[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 7 Text & Video Preview

Episode 7 Text Preview:

애정과 필주의 다정한 장면을 목격한 독고는 한 손엔 감자를 터질 듯이 쥐고 자존심
을 꼿꼿이 세우며 돌아선다. 쓸쓸하게 애정이 사온 재료로 카레를 만들어 먹는 독고
와 거짓말 탐지기를 보며 속상해 하는 애정. 두 사람의 골은 점점 깊어만 가고…

애정 주변의 지인들은 독라인을 탈 것인지 필라인을 탈 것인지 설전을 벌이는 가운
데, 필주는 세리에게 독고와의 관계를 묻는다. 한편 커플 메이킹팀에서는 출연자들
의 애장품을 홈페이지에서 자선 경매에 붙이는 이벤트를 기획하는데…

English Translation by missbehave via Soompi:

Having witnessed the affectionate moment between Ae-jeong and Pil-ju, Dokgo’s crushing grip on the potato tightens, as he shores up his pride and turns away. Dokgo makes curry with the ingredients bought by Ae-jeong and eats forlornly, while Ae-jeong mopes at the sight of the lie detector. Bit by bit, the rift between the two deepens.

As sparks fly among Ae-jeong’s friends and acquaintances over whether they should be on Team “Dok” or Team “Pil”, Pil-ju asks Se-ri about her relationship with Dokgo. Meanwhile, ‘Couple Making’ organizes an event whereby the cast members put up their prized possessions on the website for a charity auction.

Video conversation translated by yitiantulong via Soompi

DK: Why do you confuse people? Huh?
AJ: Mr DKJ, you can think what you like- aren’t you the sort of person to?
PJ: The National Treasures are jewels, not crude/cheap.
SR: Why are you curious about that?
AJ: At a word from me you’re completely exposed- do you really lust after me that much?
(Personal note Whooo-hoooo! More sexy word play?)
DK: If I sign here, will it all be settled?
AJ: If you wish to survive, you musn’t have feelings for someone like Dokko Jin.
DK: I’m willing to be a laughing stock for you, sincerely use this and I will be grateful.

[Original Text: iMBC /posted by Dorothy Yap in Soompi/Video: kokokrunchable at YouTube]


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