[KDrama – 49 Days] Episode 13 Preview

Episode 13 Written Preview:

Han Kang understands Jin-Hyun’s plight and pretends he hasn’t penetrated the truth of her identity and treats her to a sumptuous meal.  Then he tries to find out about the legal complications of the Hie Mei Island development project and the link to her seal.  Jin Hyun is very surprised to find Han Kang suddenly so good to her and, afraid that he has recognized the real Jin Hyun (in SK), calls the Scheduler.

On the other hand, In-Jung is suspicious about Jin Hyun’s friend Park Jung-Un.  She thinks back and tells Min-Ho she suspects JH’s seal is taken by this PJU.  Min Ho finds her a nuisance and loses his temper. Click on the link below for the video preview.


[Source: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/49/www.johyunjae.hk / English translation by wulijohyunjae / Video: tudou]


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