[KDrama – Baby-faced Beauty] Episode 1 Text & Video Preview

The newest drama, Baby-faced Beauty, premiering on Monday starring Jang Na Ra, Daniel Choi, Ryu Jin and Kim Min Seo shows a lot of promise. The story is very fresh and funny, also the chemistry between Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi is really good. The video preview got me so hyped I’m looking forward to its premiere. How about you guys?

Text Preview:

Education-wise, age-wise or riches, there’s nothing to be proud of for old maid Lee So Young. She gets fired from her job in a fabric company. The attempt to find a new job has not been successful, but her story is just about to begin…

Not only does chaos ensues after her first meeting with a man in the nightclub, she lies about her age (and qualifications), using her sister’s (Lee So Jin), and instead of 34 years old it becomes 25. As a result, she lands a job in a fashion company as a part-time model.

[Source: hellochloe /Video: KBSdrama at YouTube]


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