[Celebrity News] Korean actress Eugene is getting married!

Korean singer-actress Eugene is getting married! The 30 year old Eugene (Kim Yoo Jin in real life) is marrying fellow actor Ki Tae Young (33) who is also her love interest in the drama Creating Destiny. The couple started dating after filming the drama last January 2010 and have been together for more than a year.

According to a representative for the bride-to-be, the couple’s planning to get married on July 23rd at a church in Kyungkido and that their parents have recently met to discuss the couple’s wedding. An official press conference will happen on May 23rd to formally announce their wedding plans.

I’m so happy for this couple because I liked them in Creating Destiny and Ki Tae Young is so cute! Congratulations to them and may they live happily ever after! Another drama couple making it real – still wishing Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won follow suit… that is after he’s released from the Marines.

[Source: allkpop]


9 thoughts on “[Celebrity News] Korean actress Eugene is getting married!

  1. Hi, am from Singapore and have completed viewing Creating Destiny twice and are happy for the actress (Eugene) & actor (Kae Young). They are really a couple – so original ! do provide more details of their wedding later on. Have just informed my friend to view this drama which is so funny!

  2. hi! im norma fm the philippines. congratulation to couples Kim Yoo and Ki Tae Young. im one of their avid fan. creating destiny is one of my favorite. hoping for more film in the future.

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