[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 11 Highlights

I am anticipating a lot of things for this episode tonight like more cute and sweet scene from our main couple and the start of Yoon Joo and Lee Dan’s plans to oust Lee Seol in the palace. I’m also wondering what will happen now that Hae Young has confessed his feelings for Lee Seol. Well all the answers might be in this episode so here it goes.

Episode 11 Highlights:

Hae Young asks her if she can be his woman and she tells him she won’t answer it and that she knew what are the things he threw away and what he’s returned because of her and that he’ll have more tougher times and she won’t be able to protect him.

He was happy because what she said was right and that he told her he was able to teach the princess the right things. He tells her not to forget this moment and hugs her. Yoon Joo was passing by and sees them in that position through an opening in the door.

Jung Woo was at home still contemplating on what to do now that the authenticity of the pouch was proven. Yoon Joo goes inside unabashed and wants to confirm if he has the pouch and if it is real. He asks her what she’ll do if it is real and she answers bad thoughts. You really are such a pain in the ^*# Yoon Joo!

The palace assistant brings Lee Seol the morning papers and were shocked to see her photos together with the president and the children on the headlines. Her worst fears came true as she was used by the president for his publicity.

Meanwhile, Jun Woo walks in giving her something to eat and tries to cheer her up. It’s pretty obvious that her assistant has a crush on him based on how she touches and hugs him. They’re CUTE!

Evil Sister Lee Dan goes to the palace again and enters her room not to wreak havoc and takes a look at some of the fan mails she got. She even makes a comment that some of it came from orphans and ridicules one of the letters.

Prior to this, she has already talked to Yoon Joo about the possibility of her being the princess and they had a deal that she’ll take care of Lee Dan up until the vote to restore the monarchy is passed.

Lee Dan meets Jung Woo and asks him to return the pouch to her. He then asks her if she already knew that it is real because she’s not asking about it. He already knew she met Yoon Joo and tells her that he hopes the pouch won’t be used to something bad.

CUTE SCENE. Lee Seol was on her way down the stairs to go to her favorite hang-out, the vintage car, when she sees Hae Young standing by the side of it as if waiting for her to come. She tiptoes her way down the stairs but the sound of her platform shoes was so loud that he sees her.

I love how he shook his head thinking how silly she was not knowing she was already spotted. HAHAHA! She was able to go down and was on her way out the room when he calls her. She acted as if she didn’t see him by the car and tells him that she has something to do.

He then tells her that he has something to say so she comes near him and reprimands him for not following the scheduled time for them to use the place. This conversation was funny because she asks him who is Tom and who is Jerry. He tells her that he’s Jerry because he’s the one looking for her.

Turns out the reason why he’s looking for her was to invite her to have lunch at the dining room. He leaves while she asks herself why he’s acting like that today.

We see Hae Young waiting in the dining room as she peeks at the door. She remembers everything he said to her before and stops herself from joining him in the table.

She gets a call from her friend just as Hae Young sneaks behind her and pretends she was talking to Jung Woo. She tells him she has to go meet Jung Woo but he warns her that if she doesn’t obey he’ll lessen their distance by 50 cm.

So off she goes to see Sun Ah at the department store and they were talking when her friend spots Hae Young walking towards them. They both panic and since there’s no place to hide so she tries to fit herself inside a silver suitcase while Sun Ah helps to close it. HAHAHA my daughter who was still awake when I was watching the video found this scene amusing and she was laughing so hard.

He then approaches Sun Ah looking for a suitcase he can use when he spots the silver one behind her and immediately buys it. She was offering him other styles that he may like but insists on buying that particular style and hands her his credit card. She was forced to sell him the bag and he pulls it to the side of the store where he can sit because it was heavy.

I’m not really sure how he knew she was inside the suitcase but he just sat there waiting for her to come out. Their conversations have become more and more hilarious every episode.

She follows him and he brings her to the site where she worked as a princess. They were bickering while walking and holds her hand while telling her this:

Hae Young: “(1) Don’t get your hands held by just anyone, (2) Don’t get in just anyone’s car, (3) Don’t get on just anyone’s back, (4) Don’t drink alcohol and get drunk and stuff in front of just anyone, (5) Don’t receive confession from just anyone. Do you understand? Did you write it all down?”

She asks him why he brought her there and he tells her this is where they first met (AW! You sweetie!). They see a girl pretending to be the princess and he approaches her asking for a picture with Lee Seol. The princess asks him to pay her first much like what Lee Seol did before and hands her some bills. Lee Seol and the princess takes some photos when people visiting the temple notices her and starts gathering around them asking for a photo with her.

She obliges and was surprised to see Hae Young on the line asking for a photo with her. She asks him for payment and when he brings out his wallet she tells him if he’s going to pay her again with a check and if he’ll ask for his change of $995.

They took some cute pictures together and they look at it in the library when they got back. She starts complimenting her poses in the photos and tells him how her job posing as a princess taught her how to take pretty photos and to listen to other people. He then tells her how she has to deal with the public now that she’s a real princess.

He tells her that Jung Woo called a while ago and wanted to see her because he found some artifact that he’s been working on lately. She was about to leave but he holds her hand as if not letting her go and asks her if he can keep the photo to which she agrees before she leaves. He looks at their photo intently and with a sad smile to his face.

