[Poll Results] Which Upcoming Korean Drama Will You Be Watching?

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Here are the results for the previous poll and thank you to those who participated. I hope you also participate in the new poll which you can see at the home page of this site about the Favorite Male Lead for currently airing or soon to air KDramas.

Which Upcoming Korean Drama Will You Be Watching?


No. of Respondents: 1,855 votes

Final Results:

1. Lie To MeYoon Eun Hye/Kang Ji Hwan = 29% (538 votes)

2. The Greatest Love – Gong Hyo Jin/Cha Seung Won = 19% (352 votes)

3. City Hunter – Park Min Young/Lee Min Ho = 18% (334 votes)

4. You’ve Fallen For Me/Festival – Park Shin Hye/Jung Yong Hwa = 14% (260 votes)

5. Baby-Faced Beauty – Jang Na Ra/Daniel Choi = 11% (204 votes)

6. Romance Town – Sung Yu Ri/Jung Gyu Woon = 6% (111 votes)

7. Others (49 Days & Can You Hear My Heart) = 2% (68 votes)

8. Sweet Palpitations – Heo Young Ran/Min Suk = 1% (18 votes)

Okay so SBS‘ Monday-Tuesday Rom-Com drama Lie To Me won with a whopping 29% (538 votes) which shows how popular the main leads Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan are to the fans while the battle for 2nd place was a close fight between City Hunter and Greatest Love with the latter winning by a slight margin of 1%. Again many thanks to those who participated and hope you had fun playing along with me and the other respondents. CIAO!

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