[KDrama – Paradise Ranch] Episode 13 Preview (w/ Translation)

Here’s the video preview for Episode 13 of Korean drama Paradise Ranch. I was able to locate videos with English subtitle but can’t embed here in WordPress so I will just provide you with the translation. Here’s the video, enjoy!

Paradise Ranch Episode 13 Preview:

English Translation:

Da Ji: Also I do not know when we will be back

That’s good! When you aren’t here to do the washing and cleaning

It’s so much more convenient

I am also very happy

Really good, really very good.

Jin Young: Thank You!

You have not let me wait for one month

Da Ji: Why laugh? Why are you laughing? You’re insane!

Paulist (talking to the horse), do you want to eat too?

That’s right! Run, that’s the way! Right. (talking to Dong Joo)

You, come here! (running after Dong Joo)

I dare you to come! Don’t run!

Dong Joo: You think you can catch me?

Da Ji: If I catch you, you’re going to get it!

Dong Joo: Let me return to the company.

Da Ji: He said he has been transferred,

he can’t be by my side anymore. You should call!

Dong Joo’s Dad: Freeze!

Da Ji: Ahjussi! Don’t chat with me like this.

Dong Joo: I must go to Jeju Island. (to his dad)

Ahjussi: Let go of me! aren’t you letting go?

Da Ji: What are you here for?

Ahjussi: I am here to get the money.

You said you would pay for the horse money. (talking to Yoon Ho)


[Video: missoreoyumCHLOE at YouTube/Translation: justafan003]


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