[Celebrity News] Hyun Bin & Song Hye Gyo Breakup

Uh oh! It’s confirmed that Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo have broken up. A press statement was issued by Hyun Bin’s agency 8 hours after he enlisted announcing the couple’s decision to part ways. It was a mutual decision and the stress and pressure of having a relationship to both stars were some of the reasons why they broke up.

People close to the couple also point out their busy and conflicting schedules as the reason to their estrangement. It is believed that the two have broken up earlier this year and that they’ve decided to announce it after he has entered the marines so that their fans will focus their attention more on their work rather than the status of their relationship.

I already had a feeling they’ve broken up because during the interviews he has done after the drama Secret Garden ended, he has stopped talking about her. Another clue to their break up was the prolonged separation with Song Hye Gyo shooting overseas and him finishing his work in Korea in time for his enlistment.

This is good news for all the Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won fans who were seriously rooting for the two celebrities to hook up. Sorry guys! Because we will have to wait until December 2012 when Hyun Bin is discharged from his duty to see if that will happen. So for the meantime let’s just wish Song Hye Gyo more success and Hyun Bin good health and safety. I also have something to say to Ha Ji Won, please wait for our dear Binnie okay! KYAAA!

[Source: Newsen via Nate]


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