[KDrama] The Men in KDramas for May 2011 Premiere (Part 1)

May 2011 has been a busy month for the Korean TV industry because of the deluge of dramas premiering one after the other. These dramas not only boast of varying and exciting story lines but also a star-studded cast. Let me feature some of the main actors in these dramas and why I’m giving them such titles. Here we go:

Kang Ji Hwan – Mr. Rom-Com/Pretty Boy

The 34-year old actor has managed to capture every KDrama fans around the world with his good looks, charm and his gorgeous smile. The title of Mr. Rom-Com and Pretty Boy suits him best and can be attested by the different roles he played from his previous dramas and movies. His forte is in the Romance-Comedy genre but he also does well with Romance-Drama. His looks restricts him from doing any projects outside of the Rom-Com genre but surprisingly, he was okay in Hong Gil Dong.

He is currently playing the role of Hyun Ki Joon, a single chaebol in the drama Lie To Me opposite Yoon Eun Hye. His other previous projects were: Coffee House, Capital Scandal, Style, Hong Gil Dong, Be Strong Geum Soon and Exhibition of Fireworks.

Cha Seung Won – Mr. Sex Appeal

The 41-year old actor despite his age and being married with children has managed to capture every girls attention with his suave looks and manly appeal. This guy oozes with sex appeal whenever he is in front of the camera and always manages to look amazing. Most of the fellow KDrama addicts that I know prefer him with the mustache and beard rugged look than the clean shaven one but for me I don’t care for as long as I see him on TV.

His current drama is entitled The Greatest Love where he plays Dok Go Jin, a famous actor who gets entangled in a love triangle with Gong Hyo Jin and Yoon Kye Sang. His forte is in the romance-action genre but is also effective with comedy. Some of his previous projects were: Athena – Goddess of War, City Hall, Bodyguard and Love Story.

Daniel ChoiMr. Funny Man

I haven’t really paid much attention to this guy before but when I saw episode 1 of the drama Baby-Faced Beauty, I became an instant fan of this 25-year old model turned actor. His role in the drama as Choi Jin Wook suits him perfectly, mischievous and funny. He’s not afraid to look foolish and unattractive on camera not unlike other actors who are very conscious of their looks.

I just love how Ryu Jin becomes an unwilling victim to his mischiefs in his revenge to Jang Na Ra‘s character. His previous projects were: Cyrano Dating Agency, Good Job Good Job, High Kick Through The Roof and The World That They Live In.

Jung Gyu Woon – Mr. Versatile Actor

I know some of you don’t know this guy but he is already a veteran when it comes to doing TV dramas with some acting awards on his belt. I gave this 29-year old Choi Siwon look-a-like the title of Mr. Versatile Actor since he will fit without any difficulty into different genres like Romance, Action, Suspense/Mystery and Comedy.

His role as Kang Gun Woo in the show Romance Town fits him perfectly with his good looks and an air of aristocracy in his aura. Other previous projects for him include:  Sign, Dr. Champ, Hateful But Once Again and Women of the Sun.

I will be posting the 2nd part of this article by the end of this month as I am still awaiting 3-4 more dramas to premiere before I can publish it. I am also conducting a survey as to who is the favorite actor in a currently airing or soon to air KDrama. So please take a few seconds of your time to answer the survey and also post your comment to this article! Thanks and ’til the next post!

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