[KDrama – Baby-Faced Beauty] Episode 3 Text & Video Preview

Here’s the video preview of KBS’ drama Baby-Faced Beauty starring Jang Na Ra, Daniel Choi, Ryu Jin and Yoo In Na. I really like this drama because of the main couple Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi, who I find very funny and oh so natural as a comedian. I also love the thought of Ryu Jin being the unlucky victim of Daniel Choi’s naughtiness.

Well there were talks that this drama didn’t do well with the ratings area and only pulled of a measly 6.1% rating as compared to other dramas shown on the same time slot. I don’t think it’s a big deal since the show just premiered that’s why I’m closely guarding the upcoming episodes to see what will happen.

Episode 3 Text Preview (Translated by QPark at Soompi):

So-young is blamed for losing an important clothing sample. However, she turns this disaster into a moment of opportunity by exercising her skills and is hired as a temporary designer. This time around, So-young makes up her mind to let everyone know that she is not the 25 year old Lee So-jin but the 34 year old Lee So-young. Will So-young be able to reveal the truth! Please look forward to adventures So-young will encounter at work!

[Source: KBSdrama at YouTube]


2 thoughts on “[KDrama – Baby-Faced Beauty] Episode 3 Text & Video Preview

  1. Ugh!!! it’s so hard finding this show in eng subs. Viki took down their videos of it and dramacrazy is soooo slow with subbing.

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