[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 12 Highlights

I was watching this episode thinking that “Something” will happen to them since they’ll be staying in the house with just the two of them. HA! I am very excited to see what will happen to Lee Dan and Yoon Joo’s plan and what will the men do to protect Lee Seol. Will Hae Young’s father finally call him? Let’s find out.

Episode 12 Highlights:

So we’re off to the cliffhanger scene where Hae Young enters her room to see the two women talking and Lee Seol teary-eyed.

He approaches them and with a concerned look on his face asks Lee Seol what Yoon Joo told her. Yoon Joo even encourages her to tell him what she said as if she didn’t say anything that would destroy his life and image.

Lee Seol lied and tells him that she was just shocked about the pouch and even thanks Yoon Joo for her concern and that she was there to comfort her. He doesn’t believe her and still thinks that Yoon Joo told her something but she dismisses it and reassures him that she’s okay and it is just because of the pouch.

He tells her to rest and leaves her room. Seol was unable to hold her tears anymore and cried. He hears her from outside the bedroom door with a worried look on his face.

Yoon Joo was having coffee by the fountain the next day when Lee Seol approaches her and she asked if she was able to sleep well and if she thought it over. Lee Seol tells her that the weather is good for running away and that she is a bad person.

Lee Seol tells her she’s leaving not because she didn’t want to be the princess and that she’ll be back and when she does, Yoon Joo is dead. She threatens Seol about not coming back and that if she did the whole country will know about Hae Young’s father.

Meanwhile,  Hae Young is in his room holding the envelope he got from his colleague that contains the information about his father. Included in the file was his address and phone number in New York.

He hesitates for a while but when he gathered the strength, he dialed the number. He got through his answering machine and introduces himself and thanks him for sending him a baseball as a birthday gift when he turned 11. He tells him to call him back and calls him Father before ending the call.

He then goes to her room and she tells him “Did I let you in?” He answers that she can also do the same when she enters his room. He asks her if she was able to sleep and if she’s now okay.

Lee Seol starts packing her things and looks at the notes Hae Young gave her. She also looks at the old pictures of her with her father and the strawberry hair tie she had when she was little. She ties her hair with it and quietly leaves the room.

Her assistant sees her with the suitcase and asks her where she’s going and that she can’t leave but Lee Seol tells her that she’ll be gone a little longer and that she has Yoon Joo’s permission.

Yoon Joo sees her leaving and tells her assistant to have someone follow Lee Seol so she’ll know where she’s going. Lee Dan calls her because she wants to know how long she’ll be put in isolation. They’re still talking when Hae Young knocks on her door and makes Lee Dan panic.

Yoon Joo instructs her not to open the door and ignore all calls and him. He on the other hand continues to talk and tells her that Lee Seol’s not talking even if she has proof that she is the real princess. She is keeping her silence because she didn’t want to hurt Lee Dan. He also tells her that someone’s helping her and he wants to know who it is.

Hae Young talks to his gradfather’s secretary and asks him what were the reasons they believed Lee Seol was the real princess because his grandfather knelt before her the first time he brought her to him.

Mr. Secretary avoids his questions telling him that he’s busy. Hae Young gets pissed and the conversation turns to his father’s involvement with her father’s death and starts to cry. He tells the secretary that from now on he’ll only believe what his father tells him.

From bad news to another one, Lee Seol’s assistant tells him that she left and that this time it’s different because she doesn’t talk that much. He didn’t get it at first but she tells him that the princess got Yoon Joo’s permission and that she’ll be gone for a long time.

Reporters are now camped outside the pension when Hae Young and the guards arrived. He asks her if Lee Seol was there and she tells him she’s not. She also wants to know why she can’t contact both her daughters and if Lee Seol left because of the pouch.

He tells her that he’ll be leaving his men to guard her and that the reporters will leave once they learn that the princess wasn’t there. He also assures her that he’ll find her daughter and that everything will be alright. The funny thing about this scene was when her mother tells him “YOUR LEE SEOL” (HAHAHA!). YOU ALREADY GOT YOUR IN-LAW’S BLESSING!

He drives around in search of her and ends up in her father’s grave where fresh flowers were placed on top of it while Lee Seol’s at the police station to look at her father’s accident record but got disappointed when the police didn’t have the report anymore since it was years ago when it happened.

She goes to where her father’s friend lives and asked more questions regarding her father when she learns of a newspaper ad sent out by the Daehan Group asking help to anyone who sees her father. They said that they contacted the number and that they were able to reach Hae Young.

She sleeps at Jung Woo’s office that night still looking at the newspaper ad and thinks of what to do next. She calls Daehan Group’s office and asks the staff to provide her the list of people who responded to the ad for her father. The girl refuses at first even if she tells her that she’s the princess but gave in when she threatens to call Mr. Secretary.

Hae Young goes back to his apartment and looks at his bed and remembers the time Lee Seol was there from the scene where she runs to the toilet up to the time she went to him and was sick while he watches her sleeping.

He calls Sun Ah to ask where she might be staying and she sees a discarded book of Yoon Joo in the bin. She looks around the office and sees the newspaper ad and the blanket neatly folded on the sofa. She tells him she slept there and that she might not go back but promises to contact him if she hears from her.

Hae Young walks around the apartment and calls his father again and becomes very emotional. He asks him if he didn’t get his message or if he has forgotten his voice. He also asks him if he killed Lee Han and tells him to call him and cries.

