[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 3 Preview

The preview of episode 3 shows So Ran in a hospital bed very angry and throwing things around because Ah Jung visited her and made her realize that she’s one step ahead of So Ran for marrying somebody like Hyun Ki Joon. Ki Joon on the otherhand assures his aunt that the rumors about him and Ah Jung weren’t true and while waiting for the elevator he asks Jae Bum if he’s really close with Ah Jung.

We then see the reason why both brothers got estranged, a WOMAN. Sang Hee goes to Yoon Joo’s apartment but only stood in front of her balcony then comes the flashback scene where the brothers are talking with Sang Hee telling his older brother that he doesn’t want Yoon Joo to be her sister-in-law.

Ki Joon breaks up with Yoon Joo in favor of his brother. The last scene shows him and Ah Jung talking with her asking him to do anything he wants to do for as long as he “MARRIES” her. YOU GO GIRL!

[Source: yn1003 at YouTube]

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