said “nice catch” in English but wasn’t able to dodge the second object (I think it’s the basket) thrown at him BWAHAHA!

Both were sent to Australia out of all the ironies to buy a horse named Volpony whose known for its breed and speed. Da Ji went there to buy the horse for the ranch’s owner while Dong Joo was forced by his grandfather with a threat of freezing his credit cards so they can use it for their Jeju Island Resort.

Da Ji was ecstatic about her trip and spent the first day sightseeing while Dong Joo hated the experience and even got pissed when he stepped on a horse’s feces.

Da Ji goes to a club where a contest for the longest time to ride a mechanical bull was ongoing. It was here that she laid eyes on SEO YOON HO (Joo Sang Wook), an American-Korean who won the contest. The emcee then instructs Yoon Ho to give the rose to a woman who has the most beautiful hat. He scanned the audience and sees Da Ji wearing a paper hat that made him smile.

He approaches and gives the rose to her and also his cowboy hat. Da Ji was surprised and elated by his gesture. He leaves after giving her the hat.

She goes to the stable and visits Volpony (the horse) where she meets the owner and tells her to take care of the horse. She sees Yoon Ho (Edward is his English name) in the barn too and tells the horse that his name fits him.

It was also at the same time that Dong Joo goes to the stable to look at the horse. He immediately spots Da Ji talking with the horse and was surprised to see her. He rolls his eyes while Yoon Ho smiled when they hear her sing a song to the horse.

The moment of truth comes when she turns around and sees Dong Joo staring at her. She calls him but he walks away so she chases him and asked how he was doing after 6 long years. I think that it was Da Ji who wanted their divorce judging by the way he reacts to their meeting. He was like angry at her and even dodges her question then walks away.

At the auction, they end up sitting next to each other and even fought for the same horse. They try to outbid each other but in the end it was Da Ji who got the highest bid and won the horse. By the time she realized she blew her budget, it was already late because she couldn’t afford the horse.

So the next thing she does is to go to his hotel room and ask him to buy the horse instead since he can afford it. She comes in the room while he was taking a shower and sees his soiled boxers and was amused to discover he still uses the same perfume. HA!

Dong Joo comes out of the bathroom clad only with a towel and was shocked to see her. He jumps in surprise and the towel loosens giving us a glimpse of his behind, NOT! The area was covered with a heart that has wings HEHEHE.

She tells him what she wants and explains that she simply didn’t have the money to purchase the horse so she was thinking that maybe he can buy it. He flatly refuses her idea and tells her that he’s got nothing to do with her and that he’s not happy to see her, OUCH! It really looks like she caused their break-up based on his reaction every time he sees her.

Their conversation was cut short when the door bell rings. He opens the door to see PARK JIN YOUNG (Yoo Ha Na), an interior designer, on his doorstep visiting him. She acts all lovey-dovey with him while he didn’t know what to do. She asks him who Da Ji is but she cuts him and tells Jin Young that she’s there to ask him something.

She leaves his hotel room and heads straight to the bar where Yoon Ho was already drinking. She orders a bottle of beer then starts singing to herself (a habit of hers that I have noticed) and murmurs about the mistake she’s done with the horse.

Her beer spills and she sips the ones on the bar counter much to the amazement of Yoon Ho who have seen her because of the hat he gave her. He offers his salad and she finishes it quickly shocking him. She asks him if he buys horses and was shocked to learn he bought 13.

Meanwhile, Dong Joo calls someone (I presume it’s his father) telling him that he bought Volpony (the horse). Ah! he still has a soft spot for Da Ji after all. Both he and Jin Young goes to the beach for a walk and it is very obvious that it is a one-sided love for her.

We see Da Ji and Yoon Ho at the stables again this time looking for a horse that would replace Volpony, one that would fit the bill. Turns out Yoon Ho volunteered to help her find the replacement and they became at ease with each other in the process.

Dong Joo was also in the stables and spots the two very chummy with each other. Jealousy flares up and abandons his plans of asking the horse’s owner to sell to him the horse when he hears that it was pulled out of the auction.

Da Ji was able to buy a replacement horse and was on her way home when she spots Dong Joo and Jin Young walking together taking pictures. Yoon Ho sees her reaction and guesses right away that there’s something going on between them.

Dong Joo sees them together and makes her jealous by putting his arm around Jin Young’s shoulder. But his eyes bulged when he sees Yoon Ho doing the same thing with Da Ji much to her surprise. I felt that the two still has some unfinished business to settle but their divorce hindered them from doing that.

They both went back to Korea (separately) and get on with their lives. She was having problems with the horse because it won’t follow her instructions while he is still struggling to escape his father and grandfather’s control over his life.

He was sent to Jeju Island to take a look at a newly acquired property of their company, PARADISE RANCH, and was surprised to see Da Ji working there as a veterinarian. She didn’t believe him at first but when his secretary shows her the deed of sale for the ranch, the sale was in fact legal.

Da Ji was stunned to learn that they were cheated by whoever sold the ranch and was given a month to vacate the place as the ranch will be turned into an extension of Dong Joo’s Jeju island resort.

Now this is an intriguing part, we see Yoon Ho arriving at Dong Joo’s office for a meeting about certain projects. He immediately recognizes him the moment he steps into his office and the latter looks at him intently as if trying to gauge his intentions with the project and Da Ji.

Da Ji is on her way to Seoul to talk to the organization head that bought their ranch only to be confronted by the owner of the horse she bought from Australia. He wants her to give back the money he gave for the purchase of the horse that wouldn’t move (HAHAHA!).

She was able to trick him and ran away but not before bumping into Yoon Ho. She falls on the ground and her anger disappears the moment he recognizes him. They smile at each other not knowing what they’ll discover the next episode about how they are connected with the ranch. UH OH!

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 1 –

My Thoughts:

I don’t expect a lot from Episode 1 when I watch TV dramas because it usually contains just the introduction of the story and the characters and Paradise Ranch isn’t an exception. Lee Yeon Hee is a natural for her role as Lee Da Ji having starred in various dramas like East of Eden and One Fine Day. I only noticed (I know I’m not the only one) that her character has a habit of running away then trips.

I felt that it was a miscast for DBSK member Shim Chang Min who looked awkward in his role as Han Dong Joo. You can actually see and feel it every time the camera focuses on his face and the way he delivers his lines weren’t really convincing. I’m sorry DBSK fans that’s my opinion but I’m totally positive that he’ll be much better in the coming episodes.

My favorite character will be that of Seo Yoon Ho played by Joo Sang Wook. The guy is super cute and his smile melts every girl who sees it. His character is somewhat mysterious as we still don’t know if he’s the villain or Da Ji’s love interest. I’m watching this drama because of him and acting wise I find him okay.

I really can’t say much about Yoo Ha Na since she only had a few scenes shown in this episode but I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in the coming episodes.

The story is very promising although it’s not really original as I’ve seen other dramas with the same storyline (e.g. Delightful Girl Choon-hyang). I hope that we get to know the real reason as to why the couple divorced after marrying at a young age because the story jumped to after 6 years which is typical for a Korean drama.


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