[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 1 Highlights

May 2011 has been a busy month for the Korean TV industry because of the deluge of dramas premiering this month most of them having a star-studded cast. One of these is SBSLie To Me starring top stars Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. I am very excited to watch this drama and is looking forward to post its episode highlights on my site. It has always been my style to make the drama’s first episode highlight longer since it is where we familiarize ourselves with the characters and the story line. So without further ado let’s start!

Episode 1 Highlights:

We see a man clad in an all-white suit walking with his men as he inspects every nook and cranny of his hotel with dust and dirt. He is Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan), President of The World Group, owned by one of the richest family in South Korea.

He’s strict and a perfectionist, he wants everything in order and demands respect from his employees who are all scared of him. One of his trusted employee is Manager Park (Park Ji Yoon) who is busy preparing for a wedding reception to be held at one of the hotel’s function room.

A crying girl (cameo, Yoo Ha Na) comes in together with her 2 friends and heard that her fiance checked into the hotel with her bestfriend. She demands the receptionist to give her the room number so she can verify if it’s true. The receptionist tells her that they’re not allowed to provide that kind of information. Ki Joon hears their conversation and instructs his employee to provide the information she needs.

He even escorts the girls to the room where the groom is staying and the bride was so nervous and undecided whether she’ll ring the bell or not. She was so worried that if she sees his groom in the room with another girl then she has to cancel everything from the wedding, reception and even the gown she’ll be wearing.

Ki Joon rings the bell and tells the groom that he’s there to ask if their service is okay. The groom starts complaining about how dissatisfied he is with the slow room service. The bride was unable to control her anger as she shoves a cake on his face and storms inside the room to confront her best friend while her other friends attack the guy. Ki Joon instructs manager Park to wait for a few minutes so that the bride can beat her groom before sending the girls home. HAHAHA YOU’RE SO NICE KI JOON!

On his way out, he notices one of his employees missing a button hole and stands in front of the guy who obviously was nervous with the attention he’s getting and sweats a lot. Ki Joon then buttons his shirt properly and leaves without saying a word.

We then see a cultural show or festival held at a temple attended by various dignitaries. In the sea of people, we meet Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye), a level 5 government official under the Culture, Sports and Tourism ministry. Their office is the one who organized the event.

She goes to their tent where she talks to her co-workers complaining how hungry she was. A bee flies around which irritates her. Unknown to them, there’s a bee hive hanging from a tree near the festivities. The minister assembles his team and asked them whose idea it was to organize such an event. Her boss was about to take the credit but she spoke up (raised her hand) to tell the minister it was her idea.

Ah Jung was so happy because the minister praised her for the idea and was even interviewed on TV while her co-workers happily watches her on the side. A branch fell on the hive disturbing the bees which attacks the people in the festival. The next scene was chaotic with the people running everywhere while a panicking Ah Jung tries to calm down them down. She gets stung by a bee in the chest and she fell on the ground.

The next scene was hilarious as we see them in their office, their faces covered with bruises and bee sting marks. Her disheveled look was priceless (she still looked good) and her boss was so mad that he said it was her fault that the minister and other guests were sent to the hospital because they got injured.

She tries to reason out that she didn’t know there was a bee hive in the venue and that it’s not her fault. Her boss challenges her to resign from the job if she didn’t like the outcome.

We then see a guy who just arrived walking outside the airport and boards a cab, his name is Hyun Sang Hee (Sung Joon), Hyun Ki Joon’s younger brother. He goes directly to a club where he is greeted by a girl (I’m assuming he had a fling with her) who asks him why he never called her.

The girl asks for a kiss but he reminds her that she’s already engaged (she’s wearing a ring). Ah Jung who was sitting at the bar tells them to go away because they’re not in a motel. She’s already drunk because she yells at the people in the club to keep quiet much to Sang Hee’s amusement.

They are then seen talking with Ah Jung writing her resignation letter on a piece of tissue paper and she even tells him of the story about the festival and the bees. He reads her letter and learns her name which she wrote. He even gives her an advice that it would be much better if she’d blow her nose on the tissue then give it to her boss. She laughed at his advice.

Ki Joon was busy with his miniature toys at home when he receives a call informing him that Sang Hee is in Korea and his whereabouts. He quickly drives to the club to look for his brother. He spots him immediately and goes to his table but Sang Hee was already gone. He runs after him outside but his brother hitchhiked with some girl’s car.

Ah Jung goes outside running after Sang Hee because her resignation letter was missing. Ki Joon realizes that she was the girl his brother was talking to inside the club so he approaches her but she collapses on the ground. Realizing that she’s not faking her sickness, he pokes her to see if she’s conscious.

He goes with her to the hospital and even stayed the whole night to look after her because he was thinking that she might have an idea on Sang Hee’s location. I think he has a fetish with buttons that it bothered him to see her miss a button hole. He tries to cover her with a blanket but she woke up and smiled at him when he tried tugging the blanket on her foot.

