[KDrama – My Princess] Episode 13 Highlights

I have a feeling that we’ll be getting a glimpse of what happened when both Hae Young and Lee Seol were little with his father’s appearance. I’m thinking she must’ve lived with them or with his father based on the welcoming smile he gave at Lee Seol. I just hope they don’t drag the story around his father because it irritates me now. So let’s go on with tonight’s episode highlight.

Episode 13 Highlights:

They arrive in the secluded home with Lee Seol stopping on her tracks because she sees his father going out the door looking at her/them like he’s saying welcome. Hae Young looks at her bewildered and also looks at the direction she was pointing but sees nothing.

She keeps looking around the house and gets in a room where a grand piano was stored. She sees a photo of him when he was young and smiles at it. She then sits by the piano and sees a book of music sheets adorned with Disney Princess stickers.

She plays a song on the piano while Hae Young was downstairs preparing food for them. He looks up when he hears the sound from the piano and calls her down to eat.

They were about to eat when she sees a kid’s spoon and asks him if he owns it but he said no. She learns that he only stayed in this house during vacation and then he tells her that she has to remember what he said and that is to only look, think and listen to his words.

They sat near the fireplace while drinking wine and they again become so lovey-dovey their conversation amuses me. She fell asleep so he lay her down and tucks her hair behind her ear and traces his finger along her face. I love how gentle and loving he is to her but at the same time makes her angry and banter a lot.

He wakes up the next day with her missing so he looked around the house very worried when she suddenly enters the house. She went out because the air was so fresh. He noticed she didn’t wash her face and told her to do so.

She comes out of the bathroom with her face still wet so he comes near her and grabs her shoulders to wipe her face dry. He also brushed her hair and tied it with the strawberry hair tie which she said was given to her by her father’s friend. SUCH A LOVELY SIGHT!

While he’s doing something, she gets a call from a number she doesn’t know on her phone and goes out to answer it. Turns out it’s a call from Hae Young’s father telling her to talk to the chairman and ask her to allow him to go back to Korea so they can talk.

He said that he didn’t kill her father and that it was an accident. He also tells her that he took her in his home and that they’ll talk about everything once he’s back in the country.

She then sees a flashback many years ago of a scene where a young girl was brought to the same house with his father waiting at the door step. When the girl looks at Lee Seol she sees herself as the little girl.

She follows them inside and we see the young Lee Seol crying and sadly looking at the pouch. She asks Hae Young’s father why her dad’s not yet with them so he tells her that he’s not coming back because he’s dead

Little Lee Seol covers her ears not believing what he just said as she kept calling her father while crying. The present Lee Seol remembers everything and started crying.

Meanwhile, Jung Woo talks to Grandfather Park and tells him that the pouch in his possession is not real and that he has kept the real one on his possession because he wants to verify something. He insists that she know Lee Seol very much and believes that she really is the princess.

He also asks grandfather to allow him to take care of everything and resolve the issue regarding the identity of the princess and that he’ll return the pouch and princess back to the palace.

She calls Grandfather Park’s secretary while Hae Young comes out of the kitchen with 2 cups of coffee and was surprised to see her missing. He again looked inside the house but she’s gone.

We see her walking with her suitcase in tow at the side of the road. She gets a call from Hae Young asking her where she’s going to but she tells him that she won’t come back and that he threw away Park Hae Yang (she used the same words he used when he left her so she can’t attend the press conference). She also told him that everything about his father was true and that she feels sorry for everything that has happened to him. He cried when she hung up.

A car stops by the road and we see Mr. Secretary out to fetch the princess so he can bring her to see Grandfather Park. She just looks at him coldly while he can’t even look at her maybe from shame.

Jung Woo talks to Yoon Joo informing her that he gave the fake pouch to her and that he still has the real one. He wants her to be responsible for her actions and to tell grandfather herself and to resign her post.

Both Lee Seol and grandfather were at the library talking and she tells him how could his son kill her father when she was with him at the vacation house and asks him directly if it was him who killed her dad. He says that it wasn’t his son who killed her father but that it was all just an accident.

We see Mr. Secretary outside the door guarding it that even when Yoon Joo tries to enter the room he forbids her not to. Lee Seol gets up to leave but grandfather follows her and goes down on his knees to beg her forgiveness and understanding.

The scene was witnessed by the Secretary and Yoon Joo but Grandfather suddenly collapses and they all panic with Yoon Joo calling for an ambulance while Lee Seol just looks on shocked from the incident.

Both women were now in the hospital and are talking in the hallway when Hae Young suddenly arrives. He stops to look at Lee Seol then walks towards them.

He leans in to tell Lee Seol to wait for him because he wants to talk to her and not to go anywhere. Yoon Joo then tells her that she’s impressive because she was able to send the president to the hospital. She asks her if she’s scared right now because if he dies then the restoration of the monarchy will be lost.

Their conversation was cut short by Jung Woo who asks Lee Seol about the president’s condition and that he wants to talk to Yoon Joo alone.

Hae Young asks the secretary how her grandfather was doing and was informed that the critical stage is over and that he’s still under observation.

He informs Hae Young about the conversation between him and Lee Seol and that she might know something because she got a list of the people who answered the newspaper ad and that list includes the name of his father. This shocks Hae Young and he really looked nervous and worried at the fact that she already knew everything.

