[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 10 Highlights

The drama continues for our main couple as Hae Young is still struggling to balance himself from what he should do. Confusion also sets in for both Jung Woo and Lee Seol as they’re left in the dark as to what the other pair is up to. We will be seeing a lot of movement from Lee Dan as she has something up her sleeves and would cause so much trouble especially with Yoon Joo helping her.

Episode 10 Highlights:

Just like the previous episodes, we start again with the last scene where Yoon Joo goes to hug Hae Young. She said “Thanks for coming” while looking at Jung Woo. Hae Young replies “You waited long?” as he looks intently at Lee Seol.

Both Jung Woo and Lee Seol looking at a distance while the two looked all lovey-dovey talking and as the conversation drags on we discover the real reason why Hae Young went there: so that Lee Seol can see it.

He holds her hand and they turn to leave but was stopped by Lee Seol when he calls out Mr. P telling him not to go. You can see how hard he held himself back not to look at her and leave Yoon Joo.

They left leaving a stunned Lee Seol and a jealous Jung Woo on the street. He tries to cheer up Lee Seol by inviting her to eat something sweet because it’ll help those whose been dumped.

Hae Young was surprised to learn from her palace assistant that she’s still not home and that she can’t reach her mobile phone.

A few hours later, we see her in the kitchen cooking some ramen just as he entered the room. She gets all nonplussed at his presence and was on her way out of the kitchen when he tells her she’s still holding the egg shell and that what he’ll do with the cooked ramen. She tells him to throw it away but he reminds her that she’s the kind of person who doesn’t spoil or throw her food.

Jung Woo goes home and was surprised to see Yoon Joo on his front door. She was trying to open the door by pressing the code and was happy to find out that he hasn’t changed it and still uses her school ID number.

Lee Seol’s assistant goes in her room pushing a box of gifts and letters from her fans. She was surprised at the amount of gifts and letters she received.

Hae Young is sitting on his bed while he looks at his tablet PC for news about her getting lots of gifts and letters. I love her caller ID photo when she calls him because she needs help with something and that he’s the only person who could help her.

She tells him the content of the letters she received like a guy telling her that he came down on earth because of her. You know! The usual pick up lines of boys trying to fool the girl she likes. He then tells her that the guy could be crazy but she thinks otherwise and even suspects him to be the one sending the letter.

They meet at the library and he confiscates her laptop and forbids her to use the internet or even check her e-mails. I love their conversation hear with her telling him she can say anything except for her weight. (HAHAHA!) He then makes her understand that she has to be very careful when it comes to answering questions thrown at her because she might get misunderstood.

The president talks to Hae Young and he tells him that Lee Seol’s gotten so famous that the people will follow her every move from the dress she’s wearing and even the movies and music she likes.

The conversation just meant one thing: The president will use her to gain more popularity and then once he’s done that, he proceeds to taking her out of the palace.

We see a torn and worried Hae Young at the hallway thinking of what will happen to her once the president starts executing his plan.

Yoon Joo talks to her father when he heard that Grandfather Park wants her to marry Hae Young. He then tells her that Hae Young knows everything about his father and that he has something to do with Lee Seol’s father’s death. He even discourages her to continue marrying Hae Young because he has already chosen his life as a diplomat than to oppose the monarchy.

They cross paths at the veranda and he senses that there’s something bothering her. She asks him what was happening but he couldn’t understand what she meant and she just left.

Lee Seol’s at her favorite hangout (the vintage car) trying to call Lee Dan and when she doesn’t pick up sends her a text message telling her that she has something to ask her. Then her friend at the university calls her sulking because she has ignored her texts and her calls. She asks her friend her location and that she’ll come over just to make her happy.

Hae Young hears her conversation and informs her that she’s not allowed to go out and that she needs to go to the library and read some books.

Lee Dan learns that her mother has sent her sister flowers and got mad. She confronted her and asks if she has already forgiven Lee Seol to which she replies she didn’t do anything wrong.

Jealousy pushes her to even accuse her mother of loving Lee Seol more than her. She was crying when she  hugs Lee Dan and apologizes. BAD BAD GIRL!

Lee Seol was in her room looking at the note Hae Young made during the press conference and sees that it was an airplane ticket. She storms into his room and questions him about his plans and she thought he was going to send her away again. OH MY! She didn’t see what’s on the ticket because it is under his name and it’s to New York, GOSH!

He tells her not to think of it because it is for him. He leaves but not before telling her that they’ll start with her lessons.

HERE’S A CUTE SCENE FROM THE COUPLE. They were in the library about to start their lesson when he tells her that she needs to answer a lot of questions and that she has to answer in general. He starts asking her about her favorite color, singer and books she like. I love how she answered matter-of-factly and mentions a title that’s racy or sexy.

He pushes her for more answer and asks her whether she reads those kind of books (racy) when she realizes her mistake, she tries to correct it and even mentions a book entitled “What men to live by” by an author I didn’t understand. He then tells her that it’s racy books HAHAHA!

