[KDrama – 49 Days] Episode 7 Video and Written Preview

Here’s the written and video preview for episode 7 of KDrama 49 Days. We might be finding out a little bit of Yi-Kyung’s past and cute scenes between Mr. Scheduler and Ji-Hyun. Click here to watch the video.

Written Preview:

Because of her absence without permission, Yi-Kyung is dismissed from the convenience store. Her rhythm of life broken, YK begins to suffer from insomnia. Sitting against the wall watching this, Ji-Hyun decides to take up the job at Min-Ho’s home.

YK is exhausted and falls asleep. Since she can only enter YK’s body when she is asleep, JH feels she is a burden to YK. JH is curious about YK’s past and is rummaging through a box when YK suddenly wakes up. YK seems disturbed and decides to commit suicide again. JH is freaked out and summons the Scheduler in a panic …..

[Source: http://kurobukubota.blogspot.com]



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