[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 8 Highlights

OOOHHH! This love square surely catches my attention! I got so busy last week that I wasn’t able to post the highlights for Episode 8 right away even though I had the screen caps ready for editing the same night it was shown. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my weekend will be free so I can catch up with my drama highlights.

Episode 8 Highlights:

The drama started by showing scenes from the previous episode which I thought was a complete waste of airtime since the viewers would only like to see the kiss scene again.

Hae Young lays a sleeping Lee Seol on the mat and looks at her intently before leaving the room. He goes outside stopping at the top of the stairs looking back (maybe feeling guilty of what he’s about to do) then descends the steps only to stop at the exact spot where they kissed just minutes ago.

Lee Seol wakes up the next morning and looks around in search of him. She goes out the room only to be taken away by grandpa’s men headed by the MC Mong look-a-like and loaded into a waiting car.

The guards confiscate her mobile phone and while travelling Hae Young calls and talks to her. Unaware of what he’s done, she asks him what’s going on. He then answers that he “threw her away.”

He even tells her that she won’t attend the press conference and that he’s not coming back to get her.His words didn’t register at first but finally gets it and was stunned at his backstabbing ways.

Meanwhile, the people in the palace were busy preparing the place for the press conference and Granda Park arrives early to check on the preparations. He gets worried when news that the princess is missing and immediately asks if Hae Young was in the palace.

The press were already seated in the hall while some of the palace’s staff were also there waiting for the princess’ arrival. Jung Woo gets worried and tries calling Lee Seol but she doesn’t answer her phone. He looks at Yoon Joo suspiciously while she was pretending not to know what’s going on.

Alas! Hae Young arrives making a grand entrance and stands in the podium presiding over the event. He tells the press that the princess will not attend the press conference and informs them of her past. He was even able to clear her biological father’s name of all the crimes he was suspected of doing and passes the blame on her adoptive father as being the true culprit.

Jung Woo knowing her true intentions for the event sneaks out and calls her again to which she answers after pleading the guard to give back her phone. She asks him to prolong the presscon until she arrives so she can explain her side.

Hae Young ends the presscon amidst the reporter’s request to answer more questions. Jung Woo blocks his way and confronts him about his actions. He thinks that he betrayed Lee Seol and even asks him if he knows what he’s done.

He then tells Jung Woo to leave her alone since he’s going overboard when it comes to the student-professor relationship and that he’s wrong with his assumptions. Jung Woo then informs him that Lee Seol is a part of Korea’s history and she’s like a dream to him that he’s been chasing all his life. AW,  THAT’S SWEET MAN!

Lee Seol watches the presscon on her phone and was shocked at what he just told the reporter’s about his adoptive father. She immediately tells the bodyguard to go somewhere and I am guessing that she’ll go to her mother’s pension house to explain what just happened.

Yoon Joo asks Hae Young where he’s been the previous night and adds if he’s with Lee Seol he says yes and doesn’t hide the truth. Grandpa Park arrives and asks Hae Young where he hid the princess to which he replies that she’s somewhere crying.

Lee Seol arrives at her mother’s pension but not before an angry Lee Dan sees the presscon on TV and instructs her mother not to talk to her since she’s not a member of the family anymore. I just love their mother’s reaction while hearing Lee Seol knocking on the door trying to explain what’s happening.

Jung Woo arrives and sees her outside the front door crying while calling her mother to open the door and talk to her. This scene was tear jerking and I just thought of my own mother while watching this scene.

He brings her inside his car and tells her that she’s not acting like a princess and that she should be at the press conference and not on the pension.

Jung Woo: “Before you are your parent’s daughter, you were part of Korea’s history. A history that needs to be corrected, a history that still needs to be written, to me and to Korea.”

The people in the palace were already worried about the princess’ whereabouts and are starting to talk about it when she suddenly enters the living room with Jung Woo. She’s on her way to see Hae Young when Yoon Joo steps in and blocks her way telling her that she’s very late.

She answers back by telling her that she must’ve been been very happy to learn that she was missing. STRIKE!

Now it’s time for the moment we’re all waiting for, THE CONFRONTATION! Hae Young was in his room reading something but I bet was already waiting for her when he hears her pounding his door. The look on his face says it all that he didn’t like what he’s done and that he feels guilty about it.

