[KDrama – Secret Garden] Hyun Bin, The Comedian (Part 2)

Hello guys! I’m back for the 2nd installment of Hyun Bin‘s funny moments in the drama Secret Garden. I have already covered episodes 1-10 so I’ll commence with episode 11-20. I hope you’ll have fun reading this because Part 1 has been my top most read post. Here it goes:

Episode 11

Is it really you, Ra Im?

The scene that I like in this episode is where he tried to poke Ra Im’s cheek because he couldn’t believe she was standing right next to him when a few seconds ago she was just there as part of his imagination.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 12

Ooopss... Stop right there!

I just find this funny because this isn’t the first time I’ve seen him block her way like this. Looks like old habits die hard huh?

You're still pretty even when you're mad!

Their conversation when they saw each other at his villa was hilarious with Ra Im covering his mouth because he blurted loudly that they’ve already kissed. It’s a good thing she didn’t kick his ass off!

But we've kissed! Shut up!

—- 8888 —-

Episode 13

Excuse me, excuse me!

The sleeping scene being romantic was also one of the funniest with Joo Won wriggling his way in between Jong Soo and Gil Ra Im. He even smiled when he was able to do that. Oh so childish!

Help me, I twisted my ankle!

The outdoor scene was hilarious with Joo Won faking an injury thus forcing Jong Soo and Ra Im to help him walk. He makes advances on her much to her dismay then kick him on the shin causing him to fall from a ravine. HAHAHA serves him right! Here are some gif’s to look at, Enjoy!

Ouch! Ouch!


Ohhh my ankle!

Ooops, Sorry!

Another funny scene was when he goes inside her room telling her that he’ll be sleeping on the same bed with her. She was able to outsmart him first by locking him outside nut he was more smarter that he was able to fool her into opening the door.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 14

What brand are you wearing?

It was in episode 14 that we saw Ra Im taking the initiative to let Joo Won know of her feelings. The party kiss was one of the longest kisses we’ve seen from this drama and Hyun Bin was still able to show his comedic side even if it was a romantic scene. The photo above shows him checking the label of her dress because he wants to know what’s going on with her.

You wanna die? (Joo Won in Ra Im's body)

This episode also marks the start of their relationship and I love how Joo Won acts all jealous and childish with her. One instance was when a stunt man from the action school confesses his feelings for her and she was the one to quickly react HAHAHA!

—- 8888 —-

Episode 15

I'm not going to the audition!

Joo Won blackmails or threatens Ra Im that he’ not going to the Dark Blood audition if she doesn’t agree to his idea of them living together and even taking a shower together. He just looked so childish with his facial expression.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 16

Yah! Yah!

Put me down! Are you smiling (to Ra Im)?

This scene was hilarious as we see Joo Won suspended in air frightened while a laughing Ra Im and the rest of the guys at the action school looks by.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 17

Episoed 17 was a sad episode since it’s where Gil Ra Im met a stunt accident and was comatosed so there’s no funny scene from him.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 18

First part of this episode was sad but the writer was able to squeeze in some funny and cute scenes from the main actors.

You're weird!

This is a scene in the hospital after they both woke up in their own bodies. Joo Won was back to his 21-year old self and does not remember Ra Im.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 19

Where are you touching?

Naughty Naughty Hyun Bin ❤

I specifically love this scene as we see the naughty and perverted side of Hyun Bin. There are a lot of cute and funny scenes from this episode but it has a sad ending.

—- 8888 —-

Episode 20

I’ve decided to post a video of the Behind-The-Scenes of Hyun Bin with the 3 kids where they are put to sleep. I just love the idea of them as a family and how irritated he was when the child insists on sleeping with his mom. HAHAHA! Sorry for the quality of the video.

[Photos: as tagged/Video source: iadoresojisup at YouTube]

Author’s Message:

I am formally saying goodbye to a drama I had fun watching  and posting articles. I will be moving on to other dramas I have started watching and doing the episode highlights like My Princess and Paradise Ranch. I hope you’ll also be reading those just like what you’ve done with Secret Garden. Just a little F.Y.I. for you guys, Kim Eun Sook, the writer for Secret Garden is also the writer for My Princess.

Again, comments and suggestions are encouraged and deeply appreciated.  Thank you all for visiting my blog and ’til the next post, CIAO!


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    • You’re welcome! Thanks too for taking time reading my posts and sharing your thoughts. Have you read the 1st part? If not you should see it too because it’s much funnier.

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