[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 9 Highlights

I so love their expressions here because you can actually feel Hae Young’s agony and Lee Seol’s confusion. The plot of the story gets better and we now see Lee Dan slowly making a move to make her sister’s life miserable. So here it goes:

Episode 9 Highlights:

We see the dining room scene from episode 8 and hear Yoon Joo rejecting grandfather’s idea of her and Hae Young getting married. Lee Seol looks stunned in disbelief while Jung Woo looked jealous and disturbed.

Lee Seol goes outside and tries to suppress her hiccups when Jung Woo approaches and offers her a glass of water. She tells him tha she doesn’t minf if Hae Young and Yoon Joo marries and tries to explain to him why she has hiccups.

Grandfather Park talks to Hae Young and Yoon Joo and asks her why she won’t marry his grandson. She tells him that her family has always followed President Park’s order and that she wants to properly get married just like other girls who received proposals from their fiance.

The two then talked privately about her act in front of President Park and why he told her he wouldn’t marry her if he’s penniless. The talk all comes down to both realizing that he’s decided to protect Lee Seol.

Lee Seol was in the kitchen preparing something to drink (I guess it’s chocolate) while talking to herself and even calling him a “bad jerk” when Hae Young comes in surprising her. Their interaction in this scene is quite cute especially everytime she apologizes for calling him a “jerk”.

She offers him to drink milk when she sees him taking alcohol and tells him that they’re both dumped but she was “not publicly” dumped. Hae Young looks at her and tells her seriously that she was not dumped.

Hae Young gives her a list of all the things they want to know about her and starts with her financial status. She was hesitant at first but he explains that she is like a public official whom people wants to know more about. Talk about transparency!

She goes to the bank (donned with a pair of big black shades) to withdraw her savings and was surprised to see that she only had $150+ on her account. She even instructed the teller to delete all of his information to cover her tracks HAHAHA (Is she a criminal?).  The next scene is very cute as we see her counting the money while he sits beside her. She gives him the money and he does the sweetest thing every man can do to his woman: He tucks strands of hair behind her ear and pulls down her glasses AW! I was waiting for a peck on the cheek but TOUGH LUCK!

They were outside the bank when she sees an old acquaintance, HYUN WOO played by Joo Sang WooK (HEY! Lee Da Ji is looking for you).  He telles her that he didn’t know she was a princess and she was about to give him a hug when a jealous Hae Young pulls her back (HEHEHE).

Hyun Woo asks her who he was and she introduces him as his bodyguard. He corrects her by saying that “He is the one responsible for her in a lot of ways.” He then ushers her to leave while Hyun Woo looks on.

Back at the palace, he started asking personal questions like her love life. He covers up his jealousy by telling her how important it is for a princess to come out clean. She tells him that Hyun Woo was just an old friend but he’s not convinced. He asks questions like her first love and the last time she kissed. He even went to as far as asking her if her first love was Jung Woo (which she calls Mr. N).

The tables were turned when she started asking questions about his love life. He readily answers her questions and tells her that he lived for 31 years in a distinguished way except for that “ONE NIGHT”. She asks him what he was talking about but was interrupted by a palace servant informing them that they are being called to the meeting room.

Lee Dan was already waiting for her in the room and was so excited she was shocked when her sister suddenly spits fire from her mouth (angry). She started accusing her of using her position as the princess to get the people’s affection that she even sold her family’s reputation for her own gain.

She started throwing her things on the floor and was about to hurt her when Hae Young comes in and stops her hand. He said that he now knows what it’s like to have a sibling and tells her in a sarcastic way that she can come whenever she likes because they have lots of clothes she can throw and destroy.

Lee Dan leaves but he runs after her asking her why she came and for her not to do it again. He informs her that he’s going to the pension to talk to her mother.

He then talks to her mom and explains everything about what happened in the press conference and apologized for revealing the truth about her father. He also tells her not to see Lee Seol to allow her to adjust to her life in the palace.

They were still talking inside when they hear her voice outside the door telling her mom that even though she doesn’t open the door, she’d still come and talk to her about everything. She then starts telling her about the life in the palace and how a lot of people wants to see her cry and suffer.

She talks about a person she has come to like and how he confuses her with his actions. They fight a lot and he even leaves her but there are times that he’s as gentle as her father. She further adds that her hearts beats faster whenever she’s with him and that she can’t stop liking him.

Hae Young and her mother were inside listening to her confession with her mom finally realizing it was Hae Young she was talking about.

She leaves the pension with her bodyguard (MC Mong look-a-like) but he notices the car behind them as that of Hae Young’s which he saw was parked in the pension too. Realizing that he could’ve heard her confession, she asks them to stop the car so she can hitch a ride with Hae Young.

She alights from the car and stands on the side of the road hoping that he’ll notice her but his car just passed by her. She panics and hitches a ride with a truck and tells the driver to follow the black car in front of them.

The driver was hesitant at first but later on he agrees with Lee Seol pointing her finger to his head like she’s holding a gun. She uses the trucks loudspeaker to call out his car’s plate number and was happy because he stops the car. She tells him not to misunderstand and that she’s talking about another man whom she calls Mr. “P”. HAHAHA tell that to the marines! They go back to the palace and she starts practicing her speech for the press conference.

