[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 6 Text Preview

Photo Credit: ilovesnowwhite via Soompi

Episode 6 Text Preview via iMBC website:

독고는 애정을 데리고 몰래 영화관을 빠져 나오고, 김피디와 한작가는 “독고와 세리가 깨졌다는 소문이 사실이었냐” 면서 독고 옆에 있던 묘령의 여인에 대해 의문을 품는다. 필주는 그런 애정이 걱정스럽기만 하고…
커플메이킹 야외 녹화날! 데이트 미션을 놓고 여성 출연자들 간 한바탕 닭싸움 경기가 벌어지고, 현장을 급 방문한 독고는 장닭 같은 애정의 놀라운 실력을 못마땅하게 바라보고 심술을 부리기 시작하는데…

English Translation:

Taking Ae-jeong with him, Dokgo sneaks out of the movie theater. PD Kim and Writer Han wonder if the rumor about Dokgo and Se-ri splitting up might have some merit, while also harboring doubts about the young lady who was beside Dokgo. Pil-ju is just very worried about Ae-jeong under the circumstances.

It’s the day of ‘Couple Making’ outdoor taping! All the female cast members are locked in a dalkssaum (chicken fighting game = one-legged knee-wrestling match) over the mission objective: the date (with Pil-ju). Dokgo pays an abrupt visit to the filming location and watches on disapprovingly as Ae-jeong displays astonishing skills akin to that of a rooster. Dokgo starts to get cross and mean.

[Source/translation: missbehave via Soompi]


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