[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 3 Preview

Episode 3 Text Preview:

Dodging a concerned Ae-hwan, Ae-jeong hastily catches a ride with Dokgo and leaves the scene. They pull over for a bit near the park, where Ae-jeong bumps into some ajummas who mistake her as the sudden victim of wife-battering. Fearful of dragging Dokgo into an embarrassing situation, Ae-jeong hurriedly ducks out of sight.

Meanwhile, ahead of her broadcast appearance, Ae-jeong visits an oriental medical hospital with Jenny. Ae-jeong learns that the director of the hospital happens to be the male cast member of “Couple Making”. Giving in to Jenny’s pestering, Ae-jeong decides to feign ignorance and get firsthand traditional oriental beauty treatments from the director. But what she glimpses through the door startles and surprises her: The director is Pil-ju.

[Text Source: missbehave via Soompi/Video Source: blinkzgalaxy2 at YouTube]


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