He comes out of the room and she hits him on the chest while saying how her family doesn’t talk to her because of what he’s done. He counters that she should’ve known what she will lose once she becomes the princess and that she’s used to being alone. I HATE YOU HAE YOUNG!

Lee Seol: “I did know. I expected this from other people. But not Park Hae-young. A reason? I don’t know. Proof? I don’t have any. But I just believed…that Park Hae-young would protect me.”

Hae Young: “What are you? What are you to me? Why did you think I’d protect you? Without any reason or proof, why are you putting me beside you at your whim and blaming me? …. Do you want forgiveness? Do you want your family back? Then give up being a princess. If you give it all up, you can return…to your family…and to me.”

He goes inside the room and leaves her in the hallway where he can still hear her crying. I really don’t understand the reason why he’s doing all of this when we can clearly see his feelings growing more and more for her.

Lee Seol tries calling her mother and sister but Lee Dan has already forbidden their mother from answering the phone prompting her to go out her room to go to the pension house. Her assistant stops her from leaving saying that she can’t leave the palace without Yoon Joo’s permission and that she’ll lose her job if she insists.

Yoon Joo goes to her room starting another fight by telling her that the press thought she was already dead and that she’s irresponsible. She tells her that she needs to do something and suggests that she goes to a hospital and pretend that she’s sick.

Due to Yoon Joo’s provocation, she orders the entire palace staff to meet her at the foyer because she has something to announce. She arrives and stands in front of them but notices that the people at the back doesn’t see her so she stand on top of a couch and delivers her speech.

Seol: “I didn’t know who I was, or what I was supposed to do. This circumstance that I came up against…scared me, you see. The reason I entered the palace was to clear my father’s name. But now I know—that my father is not just my father, but the monarchy’s history.”

Jung woo was happy that she’ll be correcting her mistakes by calling for another presscon goes to her room and gives her a file of documents about her family’s history. She chides him about whether he was giving it to show his ability and even flirts with him.

It’s the exact opposite for Yoon Joo and Hae Young where the latter was being questioned about what happened the night he disappeared with Lee Seol. She even talks about marriage and she had a feeling that he is feeling something else for Lee Seol.

She was at her favorite hang out – the vintage car writing down websites and looking at the internet about old comments she posted online that would ruin her reputation as a princess. HAHAHA SILLY GIRL!

Hae Young must’ve gone looking for her when she suddenly put the piece of paper in her mouth (HAHAHA!) because he was coming her way. He got curious and quips if she’s a goat, pulls the visible paper on her mouth then reads it.

The next lines from the pair was hilarious especially when he asks her if she’s watching porn to which she replies that she views the trailers only BWAHAHA! He calls someone and instructs the person to erase her online history.

She asks him why he’s suddenly so nice to her and what will his next plans be for her. She even mentioned that she acts like a princess even as a part-time job. he answers that it’s because of her that foreigner’s think all Korean princesses were pretty. NICE LINE BOY!

She didn’t get it at first but was dumbstruck when it hits her and asks him to repeat what he just told her. He tells her that she’s pretty and if she’s testing him.

They were called to the dining room by Grandpa Park to talk about certain things. Jung Woo was also called in and as they sat together in the table the elderly announces his plan – He wants Hae Young to marry Yoon Joo. He asks his grandson if he’s willing to marry her to which he replies yes surprising Lee Seol.

But it was Yoon Joo who delivers the biggest shock in this episode when she tells everyone that she’s not going to marry Hae Young. The four of them registering different reactions from her revelation ending the episode.

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 8 –

My Thoughts:

The ending left as hanging as to the reason why she refuses to marry Hae Young when a few minutes ago she was the one pushing for the marriage. I am starting to hate the scheming Yoon Joo and the envious Lee Dan. I am totally praying that these two will not join forces and get Lee Seol in trouble.

My favorite scene from this episode would be the one where Lee Seol goes to the pension house to explain to her family what happened in the press conference. It really made me cry especially when her mother was like telling her that it’ll be ok if she lives happily.

I was hoping that they will be expounding more on the budding relationship especially after the kiss from episode 7 but they didn’t. I was a bit disappointed that she’s still unable to attend the press conference after wasting several episodes just preparing for it. I just hope that they don’t dwell too much on that part of the story because it will only irritate the viewers.

Calling the attention of writer Kim Eun Sook! Where’s the magic you created when writing for the SBS drama Secret Garden? I can’t feel it here in My Princess. Well, I’ll just wait for next week’s episode. Ciao!


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