The doctor tells her that she had alcohol poisoning and notices her sting mark and informs her that she could’ve died from the mixture of alcohol and the poison from the bee sting. Another female patient gives her a tangerine and tells her how Ki Joon (her husband) stayed up all night to look after her. She tells the woman that she doesn’t know him but the woman and her husband doesn’t believe her.

So when Ki Joon returns to her bedside, he asked her about his brother but was distracted by her unbuttoned shirt that he tells her to button it properly. He found her not to be his brother’s type of girl after seeing her scratch her sting mark and wiping her nose and leaves.

She runs after him and tries knocking on the door of his cab. The driver tells him that he shouldn’t treat or ignore a girl and refuses to go. He alights from the cab and confronts Ah Jung to what else she needs from him. He tells her that he has already paid her medical bills. She tells him that she doesn’t have a bag nor her wallet.

Ki Joon goes straight to his hotel and the hotel staff were shocked and started talking about why he’s not wearing a suit. He orders his assistant to buy him clothes so he can change. He gets a visit from his aunt to remind him of the blind date she’s arranged for him.

Ah Jung goes to the salon to pamper herself and was envious of a woman who was talking on the phone with her husband. She was scanning the pages of a magazine when she sees a photo and an article of Ki Joon.

Ah Jung hears someone calling her and was shocked to see her frenemy Yoo So Ran (Hong Soo Hyun)  looking at her. It has been 3 years since the last time they saw each other and was surprised to see her in the salon since she’s the type of girl who doesn’t mind what she looked like. Turns out So Ran married her long-time crush Chun Jae Bum (Ryu Seung Soo) and their conversation turns to marriage. So Ran rubs it into Ah Jung’s mind that not everyone can get married easily and that she’ll have a hard time looking for a suitable mate.

Right on cue, Ah Jung receives a call about a promo and thought of a brilliant idea. She started talking sweetly on the phone and pretended she was talking to her husband. This stuns So Ran and asks her when she got married and why she didn’t heard of the news.

She goes to his hotel and asks the Receptionist to give the money to Ki Joon as payment for the hospital bills but she refuses and tells her to give it to him personally. I find this duo so funny and that they’ll be playing an important role in the future for the main couple.

She goes to the hotel lounge where she sees Ki Joon sitting alone waiting for his blind date. He stands up, smiles and wave to her direction. She smiles and waves back at him only to realize he was waving at someone else. She sits a few feet away from Ki Joon and even eavesdrop at his conversation.

She orders a tomato juice and got so impatient waiting for a proper timing to hand him the money. She tries to lean in closer but was toppled over sending her crashing to the floor with the juice staining her white knitted top.

Ki Joon tries to ignore her first but when he recognizes the girl lying on the floor, he gets up and carries her to a room where he tosses her on the bed. One of her friends sees her being carried by him and asks one of the waiters what happened.

Once inside the room, Ah Jung runs to the bathroom to relieve herself and was afraid to face Ki Joon because he knew she was okay and that she was just acting.

She tells him that she had come to pay him back the hospital bill. He was surprised how she knew him and told him thru the magazine. She hands him over the money but he didn’t want it so she just placed it on top of the bed and left.

Sang Hee was emptying his pockets when he sees the tissue paper with the letter and smiles as he remember the scenes from the club with Ah Jung. While she hands over a report to her boss and tells him that she wrote a resignation letter but someone stole it. This made her co-workers laugh at her antics.

So Ran meets with her friends and announces that Ah Jung was already married. The woman who saw Ki Joon carrying Ah Jung tells them the story and told them she has seen the husband. So Ran tries to downplay the identity of the husband but the woman tells them that he’s handsome and looked like a rich man. Rumors started swirling around about how Ah Jung was married to a chaebol and in the salon, the news is that Ki Joon has gotten married.

Ki Joon’s blind date hears the rumor and actually believed in it because when she met him at the golf course she was so cold to him. Ki Joon sees an old friend and was surprised when he told him how could he get married and not tell his friends. BTW, NICE GOLF PANTS KI JOON!

The episode ends with Ki Joon looking clueless at the rumors spreading of him getting married and thinks of Ah Jung who has a very cute expression on her face.

– End of Episode 1 –

My Thoughts:

I just love Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan together. This duo has a lot of things in store for us and I believe that the upcoming episodes will be as funny and hilarious as this one. The drama’s pacing was just right and since it’s just the first episode, I don’t really expect much from it.

Yoon Eun Hye’s naughtiness plus Kang Ji Hwan’s strictness when put together will provide much of the entertainment for the viewers. I have this feeling that the two main actors will consent to a contract marriage in the upcoming episodes and both will benefit from it. How about you guys, what’s your take on the drama?

[Screencap: Tudou]

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