Jung Woo tells her that Lee Dan has the pouch and that it was authentic. He adds that it is a good thing for the monarchy but could cast doubt about her real identity since she’s not the one holding the pouch.

They go back to the orphanage to verify more things and they learn that Lee Seol’s name in the orphanage was Yoon Byul and that Lee Dan’s story about her mother giving her the pouch could not be true because the kids in the orphanage all have imaginary parents.

Hae Young starts packing his things and goes to her room looking at it for the last time then leaves an envelope on top of her bed, the contents we’ll know later.

Yoon Joo tells Lee Seol that Hae Young left the palace and was kicked out because of her. She continues to blame her about him losing his job as a diplomat and his family’s fortune because of her. She runs while Jung Woo stops Yoon Joo from following her and tells him that Lee Seol has everything she wanted.

Lee Seol goes to Hae Young’s room and sees his desk cleared of his belongings and she tried calling but he didn’t answer so she went to her room and sees the envelope he left on her bed. She reads the note he left informing her that he has donated the money she withdrew from her bank and texts her that there are 2 presents from him.

She looks up and sees her mother standing before her and she cried and hugged her a lot. Her mom tells her that Hae Young called telling her it’s now okay to see Lee Seol because she might be needing her and that she’s now hurting a lot.

Jung Woo and Hae Young are in a restaurant talking with the latter asking Jung Woo if he can take care of Lee Seol because she’s the kind who always cause trouble and she’ll be needing someone to correct the mistakes she’ll be doing.

Hae Young is in his apartment contemplating on what to do and we see him book a flight to New York to meet his father whom he hasn’t seen in a long time. He got the New York address of his father from a colleague who also verified that he’s still alive.

The palace staff comes in with Lee Seol’s new teacher and she runs off and calls someone on the phone asking for Hae Young’s location. We see him in the airport waiting for his boarding time and looks at his phone from time to time.

Lee Seol’s runs inside the airport frantically searching for him. She sees him standing on queue for check-in and they stand there looking at each other.

They talk on the side with her asking him what he’s doing and him not saying goodbye nor telling her if he’ll be back. He answers he doesn’t know when he’ll be back.

MC Mong look-a-like guard approaches them and he tells him that he found them using his phone and that Yoon Joo is on the other line and wants to talk to them.

The Bitch tells them to go back to the palace because they need to talk about something concerning the identity of the princess. Adios to New York, for now!

I love the photo above of her face reflected on the glass window. She must be thinking of her plan slowly unraveling and looks at the pouch intently. YEAH RIGHT!

So they all converge in the living room with Yoon Joo presiding over the meeting. She present Grandfather Park the pouch to his surprise. He then asks her if that was the true pouch and who owns it.

Lee Dan was called in the room and Yoon Joo tells them that it was her pouch. Lee Dan tells Grandpa that her parents left it to her that’s why she took great care of it and not to lose it. She then tells the story of the night Lee Seol’s dad was killed and that when she got to the orphanage she met Lee Seol and told her that story.

She made it sound like she’s the princess and that Lee Seol lied about everything. Lee Seol tries to oppose her claim but she was now the one being accused of lying.

The reporter whom Yoon Joo gave the document just minutes ago is now reporting about the pouch and some other information about the identity of the princess. Both Hae Young and Lee Seol’s mom sees the report on TV. She tries calling Lee Dan but she kept ignoring her calls while he confronts her trying to find out the reason why she’s doing this.

Grandpa talks to his secretary and tells him how can the news about the pouch come out in the public first without his knowledge. While Lee Seol’s moping on her room trying to suppress her hiccup attach with Jung Woo watching her closely.

Hae Young and Grandpa talked about what’s happening and the latter even suspects it was his doing and that he’s really serious with his plan to destroy the monarchy. He even compares him with his dad and that hits a sore part of his past.

Jung Woo talks to Yoon Joo and hugs her while saying not to do it a couple of times. I think he already knew she was the mastermind of this bruhaha and she cries maybe because she felt sorry or she was touched by his gesture.

Hae Young was still mad at the fact that his own grandfather would accuse him of doing such things. While the adopted sisters have a talk with Lee Dan asking her if she’s scared if proven she’s not the real princess. Lee Seol’s not minding that and is more interested in asking her why she’s talking about Hae Young’s father like that.

Yoon Joo enters the room and tells Lee Dan that she’ll be the one to answer her questions and treats them like Romeo and Juliet – a couple with a tragic love story just as Hae Young enters the room.

[Screencaps: tudou]

– End of Episode 11 –

My Thoughts:

This is once again a cliffhanger for me with all the answers to be seen on the next episode. I was just so right about my theory with the pouch and with Lee Dan. I am already thinking of a possible storyline for her and that their adopted mother could be the one to shed light on who really owns it.

I just hope that the issue regarding the princess’ real identity be solved within the next 2 episodes so we can see more cute and sweet scenes from the couple. I also want to see Lee Seol as a princess, her life in the palace and how her love story figures into that storyline.

With only 5 more episodes to go and with a couple of problems to solve, I just hope I don’t see a “A Few Years After” scenario on the last episode as what other Korean dramas do.


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