[KDrama – 49 Days] Episode 2 Video & Written Preview

Here’s the video and written preview for episode 2 of SBS‘ new TV drama 49 Days. I am kinda liking the story and with Jung Il Woo playing the role as the Angel of Death, that really is something worth watching.

Written Preview:

After Shin Ji-Hyun (SJH) borrows Song Yi-Kyung’s (SYK) body to return to life, the Time Angel (Death Scheduler) tells her the conditions under which she can return to life and gives her an iphone for communicating with him, also gives her 49,000KRW which has to be repaid by work.  Then he disappears on his motorbike. SJH watches him in a daze and is forced to accept reality.

On the other hand, Han Kang has suffered a great shock in SJH’s accident.  Next he sees SYK appearing before him and asking to work at his winebar….. Click on the link to view the video:


[Source: jo-hyun-jae.com/Video: tudou]


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