He then asks her whether she likes him or Jung Woo to which she replies that she likes both. I love how silly he has become that he kept on comparing himself to Jung Woo when he knows how much he means to her. When he asks her when did she start liking Mr. P (of course he knows it’s him), she avoided it by ending the class.

When it was her turn to ask him if he is still her enemy, he ends the class and walks away with her following him around.

Yoon Joo calls for her and she tells her that she needs to go to the orphanage to do some charity work. She also informs her that the president will be there too and she’ll be helping the president. Lee Seol agrees without any questions.

Jung Woo met with Lee Dan and asked her whether she has the pouch and verifies the story behind it and the two sisters. He then calls Lee Seol for a talk and she asks what her sister said about it. She also asks him who would be the other person asking for the pouch.

Lee Seol’s in the kitchen cooking something (I guess it’s a soup) when the cute Jun Woo comes in to help her. He was about to taste the soup when Hae Young comes in with a stern look on his face. Jun woo excuses himself but not before giving her his trademark wink. (I missed this!) Hae Young sees it and rolls his eyes.

The cute Jun Woo was so happy outside the kitchen that he was even smiling at himself. MORE SCENES FOR YOU LKK!

Hae Young confronts her about her decision to attend the event at the orphanage without his consent. He further explains that she’s not yet ready and forbids her not to go. She starts talking like Lady Mi Shil (Queen Seon Duk) and remains firm that she doesn’t belong to him and that she’d still attend the event.

She talks to Yoon Joo and informs her that he’s not allowing her to attend the event and has also decided not to go and make some changes on her plans.

So the kids were brought to the palace to play and meet her. They were so happy and noisy that she gets teary-eyed upon seeing the look on their faces (She may have even remembered her days at the orphanage). She enters the hall and tries to greet the kids but they were so busy running around that after a few attempts and with the help of MC Mong look-a-like guard, the children were able to see her.

She welcome them to the palace and offers them to take a look around including her bedroom. Yoon Joo was watching her at the door.

Lee Dan goes to the palace to talk to Yoon Joo and asks her how she can help her. She tells her that she’ll pay her more than what she can think and to leave the pouch. She leaves but not before telling Yoon Joo that she’s not the only one who can help her.

So she goes to see Jung Woo and shows him the box containing the pouch. He opens it and examines the pouch closely then tells her that he needs it checked for its authenticity.

Lee Seol and the kids were at the fountain area when Hae Young arrives and was surprised with the kids. he asks her what’s going on and she explains that since he didn’t allow her to go to the orphanage so she made them come to her.

One of the kids asks who is much prettier: Snow White or the princess? Because the princess didn’t have her prince. She tells them that she has a prince and looks at Hae Young to play as his prince. The kids tease them and they have a group hug.

The president arrives in the palace along with some reporters and permits for a photo opportunity with the kids at the orphanage. Turns out she invited him over to the palace without Hae Young’s knowledge.

The president then calls for Lee Seol to join them and tells her to act comfortably. She senses something is not right and looks at him as if she’s asking him to rescue her. Hae Young blocks the reporters and clarifies things like her presence is not politically motivated and that she needs to follow her schedule so she takes her away.

They talk outside and he tells her how she’s being used by the president for his own gain and that she needs to be very careful so as not to end up just like her dad – being used all his life. He then tells her that what he’s done would affect his job as a diplomat and that he’s become the president’s enemy.

He goes to his room still furious while she goes after him and stops herself from knocking on his door. She must’ve thought of giving him some space and retreats to her room where she sits moping at what just happened.

Jung Woo gets word that the pouch Lee Dan gave him was authentic and asks him if it belongs to the princess. UH OH! My prediction was right the pouch will determine who is the real princess.

Our main couple were on their rooms brooding over at what just happened. She starts crying upon realizing her mistake and what it would cost him.

Hae Young runs out of his room and sees Yoon Joo but he went past her and goes straight to Lee Seol’s room.

What happens next really made me scream from happiness as he asked her this:

Hae Young: “Let me ask you one thing – can’t you not be the princess? Is it something you’d rather die than not do? Can’t you not be the princess… and just live as my woman?”

Am I hallucinating or was I hearing screams of die-hard MP fans around the world? OMO OMO!

[Screencaps: tudou]

– End of episode 10 –

My Thoughts:

Ok! I needed a few seconds to calm my nerves and finish this post. The ending was so SWEET and CUTE that I wanna send writer Kim Eun Sook a thank you tweet for doing this. Although I have a feeling that Lee Seol’s answer will disappoint us because of some reasons which were pretty obvious, it’s a good enough confession for me.

The plot about who really owns the pouch is already being shown and Hae Young’s sudden decision to turn back on his agreement with the president has made him his enemy. So with a lot of things to look forward to in the next episodes, I think we won’t get bored at all watching this drama.

There are 6 episodes remaining and I hope they’ll be able to squeeze in more scenes about the couple’s fathers. I am already thinking of a possible storyline regarding the pouch and the ending like Lee Seol owns the pouch and was recognized as the princess or she’ll give up her position to marry Hae Young. Hmmmmm what do you think? SPOILERS ANYONE?


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