[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 5 Previews

Here’s the raw version of Drunken To Love You’s 5th episode preview. A new character, Xiang Ting Wei, played by the handsome Tom Price will be introduced and he’s an actor linked to Tiffany Xu’s character. Song Jie Xiu sees them hugging each other (or so it seems?) and a confrontation ensues.

Meanwhile, Lin Xiao Ru sees a sad and sulking Jie Xiu and tries to imitate Ren Yi Xiang’s funny dance step to cheer him up but she ends up crying because it brought back memories of her ex-boyfriend. The last scene from the preview shows  Jie Xiu opening the trunk of his car and shows Xiao Ru dozens of balloons and lets it fly away.

It’s his way of telling her that the balloons represent her memories with Yi Xiang and that she has to let go of those memories. She was really touched with his gesture and gives him a hug to end the preview. Click on the link to see the video, Enjoy!

UPDATE: The YouTube preview shows Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu eating in the same restaurant as Ting Wei and Avril (Tiffany Xu) and the main couple doing a sweet dance while being serenaded by a band shocking Avril.


[Video sources: Tudou/SETTV via YouTube]]

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