[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 7 Preview

I haven’t seen episode 6 in its entirety because I went straight to the last part of the episode to see the bed scene and was shocked to see Ai Wei sleeping beside Jie Xiu the next morning. The preview for episode 8 is very interesting because the nosy reporter was able to take a photo of Ai Wei and Jie Xiu at the door of his hotel room while she’s about to leave wearing a robe proving his theory that the two are in a relationship.

Now the million dollar question is: Did Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru consummated their marriage or not? Well my guess is YES, if the writer would follow the same story line as its prequel Fated To Love You were the lead actress Chen Qiao En got pregnant. Now that the truth about their relationships were discovered, I wonder whose side will Jie Xiu take? Will he take Ai Wei’s side and help her defuse the scandal that would lead to her downfall or will he choose Xiao Ru and make their fake marriage real?

[Video source: 2happysworld2 via YouTube]


3 thoughts on “[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 7 Preview

  1. uh.whats the subs for this preview?oh I wished they aired at least twice a week.I hope JX look for XR instead taking care of Avril.

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