[KDrama – Paradise Ranch] Episode 11 Preview

Here’s the video preview for Episode 11 of the drama Paradise Ranch. I pity Da Ji because of the situation she’s into now and super love Dong Joo for his concern and love for Da Ji. There’s an english translation of the video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Paradise Ranch Episode 11 Preview:

English Translation:

The name on the bench is Lee Daji

Da Ji : Ajusshi, can we still be together?

Da Ji : Isn’t it what we had said that no matter what happens you

will still come back? Like last time you can’t sleep and eat well?

Da Eun to Da Ji : Unni Unni What’s wrong with me?

Yoon Ho : We start all over again? But I still like that kid (Da Ji)

and how can I end this relationship with her?

Jin Young : Dong Joo ah

Dong Joo : Lee Daji, Please wait for me!

Dong Joo : For a while, a while only!


[Video source: yhdiary0109 at YouTube/Translation: mykh100 at YouTube]


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