Jung Woo and Yoon Joo goes to the other side of the hospital to talk. He asks what happened to the president and she tells him the miracle she was hoping for happened, the chairman collapsed and that it was because of Lee Seol. She wants the pouch back but he won’t give it to her and tells her to quit her job and to stop her plans.

Yoon Joo calls Lee Dan and tells her to meet in a cafe. Lee Dan asks how long will she stay in the hotel because she can’t stand to ignore her mother’s calls. Yoon Joo tells her she can leave and that she had already deposited the money she promised in her account.

Lee Dan can’t believe it and asks if she won’t be blamed for everything, Yoon Joo starts reading to her what the headline news would look like which will pinpoint the blame to Lee Dan who masterminded everything. Yoon Joo tells her to leave the country for her own sake.

Hae Young finds Lee Seol waiting outside the hospital. He tells her that he hasn’t heard his father’s voice for more than 20 years and that his didn’t want to talk to him because if he does then he should have returned his call.

He also wants her to know that even if what she heard was the truth, she has to believe that he’ll always be on her side. She tells him to help her not to be the princess so that his whole family from his grandfather, father and him shall live their lives knowing they’re to be blamed for her father’s death.

Yoon Joo sees her father taking care of the unconscious president and walks into the room looking at him lying on the bed. The president suddenly wakes up and her father leaves to call the doctor. He calls for the princess while she tells him that she left. He tells her that she should not allow her to leave, that she doesn’t have to leave.

Jung Woo pulls his car when he sees her walking on the street. He tells her that the president woke up and will she not see him before she leaves. She tells him she won’t because she’s afraid that he’ll collapse again if he sees her.

They talk about the pouch and she tells him she remembers clearly that she has it even before going to the orphanage so it proves she owns it. He asks her about how she will deal with Lee Dan and she tells him she wants to do the same thing to her but she decided not to because she still consider her a family.

Lee Seol goes to her mother’s pension where they hugged each other tightly. She says sorry to her because she got involved with her mess. She asks her mother where she’s going because she sees a paper bag with clothes in it on the table. Her mom tells her she needs to go and has an appointment but Lee Seol knew she was lying because it was Lee Dan’s clothes.

Mom and Lee Dan meets and she asks her why she’s doing all of this and why is she trying to pretend as the real princess. Lee Dan says what if she is but her mother knew a long time ago that she’s not and that she has kept in touch with her biological parents but she didn’t say anything about it. Lee Dan was shocked and her mother tells her to stop now before it becomes too late.

Yoon Joo goes to Jung Woo’s office to ask him if she did the right thing to stay at the hospital. The miracle she was asking for didn’t happen and that she wants him to come with her somewhere.

She brings him to a department store where she plans on buying her father a suit and gives his father’s address so that it can be sent at his home.

They’re now walking on the sidewalk when he asks her why she didn’t give the present personally to which she says she doesn’t want him to thank her. He makes he understand that her father will have to apologize to the chairman if he discovers it was her who planned all this trouble. She says that it won’t happen and she knows a way how to keep secrets. He finally got her answer and knew she won’t give up her plan.

SUCH A CUTE SCENE! Jun Woo and Lee Seol’s assistant were hanging out on the display room looking at a cookbook and picks out what the princess likes to eat. She asks him if he is free tonight and that they’ll be doing something since the princess isn’t there. I like how cute this duo looks and Lee Ki Kwang is the best amongst the newbies in this drama. Hope I get a chance to pinch his cheeks like this too!

Lee Dan was about to leave the hotel when Hae Young suddenly appears in front of her shocking her. He tells her there’s no need for her to leave since she’s already banned from leaving the country and that he froze her bank account so that she can’t live an extravagant life.

He also tells her that she should be imprisoned for causing trouble to the monarchy and that she can’t dream on becoming a lawyer or a judge in Korea since she’s already blacklisted. He warns her not to come close to her mother or Lee Seol and not to contact Yoon Joo anymore. He leaves her shaking in anger as the truth sinks in that her life was ruined.

Lee Seol was cleaning her room when she spots the room where Hae Young used when he stayed at the pension. You can tell that she misses him but she has to endure it for her father. He walks towards the pension and sees her feeding the dogs happily and her smile fades when she sees him looking at her.

She goes inside and leaves him by the door. He tries hard to ask her to open the door and talk but she ignored him. He says his personality isn’t the type who likes to wait but will try his best to change that and he knows she’s just there by the door listening to him.

He waited until it was dark outside and Lee Seol also fell asleep. He then starts talking to her telling her he can’t give her up and that he had fun whenever they fight or bicker.

He was already crying telling her how he misses her and that how much he, Mr. P loves her. The door suddenly opens and Lee Seol comes out. She was about to say something but he grabs her shoulders and kisses her. OH MY!

The episode ends with our main couple kissing in the front door. GO HAE YOUNG!

[Screencaps: tudou]

– End of Episode 13 –

My Thoughts:

The scriptwriter must’ve read my post last week asking for them to stop dragging the issue about their fathers and resolve it because she just did it with this episode. This episode was able to clear out and prove a lot of things like who really owns the royal pouch, why did Lee Seol have a memory of his father when they went to the secluded house and the most important thing of all, who killed her father.

This episode has also made one thing clear and that is Yoon Joo will be the next to go down after Lee Dan was cornered and was left with nothing but her name. SAYONARA GIRL!

The kiss was so unexpected but I don’t mind really HAHAHA and that this brings their relationship into a higher level because he has already told her the L.O.V.E word. There’s so much to look forward to for Episode 14, right guys?


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