Yoon Joo goes to his apartment because he told her to and asks her if she’s got something to do with her disappearance because he has a feeling she knows where she is. He knows that she sent someone to follow her and that he’ll understand her reasons for doing it for as long as she tells him where she is. She agrees but tells him she’s not allowed to go back to the palace.

Lee Seol tries calling the 5 people who responded to the ad one by one each getting a negative response. She calls the person who lives in the United States and gets hold of Hae Young’s father’s answering machine and leaves a message.

She has fallen asleep in the cafe when the people around her starts recognizing her as the princess and starts speculating she was ousted from the palace when they see her suitcase. She awakes from the people milling around her and was about to leave when she bumps into another woman and spills coffee onto her shirt.

The woman gets angry and asks her to pay for her coffee and the dry cleaning service. Hae Young witnesses everything especially when Seol starts apologizing because she doesn’t have money. He gives the girl a check that’s much more than what she’ll spend with the damage and drags Lee Seol out of the cafe.

They talk inside his car and he asks her if she’s okay and if she’ll run away again. She answers that she won’t stop finding out the truth as to who followed her father when he died and asks him if he believes that his father was innocent. He says that was the only thing that kept him going and that if she wants to know the truth then they discover it together.

The next scenes were funny as Hae Young brings her over to Jung Woo’s home where they’ll stay for a few days. He then welcomes himself in the house and looks at his fridge while the two were talking. He invites Jung Woo to the nearest grocery to buy some food since his fridge doesn’t have anything he can eat.

Yoon Joo hears from her assistant that Hae Young and Lee Seol are now in Jung Woo’s home and that Grandpa Park wants to talk to her.

She and her father were at the library talking to the president and tells them that he wants the princess to be brought back to the palace and if Yoon Joo knows where she is. She promises Grandpa Park that she’ll bring her back.

Mr. Secretary to her about how Hae Young went to see him and asked him if she knows anything about his father. He asks her if she’s got anything to do with what was happening in the palace and that he told her about his father in the hopes that she’ll stop whatever it is that she’s planning to do.

We see both Jun Woo and her assistant facing the laptop as if they’re getting ready for battle/war – that is to answer all the negative issues being raised against the princess on her fan cafe. Okay this scene was so charming and cute that I momentarily forgot the drama that’s going on in this episode. I must say that the writers are trying to build up a new couple from the two and that it’s a welcome surprise for me.

Both men go to the grocery to buy some food and bicker over what she likes to eat. Jung Woo tells him that she likes to eat the steak in a big portion and Hae Young answers he likes what the princess likes (YEAH RIGHT!). Hae Young tells him that they went outside so she can have some time alone to freshen up.

Lee Seol was already sleeping at the couch when they went back and Hae Young reprimands Jung Woo to buy a larger sofa so she can lie down. Jung Woo alertly gets a blanket to cover her but Hae Young tells him not to touch and linger at her while he puts on the blanket (JEALOUS MUCH!).

They’re about to go to the opposite side of the room when Jung Woo tells Lee Seol that it okay now to open her eyes and stand up since they’re done talking. She instantly opens her eyes and pretends to yawn and stretch much to Hae Young’s amazement.

The door bell rings and the three people inside the room already knew who it was. Yoon Joo goes in asking Lee Seol for a talk outside. Hae Young was apprehensive at first but gave his consent when Lee Seol assures him that it’s okay and that she also has something to ask her.

Lee Seol tells her she must be jealous because she ends up with “The two men she won’t either let go” (HA! YOU GO GIRL!). Yoon Joo felt insulted and tells her to shut up and that she wants her to go and talk to Grandfather and tell her she doesn’t want to be a princess.

Lee Seol then asks her how she knew of his father’s involvement in her dad’s death unless she has proof. Yoon Joo answers her by saying all her questions will be answered one by one once she sees grandfather and will know the truth based on his reaction.

Hae Young interrupts their conversation holds Lee Seol’s hand and tells her they needed to go somewhere. Yoon Joo tells him to let go of the princess’ hand because she’ll be sending her back to the palace. He then tells her to make him as her excuse and tell Grandfather that he took away the princess by force.


They drove somewhere secluded and stops at the driveway of a house owned by Hae Young’s family. They were walking towards the door when Lee Seol stops on her tracks because she see his father at the door smiling as if welcoming her while a curious Hae Young looks at her.

The scene ends with Hae Young’s father on the front door with Lee Seol looking straight at him while Hae Young looks at her. WOW!

[Screencap: tudou]

– End of Episode 12 –

My Thoughts:

The first thing I’d like to comment about was how they wasted 8 minutes of their precious airtime showing scenes from the previous episode. I know that they’re doing it to refresh the viewer’s with what happened during the previous episode but for me they should have used it to show like important scenes we would really want to see like what happened the night Lee Seol’s father was killed or his father’s reaction when he heard his voice message. I won’t be surprised if they use the “After A Few Years” scenario on this drama because of their style in showing scenes from the old episodes.

I felt like they were dragging the issue about Hae Young’s father far too long that it irritates me now. We were like being fed little by little about it and then they take it back just like that. I hope they end this issue real soon before it ruins the drama’s overall appeal to the viewers.

The last scene puzzles me because it gives us an indication that his father could’ve nurtured or took care of her when she was little based on the smile on his face when he saw her. It looks like he was welcoming her and that she didn’t look angry at him.

As a whole, I still love watching this drama because of the couples funny and cute scenes. There’s a new couple to watch out for – Jun Woo and Lee Seol’s assistant who brought fresh new scenes to counter the heavy and stressful scenes from the main actors.


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