It’s the day of the press conference (FINALLY!) and she was disappointed to see only a handful of reporters inside the venue. The people in the palace were also surprised with what’s happening that Hae Young asks the body guard to know what happened.

The guard goes back to inform him that the other reporter’s were at the gate barred from getting in because they don’t have a badge. Lee Seol starts her speech but was interrupted by the guard who hands her a note telling her to have the press conference outside the parking lot.

She goes outside and was surprised to see throngs of reporter’s in the parking lot. She steps on top of a chair and starts her speech. The reporters and even the people from the palace including Jung Woo and Grandfather Park were happy with her speech that they were cheering for her.

All of this happening while Hae Young was looking and smiling at her from a distance. He looked very proud of her and I love how he supports her in whatever she’s doing. SO CUTE!

She’s on her way inside the palace when she suddenly asks the bodyguard about who made the note she got informing her to do the press conference outside. He was surprised and even lied at first but he was caught lying that he ends up revealing it was Hae Young who wrote the note.

NOW COMES THE CUTEST SCENE EVER! Lee Seol still on a high from her success in the press conference was on the fountain thinking about the note he gave her. She suddenly sees her feet, scraped and dirty from walking barefoot on the ground.

Hae Young approaches and sees the condition of her feet. He offers to take a look at her feet but she declines and goes in the fountain to hide it from him. He tells her that she did a great job and that he’ll be giving her a reward: He’ll carry her to her room.

She was hesitant at first but finally gives in as he picks her up bridal style (YIHEE!) with him teasing her about how heavy she is. Yoon Joo sees all of  it while the two leaves for her room.

Her palace servant informs Lee Seol about how popular she has gotten that words pertaining to her like parking lot and barefoot princess have became one of the most searched words that day.

Fan sites for her were created and that there was an enormous rise to the number of her supporters. She also informs her that they already made the necessary actions against those who are  against her.

We see the opposite reaction from Jun Woo who felt threatened and texts her that she’s now beyond his reach because she’s become a famous princess. I was laughing when he started crying like a child. OH HOW I MISSED YOU LAST EPISODE!

This is a touching scene from Hae Young who keeps on replaying a video of Lee Seol while she’s practicing her speech. He stops to the close-up part of her smiling face looking intently at her.

She’s inside her favorite hang-out: the vintage car again talking like Lady Mi Shil ( Queen Seon Duk) happy about her popularity rising. He joins her in the car to inform her that he’s going somewhere so that she won’t be looking around for him. YOU SURE SOUND LIKE MY HUSBAND TELLING ME HIS WHEREABOUTS!

That somewhere turns out to be her father’s grave where he offers flowers and apologizes to him. I’m not sure if he’s saying sorry because he felt guilty over what he’s done to her in the past or because he’s still gonna do something bad to her.

Jung Woo and Lee Seol goes to the orphanage to ask questions about her childhood but was beaten by Yoon Joo who got there first and was able to ask about the pouch owned by the Queen. They learn that it was Lee Dan who owns the pouch and that it was given to her by her mother.

This information made Yoon Joo quite happy as the information from the nun could in fact verify the truth that Lee Seol isn’t the princess at all but Lee Dan her accomplice.

Yoon Joo invites Lee Seol for a tea to which she happily accepts and decided later to try alcohol instead. They talk about lots of things including Yoon Joo’s preference over the two guys. She tells her that she won’t let both guys go and challenges her to prove what she meant by texting both men and see who comes over.

Jung Woo was surprised to hear that Lee Seol still hasn’t arrived from the orphanage. Hae Young hears this and both men gets worried and starts thinking where she could’ve gone. They receive the same text from Yoon Joo telling them to fetch her because she can’t drive.

The women were outside waiting for the men with Lee Seol obviously nervous and anxious whether Hae Young will come to take Yoon Joo home.

Sensing her uneasiness, Yoon Joo asks her if she would’ve preferred Hae Young to not come. She tells her she wishes he doesn’t come at all. Yoon Joo looks in front of her with a smirk on her face because she sees Hae Young first making his way to them and Jung Woo not far behind.

She then rushes to Hae Young and hugs him with both Lee Seol and Jung Woo looking at them stunned and in disbelief.

[Screen caps: tudou]

– End of Episode 9 –

My Thoughts:

There are so many cute scenes from this episode that my eyes were feasting on what I am seeing. Joo Sang Wook’s cameo on this episode was a surprise because he has drama shown on the other TV station but it’s a welcome surprise.

Lee Ki Kwang’s screen time gets shorter and shorter that I would like to call the writer’s attention to add a little spice on his character because he is a promising actor.

The story get even better every episode because the plot gets even thicker. I am so happy that we’re finally over the “press conference thing” and are now being thrown at the possibility of  Lee Dan being the true princess.

Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun have already taken their tandem to new heights as their on-screen chemistry visibly emanates from the screen. KUDOS to both of you!


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