WANTED: Fan Club Staff

Hello guys! I am currently in need of at least 1 Assistant Manager and 4 Staff volunteers (at least 2 of them knows Korean) who would help me manage and run a fan club and its website for Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. The following are what you will be doing as a fan club staff: 1. Designing & decorating Fanclub site, 2. Editing articles, 3. Communicating with the fans, and 4. Assists the manager (that’s me!). This is voluntary and you should have lots of free time so as not to interfere with any other responsibilities you have to fulfill.

Please fill in the form below and send in your application to nerak2navtario@yahoo.com. This is your chance to show your hidden talent in writing and socializing so grab this chance!

1. Which fanclub are you applying for (Ha Ji Won or Hyun Bin)?:
2. Position you’re applying for (Assistant Manager or Staff)?:
3. Name & Nickname:
4. Age & Birthday:
5. Nationality:
6. Free hours to work in the fan club: (Please specify your time zone and the days you’re free)
7. Email:
8. Languages you can speak/write/read:
9. Twitter Link:
10. Facebook Link:
11. Your blog address (if any):
12. Proof (how well you can do the role):

These can be some examples of your proof:

  • Your current or prior experience in participating in other fanclubs
  • Show your plan on how you can make your Fanclub super-active
  • If you’re currently managing a Fanclub, you’re definitely welcome!

Hope to hear from you guys and Thanks!


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